Thursday, October 13, 2011

Giveaway: $25 Amazon Gift Card to Person Who Comments the Most

A while back, I had promised to do a 300 follower giveaway but then I didn't have the funds for it.  Now I do, but I have a different giveaway in mind.

I'll give away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to whoever comments the most from now (October 13, 2011) to the end of this year (December 31, 2011).

A couple of rules:

-Each comment gets you a point, and I'll tally the points at the end.  Whoever has the most is obviously the winner.
-But if you leave a generic comment, I'm not going to count it.  By generic, I mean it's obvious you have not even read the post you're commenting on OR you've said the same thing to countless others.

I'm thinking about doing second and third prizes as well... but I'm not sure yet.  Will let you know later.

Yay, looking forward to discussing books with you guys!


  1. Awesome idea, its sounds like a great way to get some comments. Im so bad at just looking at blogs and not commenting. But I love to get comments on my blog (guess I should comment more myself lol)ironic I huh:)

  2. Oooh, this is a really fun giveaway!

  3. I don't tend to leave comments unless I think of something to say while reading the post. I don't force myself to think of something to write just so I avoid 'generic' comments. -wrinkles nose- I don't like those.

  4. Thanks so much for doing such a generous giveaway! Looking forward to visiting back here.


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