Monday, March 28, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (2)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted here.  This week's topic is top ten authors who deserve more recognition.

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition (in no particular order):

1. Sarwat Chadda
-author of Devil's Kiss (My Review & Amazon) & Dark Goddess (Amazon)

If you want to read about a kickass and believable girl protagonist in a really well-developed fantasy world (the Knights Templar, plenty of religious elements & hardcore fighting, Russian mythology, and fierce Amazon wolves), check out his work.  Plus, his next work is on Indian mythology, which is not nearly as known as it should be.  Can you say more please???

2. Rachel Hawkins
-author of Hex Hall (Amazon) & Demonglass (My Review & Amazon)

Only recently did she make the NYT bestseller's list for Demonglass but I've been a fan of hers since the beginning.  Though she throws in some of the typical fantasy elements -- demons, witches, werewolves, fairies, etc. -- she has her own spin on their purpose (and origin) and has also created a HILARIOUS and unique POV in the form of Sophie Mercer, her protagonist.  Sophie is one of those characters that is truly refreshing in the YA world.

3. Michelle Zink
-author of Prophecy of the Sisters (Amazon) & Guardian of the Gate (Amazon)

Twin sisters who are enemies in a Gothic Victorian tale spanning the otherworlds?  Um, yes, please!  Can't wait until Circle of Fire, the end to this trilogy, comes out this summer!  Michelle Zink also has other works coming up and a short story in Kiss Me Deadly that's well worth your attention.

4. Caragh O'Brien
-author of Birthmarked (My Review & Amazon)

Relatable sci-fi dystopia with a strong female protagonist caught in a game of morals and haunting secrets... O'Brien is thorough in developing this dystopian world.  Watch out for the sequel (Prized) in November 2011.

5. Alexandra Monir
-author of Timeless (Amazon)

Her debut was a well-researched historical fiction piece telling the story of star-crossed lovers now and in New York in 1910... Plus, she wrote and recorded her own songs for this book.  They fit really well in the book, and she's definitely a talented singer (and writer :D).

6. Saundra Mitchell
-author of Shadowed Summer (Amazon) & The Vespertine (My Review & Amazon)

I've only read The Vespertine, but it's easy to see that Mitchell should be more recognized.  Though it's another Victorian tale of a girl wanting to define herself, The Vespertine also has a slight fantastical edge that adds an extra shade of mystery to the romance element and character development.  I'm looking forward to Mitchell's companion to The Vespertine -- The Springsweet, out in 2012.

7. Julie Kagawa
-author of The Iron King (Amazon), The Iron Daughter (Amazon), & The Iron Queen (Amazon)

I believe Kagawa made the NYT Bestseller list with The Iron Queen, but she and her series still deserve more recognition.  Strong female protagonist Meghan Chase fights her way through a faery world filled with conniving creatures, enemy love interests, and spins on characters from A Midsumer Night's Dream.  The best of all is the original outlook on how science can destroy this fantasy world.  Looking forward to reading The Iron Knight, the fourth book told from Ash's (instead of Meghan's) POV.

8. Julia Hoban
-author of Willow (Amazon) + some picture books

Willow stayed with me for a while.  Want a story about survivor's guilt, pain (& a way to cope w/ it), and how a second chance at life can change one orphan's outlook on life?  Hoban skillfully handles these issues.

9. Dia Reeves
-author of Bleeding Violet (Amazon) & Slice of Cherry (Amazon)

Whacked out stories about the haunted town of Portero and the skeletons that hide in the people's closets.  Not for the faint-hearted -- you've got some seriously troubled protagonists struggling in this interesting fantasy world.  Dia Reeves crosses the traditional boundaries of YA novels.

10. Justina Chen
-author of North of Beautiful (Amazon), Girl Overboard (Amazon), Nothing But the Truth (and a few white lies) (Amazon), & The Patch (Amazon)

Admittedly, I've only read North of Beautiful, but that book made me cry.  You want a realistic story about a girl who's trying to discover who she is?  Want a girl whose family is so broken that you just want to hug her?  Want some romance (with an emo boy) thrown in?  Want a trip to China?    Yeah.  It's all that and so much more made possible through the talented Chen.


  1. Ooh, I haven't checked out the music for Timeless yet, but I loved the book. Now, I'll have to track that down. Great list.

  2. A lot of these authors have books already on my wish list. They sound very interesting, especially Willow and Birthmarked.
    I love Rachel Hawkins as well! I read both her books this year, and fell in love with Sophie (and Archer!)

    My List

  3. All of these are new to me (and I love that...It's so neat to find new authors.)

    Here's my list of Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition. I hope you will stop in and talk books.

  4. I've heard of all of these but 3! The Devil's Kiss wasn't really my cup of tea but I would like the read the sequel. I'll have to dig it out and read it again. I have Prophecy of the Sisters, I keep meaning to read it! I'm dying to read Birthmarked, that should be on my wishlist. Surely everyone has heard of Saundra Mitchell by now? I liked the Vespertine when I read the Galley and now have the book. Willow is another favourite! I borrowed that so need to buy a copy.

  5. Great list. Some of the authors I have heard of and read and some I haven't. I definitely loved Hex Hall and I can't wait to read Demonglass.

  6. Have not heard of most of the authors here. Thanks for introducing them to me.

  7. great list,thanks! for sharing, stop and see mine.

  8. North of Beautiful was one of my favourite reads last year! I really have to read some more of the author's novels, I enjoyed the way NoB was written so much.

  9. Definitely agree with Justina Chen (she dropped Headley b/c she got divorced), Rachel Hawkins, and Julie Kagawa!

  10. @Comacalm - so wait... which of the three hadn't you heard bout? And if you didn't live so far away :(, i'd offer to ship you my copy of Birthmarked, but international shipping is more expensive than the book.

    @Allison - oops. I didn't realize! It's been a while since I read North of Beautiful . Will edit the post for that. Thanks!

  11. 5 9 and 10! Ooh and can I your wishlist Christina (if you have one wandering around somewhere)? I'm part of BookSoulmate's RAK thing and I like to see if I have books on people's wishlists... it's a good way for me to get rid of books!

  12. Yes, I do have a wishlist of upcoming books in 2011 here --

    If you meant total books, there's that list plus what I have listed on Goodreads, if you have an account there. What's RAK? I've never heard of that before :D


    That's it!

  14. Always nice to highlight those authors who we feel are worthy. I need to pick up the Julie Kagawa series. I've heard really good things about it. I also think that Ann Aguirre doesn't get near enough visibility. After having written nearly 20 books, it's baffling to me that I can still go into a bookstore to request her titles and the sales person will respond with who?


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