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Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (34)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest.

Rights Reports 1, 2:

**Ladybirds - Jenny McLachlan (four-book debut YA series pitched as Geek Girl meets Dirty Dancing. In book one, Flirty Dancing, a girl signs up for classes so she can enter a national dance competition, and discovers her dance partner is the hottie who just happens to be the bullying queen bee's boyfriend and the kindest boy in school. Feiwel and Friends, fall 2015)

**Inviolate and Invincible - Dawn Metcalf (The third and fourth titles in the Twixt series for teens. The books will continue the story of a girl who is accidentally marked by a mysterious boy to whom she becomes indelibly bound, finding herself caught between the world of the Folk and the world of humans. Harlequin Teen, summer 2015 and summer 2016).

**The Wishing Day - Lauren Myracle (MG trilogy tells of three sisters who live in a town where on the third day of the third month of her 13th year, every kid makes three wishes: an impossible wish, a wish that she can make come true herself, and the deepest wish of her secret heart. Each sister's wishes come true, with beautiful and terrible consequences. Katherine Tegen Books, summer 2016.)

**The as-yet-untitled sixth book in the Origami Yoda series -- Tom Angleberger (The book, which will be published September 16, 2014, is the last case file about the eighth-grade class of McQuarrie Middle School. Abrams).

**The Last True Love Story -- Brendan Kiely (The forthcoming novel centers on a beautiful, depressed boy; his grandfather, who is slipping into dementia; and the boy's elusive crush: the cynical, love-weary girl next door. Together, they take a stolen-car road trip from their tiny California town to NYC to track down his father's mistress, learn the truth about his death, and salvage the hope of impossible love. S&S/McElderry).

For Next Week/Not Up on GR yet:

** Untitled 1 & Untitled 2 - Rainbow Rowell (the two graphic novels will be YA romance in the vein of her novels Eleanor & Park and Fangirl; the first will be illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks. First Second Books).

** Rookie Yearbook 3 - Tavi Gevinson (..."Teenage blogger-actress Tavi Gevinson has a two-book deal for more highlights from her online magazine Rookie. Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House, announced Tuesday that it will publish Rookie Yearbooks 3 and 4. Founded in 2011, Rookie is a publication for teenage girls that has featured contributions from Lorde, Mindy Kalingand Lena Dunham...")

**Hoodoo - Ronald Smith (a Southern Gothic middle-grade novel set in rural 1930s Alabama, in a two-book deal. In the story, a boy from a long line of folk magic conjurers must unravel a web of family secrets and overcome his inability to cast a simple spell in order to defeat a stranger who wants to use the darker powers of hoodoo for evil. Clarion.)

**Shuffle, Repeat - Jen Klein (A contemporary romance in the vein of When Harry Met Sally, if Harry were a loner teen girl and Sally were the popular boy forced to drive her to school every day. When their epic battle over the music playlist develops into friendship and eventually love, no one is more surprised than these two opposites. Random House, spring 2016).

**The Mysterious Island -- Chris Turnham (Debut presents a foreign world as discovered by a curious boy. Chronicle, fall 2015).

**51 Reasons to Love Rain - Chris Turnham (Celebrating rain as a source for all kinds of wonderful things. Spring 2016, Chronicle)

Book trailers: Five Kingdoms - Brandon Mull, Broken - Marianne Curley

Did you know that Half Bad by Sally Green has been sold to publishing companies in 42 countries? Sometimes I feel like I have no conception of which titles are meant to be HUGE in the publishing sphere until I read articles like this. You can read an excerpt here.

YA Novel 'When Mr. Dog Bites' Causes Stir: "A new novel has prompted conversation about what language is appropriate in children’s books and whether books for kids carry age distinctions, as well as questions about how to publicize a book that contains its fair share of swear words."

More winter awards! ‘Rose Under Fire’ Wins the Schneider Family Book Award (“honors an author or illustrator for a book that embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences.").

Apparently Stephenie Meyer is stalled on a sequel to The Host, so you might see something else from her before that gets published.

If you're a Vampire Academy fan, here's a pretty fascinating interview with Richelle Mead, 16 facts about the series, characters, world, etc.

Spring 2014 Graphic Novels for Teens: Mix and Match.

JK Rowling backtracks on 'Harry Potter heresy:' Relax Ron/Hermione fans. In the full interview, JKR said that the couple would probably be fine after some counseling. She also talks about the upcoming Newt film.

Shel Silverstein's 'The Giving Tree' to Become Author's First E-Book. Personally I feel like picture books are so classic, I can't even picture not having them in hardcover or paperback and wouldn't want an e-book o.O.

Libraries are cool again -- strange title, but happy results!

Cover Reveals:

*Actually adult, but figured YA crossover
The Composer and the Flycatcher - Diana Arco

*The cover for The Jewel by Amy Wing will be released today. (So many cover reveals happen on Wednesdays, after I've posted CMtBR :(). And the cover for Blackbird by Anna Carey will be released during Tea Time as well.
**The cover for Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo will be released on Valentine's Day. So will be that of Kiersten White's Illusions of Fate.


Addressing Femininity in YA Literature - a post from Fire and Flood author, Victoria Scott, and including comments from various agents and authors.

It’s A Bunch of Years After The War And Everything Is Different: A parody of YA dystopia.

What if Lebron James wrote a YA novel? And this is why Epic Reads owns.

Nintendo Characters Are a Perfect Fit for Children's Books. So adorable! LOOK at Mario's little feet!

Backstage: Directors turn to teen fiction for inspiration. I love articles like this. Just last weekend, my brother was mumbling about how he thought that I would've "grown out of YA" novels by now. That he's surprised that I don't read other things and based on his sample size of 1 YA novel read, they "are less complex." *grumbles*

19 Reasons Hermione Shouldn’t Have Gotten Married At All. <-- Valid points!

Children's Book Challenges: An NYPL Panel on Censorship.

YA author Beth Revis asked readers on twitter to tell her about an often ignored location, history, ethnic group, or topic that they wanted to see more in books/movies. This week (and next month), she's posting about diversity. First post: Variety is the spice of life: Of being tired of the same, and demanding different, and second post: why diversity is important, along with some recommended titles.

31 Love Stories In 140 Characters Or Less (based on PenguinTeen's twitter hashtag contest).

Bookish Valentines for Your Literary Love. If I ever look through Etsy, I doubt I'll ever leave...

Words & Phrases I Remember Learning Specifically From Books. This reminds me of when I was in tenth grade and trying to read my brother's recommendation aka Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I remember learning what "to mar" something meant. There were a lot of other words I didn't know and I gave up that book. One day I'll return to it... maybe.

The Conversation We Should Be Having About J.K. Rowling’s Big Reveal ("When artists talk about their past works, they might discuss it in many terms and in many useful ways, but it is so very rare for them to look back and at a very basic, nuts-and-bolts level, be willing to analyze and dismantle, to approve and disapprove, of their own past work like that.")

Sites We Like: LibriVox ("Basically, it’s the audiobook version of Project Gutenberg, except it’s way better because: ...")

From Hunger Games to Northern Lights: The book I'd give my ten-year-old self (from a bunch of different writers).

America's Most Literate Cities, 2013. Not surprising to me to see Washington DC as number 1. Did any of the rest surprise you?

Is the literary world elitist?

** Alice-Jane at Crazy Red Pen: Finding Inspiration for Blogging
** Nuzaifa at Say It With Books: The Art of Blog Designing
** Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer: Tags & Categories
** Melissa at I Swim for Oceans: The Top Five Things I’ve Learned from Book Blogging
** Lili at Lili’s Reflections: College Blogging 101: When Is the Right Time to Start a Blog?

Blogging and Bloggers:
** Sunny at Blue Shelf Sky: The Blogging Age
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** Cee at the Novel Hermit: Alias Confessions

Reviews, Ratings, Authors, ARCs:
** Author Alex Bracken at Publishing Crawl: The Value of ARCs
** Ashley at Nose Graze: Have Physical ARCs Lost Their Appeal?
** Jennifer at Live to Read, Love to Read: How Blogging Has Ruined ARCs for Me
** Debby at Snuggly Oranges: The DNF, or When Do You Give Up?
** Ana at Read Me Away: When reviewing gets hard
** Rachel at Parajunkee: Reviewing Audiobooks
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** Bekka at Great Imaginations: I’m Getting Tired of Your Excuses

The Experience:
** Mel at The Daily Prophecy: Rereading
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** Kristy and Melissa at Book Nerd Reviews: Reading Outside of Your Comfort Zone
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** Kelley at Another Novel Read: Look, We Need to Talk About Covers.
** Alise at Readers in Wonderland: Things I Have Found Inside Books (Literally)
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Books, books, books:
** Jamie at the Perpetual Page-Turner: I Spent Some Quality Time with My Bookshelf
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Specific Book(s)/Lists/Trends:
** Katie at Doing Dewey: Literary Love 2014 -- Love in France
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** Nikki at The Paper Sea: How to Pick up a Bookish Date
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** Sam at S.I.K. Book Reviews: If I Could Live Anywhere


Vampire Academy earned about $4 million with its opening box office. You can find a variety of reviews and reactions all over the internet. Have you watched the movie yet?

Given how Vampire Academy performed at the box office, some are speculating about Divergent and its potential success. Publisher's Weekly does a quick round-up of the upcoming title (and woah! Did you know the series has over 11 million copies in print?).

Looks like Summit is confident that Divergent will do well in the theater: Robert Schwentke To Direct ‘Divergent’ Sequel ‘Insurgent.’ In fact, they're set to begin filming Insurgent in May 2014.

In support of a charity... you can see Divergent early.

Another still from the upcoming Maze Runner adaptation.

Another still from the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars adaptation.

Erm, so you know how Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away? Wellll, apparently he is being digitally recreated by CGI for his appearance in part 2 of Mockingjay. Um... o.O.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown might be the next adapted book: "Brown has written a script, and World War Z helmer Marc Forster is attached to direct, with Joe Roth, Palak Patel and Renee Wolf producing."

Octavia Spencer, Danny Glover Join Cast Of YA Novel 'The Great Gilly Hopkins' Film Adaptation (The Great Gilly Hopkins - Katherine Paterson: "...She's a foster kid who's been angry, lonely, and hurting for so long that's she's always ready for a fight. Be on the lookout for her best barracuda smile, the one she saves for well-meaning social workers....") And did you know that Sophie Nelisse from The Book Thief will be playing the titular character?

Noggin by John Corey Whaley may also be the next adapted book: "Summit Entertainment has landed screen rights to John Corey Whaley’s upcoming Young Adult novel Noggin, with Jamie Linden attached to write the script and direct the film. Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen’s Temple Hill Entertainment will produce."

Christina, Game of Thrones is not a YA adaptation. I DON'T CARE. Have you seen the 14!! minute clip / trailer for season 4 yet?

Ender's Game and Austenland are now available on Blu-ray for purchase.

Remember how Delirium was going to be aired on Fox before its pilot got rejected? Well, you can take a look at an unaired 6 minute clip from that pilot right here.

"The Jim Henson Company... has optioned the rights to author Randi Zuckerberg's debut picture book, Dot" for a new animated television series.


Copy of The Winner's Curse. US only, ends 02/19.

ARC of What I Thought Was True. US only, ends 02/26.

Adventures in Children's Publishing, weekly giveaways: 02/14, 02/14, 02/15, 02/15, 02/23, 02/28.

Scholastic's February books giveaway.

Giveaways listed at Saturday Situation by Lori of Pure Imagination and Candace of Candace's Book Blog.

Don't forget to enter YABC's giveaways for the month.

Wish Giselle and Jenni Happy Birthday this month and take part in their cover madness giveaway hop. INT, ends 03/01.

Blind dates with different books over with the ladies at Great Imaginations. INT, 02/18.

Unhinged and Swag Pack by A.G. Howard. INT, 02/14.

Lady Thief by A.C. Gaughen swag giveaway. US, 02/22.

Entangled Publishing's February Brazen Blast with Giveaway (Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon GC's). Ends 02/27.

The BookNerd International February Giveaway (Feb YA releases). Ends 02/28.

Celebrate with Shae from Shae Has Left the Room on her 2nd blogoversary. Ends 02/17.

Ignite Me & Unite Me GIVEAWAY!! (US only). 02/21.

Win one of the YA Series Insiders books. Ends 02/27.

Signed copy of The Pirate's Wish (wish Brooke a happy birthday!). Ends 02/17.

10 sets of novels from Simon Teen. Ends 02/28.

Make a book trailer for Of Neptune and there are three huge prize packs. INT, ends 03/31.

Want to win an advanced copy of HALF BAD? Tweet "I want to read @Sa11eGreen's #HalfBad! " by 2/14 to enter! (US only).


New Releases: Love Me (Starstruck #2) - Rachel Shukert, The Lure - Lynne Ewing, The Worlds We Make (Fallen World #3) - Megan Crewe, Feral Curse (Feral #2) - Cynthia Leitich Smith, Storm - Donna Jo Napoli, Forget Me Not (Collective #1) - Stacey Nash, Road Rash - Mark Huntley Parsons, Arcadia Falls - Kai Meyer, The Tyrant's Daughter - J.C. Carleson, Three (Article 5 #3) - Kristen Simmons, Fool's Gold (Order of Darkness #3) - Philippa Gregory, Fates (Fates #1) - Lanie Bross, The Tinker King (The Unnaturalists #2) - Tiffany Trent, The Glass Casket - McCormick Templeman, Willow - Tonya Cherie Hegamin, White Space - Ilsa J. Bick, Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew Smith, Split Second (Pivot Point #2) - Kasie West, All That Glows - Ryan Graudin, Pieces of Me - Amber Kizer, Lady Thief (Scarlet #2) - A.C. Gaughen, For All You Have Left - Laura Miller.

Recent Recommended Reads: Unfortunately, I could not get on board with White Space by Ilsa Bick, but I've linked to other reviewers who found this addition to the YA SFF sphere quite enjoyable. Last week, I read Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, and Adaptation by Malinda Lo as a part of my read-along (that post when I called for buddy reads) with Cayce from Fighting Dreamer. Each title in the Shatter Me trilogy has made me increasingly fonder of the series as a whole, and now I'm very eager to read Mafi's next project. Based on this work, I'd think that it might have some steaminess, maybe some experimentation with writing style, and quite a bit of metaphorical resonance. I'm excited. Also, it made me laugh a little to read about how Kenji's character is based on Mafi's brothers because he reminds me of my own. In other news, I'm pleased to say that Adaptation joins the rank of YA science fiction that I would definitely recommend. Although it was more plot than character focused, I quite enjoyed the writing, the action, the plot reveals, and the beautiful blossoming love triangle romance (yes, I enjoyed a love triangle - it is done quite well in the novel). More Malinda Lo sometime in the future!

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.


  1. I wasn't even aware of the fact that The host was going to be a series. I love how everybody went crazy on Twitter over the whole Ron/Hermione debate, especially after reading the real interview. So many cover reveals, I love the ones from Dearest & A Grimm warning :D

    The little hero of time, adorable picture from the Nintendo characters :D

    1. Hahaha well, with writers like Meyer and Rowling, I feel like it's mostly safe to assume if they have the idea, they'll be okay for the sequel (publishers will def. want that). Lol yes, I went onto twitter and was like -- why is everyone talking about Ron/Hermione? Yeah... either the people I follow on Pinterest have gotten more vigilant about cover reveals or there have just been a lot lately.

  2. Ha! That's so funny about the sequel to The Host because I was just wondering about it yesterday. That's a bit of a bummer though I've been looking forward to that. Tons of awesome cover reveals that I must have missed! That's so much for compiling them all. :)

    1. Really? So I take you're one of the people who liked the Host a lot better than the Twilight series? I still haven't read the Host - am waffling on whether I ought to. And argh, there's always too many cover reveals and I miss a lot too. Thank YOU for stopping by :D

  3. NOOO, I want the sequel of The Host!!! I've been waiting since forever and now this~ Soo, R&H "would probably be fine after some counseling" Haha.

    1. :/ wellllll then maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised in later years when it gets announced? Like the whole JKR reveal about Robert Galbraith. And yes, the R&H thing is funny, thinking about these teen charas in counseling :D. Hope you've been doing well & that Inheritance worked out for you!

  4. Thanks for this, Christina! This is absolutely great! You're amazing always doing these!!
    I loved the LeBron Epic Reads article, it killed me! xD Beth's posts on diversity were awesome, the post about author bad behavior and the excuses people give them wonderful, and I found a few other posts here that I am eternally grateful for you letting me know about them.


    1. Thank YOU, Nitzan. Hearing from readers, even though I've been a lousy commenter myself, always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Epic Reads is always coming up with hilarious articles and I did really appreciate Beth Revis's efforts myself. I'm glad you found some good articles here!

  5. Hey just letting you know that the Cruel Beauty discussion you linked to is actually written by Chantelle (my coblogger) and not me :)

    1. Oh, how embarrassing. I suppose that is bound to happen when I'm still working on these posts in the early mornings. I'm so sorry! That will be fixed ASAP.

    2. haha no problem! No need to apologise- it's awesome that you're doing these posts and fair enough for making a few mistakes when you're working on them so early in the morning :)

  6. Last True Love Story and Shuffle, Repeat sound really good. And I actually saw Vampire Academy on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. Dimitri's hair was awful (but I never liked the description of it in the book anyway) and Zoey Deutch was an incredible Rose. It followed the plot of the book pretty much, so I was pleased. And Game of Thrones...can't wait!!! Watching that preview just made me want to watch it right now...I think I may rewatch the first three seasons. Great post, as usual! ~Pam

    1. ME TOO. On his hair. And your thoughts on Zoey Deutch & the plot. She just reminded me of why I love that series / stayed with Rose's voice for so long. I am SO SO SO looking forward to Game of Thrones too / also considering rewatching the other seasons in preparation. Thanks, Pam!

  7. OHHHH THOSE COVER RELEASES *stares* Yesterday was full of epic cover reveals. Anyhowwww, I'd like to say that the movie I'm looking forward to this year isn't Divergent anymore. (Well, I was looking forward to VA, but turns out they're not showing it here anywhere so I have to wait until it's up on iTunes and I can purchase it and it's honestly killing my excitement -.-) It's The Maze Runner!!! Watching Dylan O'Brien on Teen Wolf this season has made me laugh out loud like a lunatic, scream, sob and full-out cry like a baby. He is killing it and TMR honestly couldn't be better without him. He'll make the perfect Thomas! The thing with VA is though that it came out just in the US on 7th, but not the rest of the world, therefore so many people still haven't seen it. I think Divergent will do amazing because it has um, 7 mln views on yt already (under one of the trailers) and the second trailer is just freaking amazeballs. I can see it appealing to both genders and that's not something one can say about VA (or CoB or Beautiful Creatures which have all underpeformed).

    1. SO MANY EPIC COVER REVEALS AND IM GLAD THEY'RE EPIC BUT IM DYING HERE SIIRI. Not really, but aaaaaahhhh stop with the 100-like cover reveals! SO MUCH TIME.

      Oooooh, I'm really curious about this Dylan O'Brien guy now. He's making you more eager for The Maze Runner than Divergent? Aahhh. I still need to read TMR. I watched VA and it was funny! My friend really liked the movie. I hope it gets a lot of coverage across the world. And Divergent... I do think it's going to be big because it's getting a lot of attention from those commercial sponsors. I don't remember seeing that for City of Bones or VA or BC.

  8. The Nintendo character Little Golden Books are SO cute. I adore those!

  9. I always forget that there's supposed to be a sequel for The Host. It's been so long! I really enjoyed the first book though, a lot more than any of her Twilight novels. And I'm happy about the Red Rising news. I liked the book overall, but since I've had some time to step away from it, it's pretty obvious that I didn't connect with it emotionally now; I think a screen adaptation could work better for me. It's not often I say that! :D The cover for Sacrifice looks quite different to the rest of the series... I'm not sure that I like it, but I still can't wait to read the book. :) Thanks for sharing as always!

    1. Oooh, you also really liked The Host? (Side note: I like how that is the news most everyone commented on in that post. Note to self: include things about Stephenie Meyer's long absence to get comments hahaha). I haven't read TH & am indecisive about whether I want to so hm. But you liked it. And interesting! I'm looking forward to reading Red Rising and I know the feeling - I read and loved Bone Season, but think a screen adaptation would be so much better.... Thanks, Sam!!

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I just love your blog. Underrated Books

  11. A graphic novel from Rainbow Rowell sounds awesome!
    New follower :)
    ­Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Missie. The Rainbow Rowell news is definitely exciting!

  12. I'm shocked that Atlanta made the list. No Texas cities. Not the least bit surprised. Maybe this is the reason why most authors skip the area.

    Nintendo Covers - OMG THEY HAVE SAMUS! I love it!!

    1. Why are you shocked about Atlanta? But I thought Dallas gets a lot of authors? and YES THE NINTENDO COVERS WERE THE BEST :D.

  13. I must make my way through this post! I've already discovered three new book bloggers to follow. Whew. And thank you so much for linking to my discussion post!

    Meyer has been stalled on The Host's sequel for years, I don't expect to ever see it published, unfortunately!

    1. Yay! And no problem - if I don't link to a discussion post, it's mostly that I haven't seen it. So expect many more links to come! Hmmm, you never know. She might publish it later. Diana Wynne Jones took a long time to publish sequels to Howl's Moving Castle and Megan Whalen Turner is still working on her Thief series so...


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