Thursday, December 18, 2014

Diary of a Book Lush: the Twilight Saga

Per your convenience, here's the typed out version!

Welcome to Diary of a Book Lush, in which I tell you about the stories revolving around my experiences with certain books, which are sometimes more memorable than the book itself. Today's all about a book I read after I saw the movie. Our dear friend, TWILIGHT. I actually had no idea about the saga until I heard my friends talking about it. I have to pause here and let you know more about this situation: So I was caught between two cliques in high school. My best friend was a part of the "art freaks," but I wanted to do more socially traditional things like go to prom so I wasn't entirely in that group, and also sometimes hung out with these other girls who I shared less interests with but who I could generally talk to about crushes and various girl issues. So when this group started talking about seeing the movie, I was like, maybe this is finally my chance to fit into one all encompassing group. At the time I was working at a pizzeria, I thought that I would get off on time to catch the movie. I was SO bummed when the time came and passed and I'd essentially wasted $10 - whatever the old movie rates were - of my hard-earned paycheck on a movie that I hadn't gotten to see. Hearing my friends talk about it too? Oh, wow, I was so much more determined to see the film. About a month later, I dragged my best friend, Melissa, to see the movie with me. "Please, please, please" I kept saying to her, but she already knew that she would hate it. Winter break, matinee a, we sat all the way in the back. There weren't that many people in the theater but I could tell that she was going to be mocking it for most of the time. She didn't even get that far. she kept squirming further down her seat and when Edward - Robert Pattinson - first appeared, these girls in the front row were like "EDWARD" and threw their buckets of ice into the air before running out of the theater, giggling. Picture this: Melissa: "BLEEEEEEEEEEP, I can't do this man, I can't." She gets out of the theater as fast as possible. Me? I wasn't going to miss seeing the movie a second time. When it was finished, I wondered whether this was what my friends had talked about or if they had changed a lot in the adaptation. Back when Borders still existed, I bought the first two copies mostly because they were huge and what if I didn't like all four of them? There was something compulsively readable about them. I was supposed to hang out with one of the girls for a New Year's party, sleep over at her house. By that time I was on New Moon. And there it was: the irony. I seriously considered staying at home so that I could finish the book. I started off looking into the movie and books because of her and the other girls and yet I was close to abandoning them for New Moon. And in the morning after the party, I woke up super early just to continue reading. Flipping the pages in the barely there light. Afterward I had to get the third and fourth books and then I read Midnight Sun too. The funny thing was, after all that? They weren't my favorite books. I reread a lot of scenes and it was compulsively readable but I very rarely told people about the books. The one thing I will credit Twilight with is that the series reminded me of how much I loved to read. At the time I'd only been reading the books assigned in my English class. Ever since then I started to stroll through the young adult sections and here I am today. All right my fellow book lushes, let me know what your Twilight story was like! And if you haven't read Twilight yet... wow.

(PS - as I explained last week, this is a part of "Tubin' Thursdays" here where I'll hopefully post videos from my booktube to facilitate discussion :)).


  1. LOL LOVE IT. i didn't know you worked in a pizzeria?! HAHA you were just bummed that you lost your $10. hahahaha that would have been my reaction too. i can't remember how i got twilight but i know i borrowed it from someone (you?) because i dont have it on my bookshelf. the night i got it i read THE ENTIRE THING. then at like 3am in the morning when i finished binge reading i emerged from my frenzy and was like YEAYY....WAIT.....WAIIIT then i quickly regretted staying up that late for a book that was not that great. i still read the other books and watched the first 2 movies though so my love/hate relationship with it is alive and well :3

  2. Dude yeah I was bummed. I can't remember if I actually told my boss that I was hoping to leave early (which, ya know, usually happened), but his reaction would've been like "you shouldn't have tried to schedule something on the day you were scheduled to work." Even when I didn't schedule things and people just dropped by to visit, somehow those were the busiest days o.o. Nahhhhhh, you didn't borrow Twilight from me. That sucker has been sitting in a drawer at my house for over five years. Only recently did I pull it out and put it on the shelves (because er, they may be a little depleted looking from someone else ;)). My love/hate relationship is alive and well too, Roxy. I can't say that I've ever regretted staying up to real late for a book though - most of them have been worth it despite the exhaustion ;P.

  3. I agree, compulsively readable. What's funny is that I had started a book club in my neighborhood and we usually had about 4-6 people who came. One month one of the Twilight books was chosen (I think it was the last one) and there were at least 20 people at that one. Mostly Moms with young children. Yup, book club falls apart when it's Anna Karenina (that actually happened), but it's booming when it's Twilight. I'm not ashamed to say that I loved the books and the movies too, although obviously they're over the top. But so much fun. When the last movie came out I had a movie marathon at my house where we watched the first four and then went to see the last one in the theater. Have you read The Host? Love that one. Great post! ~Pam

  4. Hey there! I haven't had the chance to say it before, but I love that you are doing vlogs now :) About the Twilight books; it didn't become my favorite thing ever, but like you said, those books are seriously addictive :D and I really, really enjoyed reading them. Couldn't care less for the movies and Pattinson though. :P

  5. Hey! Thank you. It gratifies me to hear that, cause I get kinda nervous about those videos and whether people actually care. YEAH THEY ARE ADDICTIVE (I almost want to say more addictive than HP because of the simple writing), and I enjoyed reading them too. I don't care about the movies either! In the later years, I started watching them just to poke fun. Still haven't seen BD Part II. Part I was HILARIOUS.

  6. Hahaha wow. I guess that's also the hype working? Maybe all those people were curious like I was to see what the fuss about Twilight is whereas Anna Karenina (how many people showed up for it to fall apart?) is an old classic and you have to really gather yourself to read a classic. (Or maybe that's just me). Heh, you loved the movies? I thought the books were okay, but in the later years I started making fun of the movies because it felt like they took things from the books and made them super over the top. Like in BD Part I, I remember there being some sort of elevator music and I was like "...what? So inappropriate." (I can't remember when it came on...). The movie marathon sounds like so much fun though!! I'd have loved to do something like that. I have not read the Host yet -- I heard it's better than Twilight though?


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