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Hey! In celebration of Because You Love to Hate Me, a YA villain-themed anthology edited by Ameriie that pairs booktubers with authors (cc: Q&A with Ameriiepre-order promo, back cover reveal & anthology pairing, front cover reveal, original book blog post announcing the anthology, original EW cover reveal post (read Ameriie's introduction)), I decided to post some of my old writing.

In chronological order (oldest - newest):

Pangaea [science fiction] 
These Violent Delights [greek tragedy; fantasy]
The Golden Day [fantasy]
Thrice Burnt [contemporary/speculative fiction/gothic]
The River Ran Black [contemporary/speculative fiction]

I am currently working on a Middle-Eastern fantasy that serves as a prequel to another Middle-Eastern fantasy standalone. I also have another fantasy series that I would like to get to after these two, and a few other ideas that I have not posted. Of course, I could return to the above projects as well. Finally, I also wrote a full contemporary manuscript called Buried by the Cedars from 2014-2015, but some of the scenes are close to experiences I had in Lebanon, so I chose not to pursue that project further.

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