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The Secret Circle VS. The Vampire Diaries

Why one show succeeds and is more popular than the other

If you're like me, you watch both The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries. But some of you may watch one or the other. Some of you may be considering watching one. Well, I'm here to tell you why I'm on the brink of dropping The Secret Circle, though it's produced by the same people.


Elena's struggle caught me from the get-go on the Vampire Diaries. Struggling with her grief over her parents death, looking out for her brother even when he doesn't want her to... Elena's a smart, kind, selfless protagonist, and this shows in her interactions with her friends.  Cassie, on the other hand, falls flat. She too lost her mother, but um, fifteen episodes into the season, where's her grief again?  At first she avoids everyone and is kind of rude to them but then she becomes this peppy, playful girl who's not really burdened by her grief and who everyone but Faye, for some unknown reason, likes. You can see the evolution in her clothes--the way she now wears so many bracelets and so much makeup and jewelry versus how she dressed in the beginning.  You know, it's not even that she stopped grieving and that she underwent a personality transformation. It's that she's selfish and stupid at times and I just can't bring myself to root for her...Gah! If you're being haunted by dead witches, you DON'T run towards them!


There are no characters on the Secret Circle I like. Vampire Diaries? Plenty. But everyone on the Secret Circle feels like a cardboard cutout of a person and not the real deal. Adam? Typical YA romantic interest. "You can trust me, Cassie. I'll protect you."  Also, weirdness: "Even though I was "in love" with Diana like five episodes ago, I'm ready to date you because my father says that we're 'meant to be' and that means that we're not awkward together (even though we really are) and have no chemistry." Jake? Typical brooding off to the side romantic interest. Had like three conversations with Cassie before she converted him from the dark side. I liked Jake in the beginning, when he had his own story line, when there was that tension of 'when are the other characters going to find out about this?' That's the thing, though. None of the characters on the Secret Circle really have their own story lines. It's all Cassie.... well, not unless you include Faye and Melissa. Faye, selfish Faye whose story line makes me dislike her for her bitchiness even more (does she even have a redeeming quality?) and Melissa who was all mopey over a boy she was dating for like five episodes and claimed to be in love with and then used her grief as an excuse to make bad decisions. Diana also is that carbon cut out Student President, smart, kind girl--like a less interesting version of the old Caroline.


I'm sorry, but what are the limits to Cassie's power?  I feel like the last two episodes have made me want to bang my head against the table. Even though she learned about the medallion's powers and how they function like two minutes ago, she already knows how to use them. She already knows SO much about her powers when she came to town and didn't even know she was a witch!  Not only that but she also has "love written in the stars" with Adam, though, of course, she has still Jake chasing after her too. Seriously?


The villains on the Secret Circle are not multi-dimensional. In the first season of the Vampire Diaries, you never really knew what Damon was up to... And now with Klaus?  Yeah, sometimes I want to root for him despite his evil-ness. On the Secret Circle, the villains are just stupid. And there's nothing more to them than them being power hungry or their hatred of witches.


The only reason why I'm still watching the Secret Circle is because of John Blackwell. I'm curious about him and his powers and his history with the town. Other than that, I feel like there's nothing there. In the Vampire Diaries, you had the Stefan's-a-vampire-when-will-Elena-find-out, the Damon's-a-psycho, Katherine, Mystic Falls and the Council, Elena's family, Anna and the others with Katherine... In other words, you had so much there to intrigue you.

I had more to rant about, like the love triangle falling flat in TSC but not in TVD, but I'll leave you at that. I don't think there's ever been a show in which the protagonist has off-put me more than Cassie from The Secret Circle. I don't think there's even been a show in which the characters fall so flat that I don't like a single one of them.

TSC, pick up your game ... unless you want to lose rather than gain viewers.

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree with the points I've made?


  1. I absolutely agree with you! I am SO fed up with TSC. None of the characters are worth caring about..I sorta like Jake but he's got very little personality. I feel like they've just not bothered with it! The thing is, the books are actually really good!! I think if they'd stuck to them a bit more closely it would've worked much better.

    The Cait Files

  2. I watched the pilot episode of TSC and decided it just wasn't for me. I love Vampire Diaries though. The VD is one instance where I love the show and don't care for the books.

  3. I agree with you on some points. VD is of course way better than TSC. But I think TSC has some very good qualities. Also you have to really watch the show to figure things out and even though some aspects are vague, it's still a good show.

    Also I disagree with your suggestion that Adam fell for Cassie because of his father. If you watched the show properly you'd see how against that whole love in the stars thing he was from the start. He gave in because he couldn't stop thinking about her, not his sometimes drunkard, sometimes sober dad.

    Also I think you give Cassie a bad rap, so she's not all whiney and mopey. If I'm in a fight I'd rather her by my side than Elena any day. But TSC villains do suck compared to VD's. I do like the witch hunters though, the mystery of who they are (individually) keeps me guessing and interested. Glad you made this post, it's interesting to pit two shows against the others and weigh the pros and cons.

  4. @Cait - I haven't read the books yet, but in general it seems like these producers don't stick to the books anyways :/.

    @Devan - The TVD books have such a different feel from the show! I really like how the show has fleshed out the characters more than you can get from the books.

    @QueendSheena - Though Adam was against "the written in the stars" part of the romance, that doesn't mean that they're meant to be.

    Also, I think it depends on what kind of fight it is. Sure Cassie might be better to have around if it's a physical fight--she can just blast offenders away with her witch powers. But if it's some kind of mental battle, I'd choose Elena. Elena seems much more mature and makes smarter decisions than Cassie.

  5. Thank you! lol. I have adored TVD from day one, and it just keeps getting better & better. My sister and I watched the first three episodes of TSC before deciding that we were bored with it. I haven't seen a new episode since, and, honestly, I am not bothered. It is a shame, because I absolutely love the cast of TSC.

    Ironically, I actually like the Secret Circle books better than the Vampire Diaries, go figure. :P

  6. I can't stand Cassie or the girl who plays her! I'm about ready to drop TSC too, but will probably finish out the season. I'm hoping next year The CW will replace it with a different show. I would love it if they had another show that took place in the same world as TVD because I think that would open up cross over episodes! I think that TVD has so many characters that some could split off and start another show!

  7. Not a fair comparison, TVD did not hit its stride until midway through the first season. Of course TVD feels more fleshed out- it's on it's 3rd season: the characters are already established and known, there's been more plotlines and room for the mythology to grow. Arguably, TVD got it's fame after the first season was over. TSC is new and has gotten amazing now! It has the potential to be just as good as TVD. While TVD feels stale right now. The E/D/S love triangle has grown old and disappointing, characters like Bonnie and Tyler barely have any scenes, and please, Elena has become particularly weak and flimsy lately! TVD has it's flaws. Give TSC a chance. It hasn't had time to grow. Watch the whole first season before false judgments.

  8. @Anon - I was sticking carefully to comparing the first season of TVD to TSC for that very reason. The only mention I make beyond the first season of TVD is w/ Klaus.

  9. I agree with everything you wrote. I watched The Secret Circle and I left a few episodes. Now I just read the reviews to see what is happening.
    Meanwhile, I keep watching The Vampire Diaries increasingly animated.

  10. I disagree with you,TSC is a very interesting show and for Godsake its a new show just give it a chance and see what they'll come up with..TVD wasnt that interesting at first...

  11. Oh please, get over yourself! You're just jealous because TSC is getting way more FAME than TVD. And getting far more popular as well.

  12. I completely agree with you, though in the end TSC did get a little more interesting. Not interesting enough for them to bring it back for a second season, or for me to much care that it won't be coming back, though.

  13. oh come on! TSC is wayy better! so drop it:)

  14. Secret Circle sucks but Vampire Diaries...ROCKS!

  15. to be honest vd at first wasnt all dat interesting but common sc rocked.wen i heard there wasnt going to be a season i actually almost went nut.but no offence vd to me is to tireing and talk about predictable

  16. I strongly disagree with most of you that Don't like TSC. Cassie can't be all sad because of her friends. She is like the leader she has to back strong for the group. PS. VD suck. They may have cute guys but the show sucks I hated the first episode. What u think we Don't care because we like our show so mind you own business VD fans or show May be off but we will fight for it back


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