Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Top Ten YA Crushes

[edit] - 2011 Christina is very different from 2013 Christina. If I was to redo this list, I would choose: Harry Potter, Cricket (Lola and the Boy Next Door), Jonah Griggs (Jellicoe Road), Prince Brigan (Fire) and Po (Graceling), Mik (Daughter of Smoke and Bone), Adrian Ivashkov (Bloodlines/Vampire Academy), Gansey (the Raven Boys), Wes (The Truth About Forever), Duval (Grave Mercy), and Nathan (Psych Major Syndrome).

Since there's some kind of YA crush tournament thing going on right now, I figured I'd post about my top ten YA crushes :).  They're not in any particular order.

1. Dimitri Belikov from the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Ooh, goodness.  He's intense and kind and older (aka way more mature than guys my age).  He's a trained fighter which means his body has got to be amazing.  He has a strict honor code and a respect for life that few in the Vampire Academy world seem to have.  Bonus points for being Russian and probably having an incredibly sexy foreign accent (when he wants, that is; I'm not sure Rose ever noted an accent while he spoke English).  What isn't there to like about him (except for the creepy Strigoi time)?  Even the slight loss of control he occasionally has is incredibly sexy 'cause it's when he's sexually frustrated about his and Rose's situation ;).

[Edit: Truthfully, I like Adrian (from Bloodlines/Frostbite) now more than Dimitri and would probably include him over Dimitri.]

2. Patch aka 'Jev' from the Hush, Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick

I actually have never met somebody who I'd consider 'a bad boy' in real life.  Hush, Hush was literally my first novel / experience with that kind of guy... and I thought it was sexy not really knowing what to expect.  Tall, dark, and mysterious... and caring, though that's buried deep.  I sort of like how he takes control of situations quickly and is sure of himself--except for when it gets to be a bit much (as in Crescendo).  Only other complaint: Jev?  Did not see that coming re: Patch's actual name.

[Edit: Patch is no longer on my list.]

3. Renier Laroche from the Nightshade trilogy by Andrea Cremer

Sorry, guys, but he's so much sexier than Shay.  He's a reformed player who's also got a bit of a romantic side in him, mentioning Chaucer and Shakespeare to Calla as an explanation for their mutual attraction, and is definitely up for a good time.  Again with the tall, dark, buff description but Ren is stronger and also much less of a jerk and bad boy than Patch is.  He's seen what an ass his father is and has taken great pains not to be like him (with Calla, that is).  He wants Calla as his equal in a Guardian world where alpha females aren't as respected as the males.  He sounds like a great guy--caring and loyal and loving, actually sacrificing so much in the name of love (though he had been a player before).

[Edit: Ren is no longer on my list.]

4. Harry Potter (yup, you got that right) by JK Rowling :)

I definitely had a crush on Harry Potter.  Yeah, yeah, he has a giant temper issue and is a bit of a jerk wad for thinking that it's okay for him to sacrifice himself but not let his friends sacrifice themselves for him.  But he's also loyal and kind and usually has the best of intentions.  He's also selfless, a tad awkward, and unbelievably brave....  Nowadays you get all these YA books that describe the girl protag. looking up into the hero's eyes... but there's something so much sweeter about his eyes being like his mother's.  And I've also always been a sucker for green eyes ;).  Plus, the fact that he was gangly to start with but then grows up slowly but surely makes him feel so much more real... That in itself is its own brand of sexy for me. And and and his intelligence is actually shown.

5. Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare

I'm pretty much anti-Jace, anti-Will.  They're jerks to Clary and Tessa too often for me to feel the connection between the two...Whereas Jem is a beautiful, strange, and haunted boy who plays the violin.  He's incredibly intense and is kind to Tessa throughout Clockwork Angel.  He has had a rough past but that has not made him one bit less determined to fight evil and to enjoy life as best as he can.  Though his illness limits the amount of time he has left, he doesn't seem like a cripple to me. In fact, his disease seems like his only vulnerability, while the rest of him is all charm and light. I also really like his unusual looks and have no complaint with the model they chose for the cover ;).

6. Damon from the Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

Second bad boy I read about.  Damon starts off a little creepy in both the books and the TV show (really creepy in the books), but he grew on me.  In the books and TV show, he's not afraid to live it up a little since he's a vampire.  Of the two Salvatore brothers, he's the one who doesn't mope around and is also very confident. The few kind acts he does are generally directed towards Elena. But he's also so.... redeemable. Has so much potential, that is.  Because even when Damon is being mean and spiteful, there's a part of him that's not really into it.  He's the bad boy who doesn't always know what he wants.  The bad boy who's a little bit broken and vulnerable beneath it all.  I think there was an metaphor in Shadow Souls? or maybe The Return? that said that Damon kept his innermost secrets and vulnerabilities (represented by a little child, mind you) chained to a rock in his mind.  That's just... so incredibly sad.  He's also way more fun to be around than do-gooder/always serious Stefan.

7. Lucius Vladescu from the Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

(The guy to the right looks a bit too vulnerable for Lucius... except for maybe one of the last scenes.  But he also looked hot enough to be Lucius so I thought I'd post it anyways.)

Incredibly arrogant and wealthy and entitled and controlling... And yet that confidence looks good on him.  He also likes the curves in Jessica's body rather than preferring her to look like a stick (as in most YA novels).  He is a gentleman, holding out her chair for her.  Chivalrous.  [I get really happy whenever anybody is polite because it feels like fewer people are nowadays.  But that's a topic for another time].  Lucius isn't afraid to challenge Jessica and is also incredibly smart in his own right.  And vulnerable because he still wants to have a chance at being normal.... and protective.  And even gruesome, given the things he does and almost does at the end.  But he's afraid and that vulnerability--that scene at the end of the book--was so wonderful.  A great contrast to the confidence and charm he always seems to exude.

[Edit: I don't remember enough of this book to tell you whether I'd keep Lucius on this list.]

8. Prince Brigandell from Fire by Kristin Cashore

Man, oh man.  I love the last couple of scenes with Fire and Brigan together, especially when he's so vulnerable.  It was heart-wrenching to see a guy who's been forced to grow up so quickly, forced to take on the duties of the Commander of the army and fight for his life against one of the most dangerous monsters of all, forced to shield himself against any and everybody, break down and cry, thinking that the war and so much more was his fault.  So beneath that frosty exterior that Fire first senses from him is a boy-man who's not always as sure as he looks.  And he already has a child despite how young he is!  But still he's a kind and caring and responsible father and sibling.  And deadly.  He became Commander for a reason.  I just really love the way all this came together in his character.  I'd like to rub my hand along his stubble like Fire does ;P.

9. Wes from the Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

He's the kind of guy who feels like a next door neighbor type but I've never had the privilege of having someone that hot live near me.  Tortured artist?  I've never even met someone who's that great at art... but lord, one of the sexiest things for me at least is when a guy lets his inner passion show... which is what Wes does with his art.  He's also kind and humble and understanding.  Honestly, he feels like every girl's dream guy come to life.  The only complaint I'd have is the tattoo... Even though the heart in hand artwork is made into a big deal in the book and I understand why he has it, I still don't like any sort of tattoo on a guy.

10. James from Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie (Books of Faerie #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

Move over, Sam (from the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy).  James is the much better romantic interest.  He's also a bit emo and artistic with his musical ability on the bagpipes (and more) and his tendency to write all over his hands, but his character transcends the pages of the book more for me than Sam.  James is incredibly loyal to Deirdre though Lord knows why (she's a bit annoying and she hurt him in the past) and Nuala.  He is also smart and charming.  It hurt to see how he would tell jokes just to diffuse situations with Deirdre and to be that guy, you know?  And even though part of the story line has him running out to meet Death every night, he still seems bright--I can see why Nuala. would often comment that his music glowed.  His soul seems like it'd glow, he's that passionate.  So sexy.

I tried tracing a pattern here-- I'm not sure there is one (except for maybe liking the super confident guys with sensitive spots :D).  I've got some resident bad boys, some fighters, some guys with temper issues and sensitive streaks, some older, and one 'next-door-neighbor' kind of sweet guy in the mix.  Maybe the truth lies in that I think they're all larger than life.  And that is a measure of the author's skill.  Thank you, authors, for creating such awesome characters.

Who are your YA crushes?  Do you share any of mine?  Do you have any ideal actors who'd portray your guy/girl?

** Also, none of the images shown are mine.  I just found them via Google so I owe credit to whoever posted these!  Especially the public Deviant Art photo of Lucius... Thanks!!


  1. Oh, Harry Potter is a good one. I'm thinking the guys from The Hunger Games are soon to top my list when the movie comes out.

    Kristin @ http://kristincanread.blogspot.com

  2. Those were good ones!
    I'm also anti-Jace, it's nice to see someone like me out there! thought I was alone ): haha

    Yeah, I also would have mentioned Gale or Peeta (mostly Gale <3)

    and there's a cowboy I would have included cause I love with all my heart, he's called Jesse and he is from the 1850s but lives in our time, so you can imagine how kind and caring and chivalrous he is!

    Great post! (and the pics you picked were also perfect!)

  3. Yup, you hit the nail with Dimitri! I also like Derek (the darkest powers trilogy) because he isn't "drop dead gorgeous" he is your typical going through puberty teen and Adrian from VA. He was just so darn sweet, you couldn't help but root for both of them at the same time.

  4. Haha, I love this post.
    I've hardly read any of those books... must give them a go.
    I do appreciate Harry but I'm more of a Ron kinda gal.
    I agree with you on Wes though.

    But I have huge crushes on pretty much every boy in a Melina Marchetta book!

  5. @KristinCanRead - ahh. I actually don't find Peeta or Gale to be all that attractive. It's hard for me to even see them that way when I can't picture Katniss being intimate with anybody really.

    @melannie - Yay, anti-Jace!! Jesse the cowboy is from what book? He sure sounds awesome ;).

    @Kristin - Ooh, I haven't read The Darkest Powers Trilogy yet so I can't say much about Derek. I thought about including Adrian but didn't want to include two from the same series ;). He's definitely sexy though.

    @Jo - thanks! I can see the Ron attraction too. Harry's a bit dark and broody while Ron's lighter and funnier. Melina Marchetta... *searches Goodreads*. lol I'm looking at the summary for Saving Francesca. Musical burping Thomas and smug moron Will? That sounds interesting. I'll have to check that out ;).

  6. Omg! How much do I love, love this post?! Yes! Those YA guys are totally swoon worthy hotties.

  7. I love your list! My list would include Four from 'Divergen't, 'Vincent from Die' for Me and Ash from the 'Iron Fey' series.

  8. @Missie - thanks!

    @Liza - I definitely thought about including both Ash from Iron Fey and Four from Divergent but there's only so many on a top ten list ;). They'd probably be in a top fifteen list, though.

  9. I was obsessed with Edward...I can't stand watching the movies because Robert Pattison isn't even close to what my Edward looks like...sigh lol

  10. I'm glad to see that Patch is right at the top of your list. I'm loving Francisco Lachowski at the moment. He'll be great as a bad boy angel but I just hope he can act!

  11. Ahhh I don't know if I can think of 10 right now off the top of my head, but I would definitely have W. W. Hale from the Heist Society series on that list, teehee.

  12. Oooh great post great question! Yep Peter or Gale from the Hunger Games, Adrian VA, Four from Divergent are mine! Hmm so many more no doubt to list!! Such a burning question!

    New follower!!


  13. Yeah. I totally just swooned over all of them. Some of my favourites are right in there! This is a great post.

  14. My number one YA crush is Jonah Griggs from JELLICOE ROAD. He's the perfect mix of tough and vulnerable, and he wears a uniform. *swoon*

  15. I LOVE this list! You have so many of my favorite literary crushes here. I haven't even read Nightshade yet, but everything I hear about Ren (especially what you just wrote) leaves me scratching my head as to why she's even considering Shay.

  16. Who's the guy playing Dimitri Belikov in the photo? He is just Perfect for the role =D

  17. @ Anon - I don't know who the guy is for Dimitri Belikov. I just searched Google, found that pic, and thought he was a great representation of Dimitri!

  18. I found out that the guys name is Marcus Schenkenberg :)hahaha finally, after months of search =D

  19. Well, agreed with you; Renier Laroche... much better than Shay as you said. Really I can't stand Calla chose Shay! Why? Ren's more romantic and attractive than him... Grrr, why she didn't left him at the mountain? Better for her, she wouldn't have trespass the Keepers' rules. Although they weren't so 'good guys' in the end. Nevermind, I still believe she's meant to be with Ren.

    Love you Nightshades' readers!
    <3 <3 <3

  20. Who is the guy who is Lucuis? What is the real guys name?

  21. Loved this post. Unfortunately most of the books you've picked I have not read. But your description of Patch makes me want to read it now. I am actually all about Jace and Will. Yea their sarcasm is a bit much at times but I find it kind of comical. I was surprised by the choice of Harry Potter because I have never viewed him as sexy but with your description he definately does sound sexy and makes me want to take a different look at him :)


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