Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 Fantasy Authors I Fangirl Over

 I’ve talked on and on before about how fantasy is my favorite genre. I’m more likely to be drawn into reading a fantasy novel than any other, and some fantasy novels have inspired me as a writer too. Yes, I like to write. I’m a writer and a reader and a blogger. For the five authors I fangirl over, some of the commonalities include: a.) character-oriented fantasy; b.) mostly third-person narratives; c.) plots that go beyond the ‘lost prince trying to reclaim throne’ type; d.) complicated characters, plots, everything. And of course, the fact that I feel like my mind is getting bigger while reading their books.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Do awards matter less to the YA book community?

There's no question that awards help a writer's career. Not only do they often boost sales, involve a money prize, and offer prestige and free promotion for a book, but the author also gets to mention winning that award for the rest of his/her career. What makes me curious about awards is whether there really is a sort of differential perception in adult, YA, and MG audiences.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Seeking Read-along Buddies

Are you looking to tackle your TBR in 2016? So am I! And I really, really need to read a lot of books. By the end of July, I will probably be moving again. I will be starting graduate school in September, and having less than six months before all of that, I need to read the books that I've bought or obtained in the past two years-- at least to make the move easier on me when the time comes. Once I read these books, I can pass them onto friends, send them home, etc. The one thing I don't want to do is just let them sit there because I'm too much of a book hoarder or optimist to let them go, and then have to decide what to do at the last minute. So, I've turned to read-alongs. Read-alongs are awesome because a.) extended discussions of books b.) they keep you on track for tackling your TBR and c.) reader relationships! d.) duh, actually reading. Without further ado, let me know if you have any of these books and would like to read them with me at any of the dates I'll mention.

Monday, February 1, 2016

My Reading Profile

Yeah, yeah, I know that Goodreads is the bigger social media networking site for readers, but do you ever wonder what a social media site that matched you to books based off your own “reading profile” would look like? And I don’t mean something that’s community run or a book subscription kind of service like Netflix. I mean flat out like a dating site for books—maybe incorporate some of GR’s “recommendations” based off what you’ve already read (but hey, maybe that’s a part of your reading profile?).

Because I’m weird, I think of things like this sometimes, and I wonder what sort of books I’d get matched with? And what categories there’d be and what sort of “tags” would matter most in your descriptions for whatever algorithm matched you to books, and maybe I’m being silly BUT WHATEVER GO WITH IT. Here’s what I imagine my reading profile to look like:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Giveaway: 2015 Best Books + 2016 Anticipated Books

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve actually hosted a giveaway, but I thought that one really good way of supporting authors whose work you’re anticipating is a pre-order, and for books that are already released, well, hey, that’s a book profit in the author’s pocket.

For three winners, I will purchase a book from The Book Depository, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a bookstore of your choosing if need be. There will be only one winner for each list; one winner will pick a book from my 2015 Best Books list, one winner will pick a book from my 2016 YA Debuts on my TBR List, and one winner will pick a book from my 2016 (Non-Debut) YA Books on my TBR List.

I’d love to hear from you which of these books you’d love to read! Share the enthusiasm for these either upcoming promising reads, or backlist titles that are equally good reads. This giveaway is INT and ends on 02/29/16.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (100)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from the book community, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest. (If you're interested in how I make these posts, here's your guide.)

Holy shit! I've made a 100 of these posts?!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

PSA: Google Friend Connect & Blogger Blogs

Hi, this is quick update! I've noticed that on a couple of days, I've suddenly lost like 40 followers on Google Friend Connect. While you do tend to lose a follower here and there, the sudden loss of this many followers seemed strange to me. I googled to see if Google Friend Connect was experiencing issues (back in 2011 they phased out GFC for non-blogger sites, so wouldn't be the first time). Apparently, starting the week of January 11th, Google has been slowly adding this requirement: you now have to have Google account in order to follow blogs through Google Friend Connect. If you follow blogs with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut, or other Open ID providers, you will lose your subscriptions to blogger blogs via GFC. Fortunately, if you'd like to continue receiving updates from me, you could do as they suggest and sign up for a Google account and refollow your blogs, or you can follow Christina Reads YA on Pinterest, Booktube, Google+, Feedly, Feedburner, Booklikes, Bloglovin', Tumblr, or Twitter. Thanks!
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