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Dalena vs. Stelena

Are you a Dalena or Stelena fan? (If you have no idea what I'm talking about.... watch the CW at 8:00 PST on Thursday :D.) In light of how popular my The Vampire Diaries vs. Secret Circle post was, I've decided to post about one of the more famous love triangles on t.v. right now...

I am most certainly a Dalena fan, and  here are my 5 reasons for why I hope Damon gets with Elena at some point during the Vampire Diaries - preferably sooner, not sure how much longer I'm going to stick to the show.

*And yes, this is a spoiler-free discussion :).


Okay, so not going to lie, but Damon can be horrible sometimes (aka when he goes off on killing sprees for no reason and uses women). At the heart of the story, however, he's not a womanizer or a complete, complete jerk. (He is a jerk on occasion, but it's really obvious that he's just lashing out, almost like throwing a tantrum. Plus, if you were going to turn to someone to save you, who would you turn to? The powerful jerk who lives life to the fullest, or the broody guy who watches from the sidelines? You'd turn to the guy who has qualms but who will put them aside for you while he deals with things in an efficient manner, aka Damon.) Damon is unapologetic about who he is--at least on the surface.

That's the thing with Damon - you get the sense that there's a lot more than the bad-ass / take charge / impulsive / angry guy. There's passion and love and caring for his brother, for Elena whereas Stefan is ALWAYS BROODING. Jeebsus. Yeah, Stefan's a good guy, and Damon has fewer ethical debates, and yeah, Elena is also a good girl, but Stefan has NO sense of humor! You can't put two way-too-serious people together and expect them to mesh. You need Damon, not just for his flippant comedy, but also for his strength and determination to set things right, even when others will believe the worst of him. You need to throw in a bit of unpredictability, or at least some anticipation.


I kind of touched on this above. I don't know about you guys, but I found it fascinating to find out more about Stefan -- his past, what he'd done to become so broody and sad. Then the writers stopped, and Stefan was "back" to himself. AKA Me disappointed. I'm sorry, Stefan, but is there anything more to you than being the super duper committed brooding nice guy? Damon, on the other hand, I feel like I'm constantly learning about. He's the surprise factor. You think you know how he's going to act, and then he does something different. And his past? There's still so much hidden.

3. STEFAN AND ELENA HAVE NO CHEMISTRYI just don't feel the Stelena chemistry. I do recognize the importance of Stefan respecting Elena's wishes, her choices; I'm glad the writers bring that up, and that's a part of their relationship. It makes me happier that this Twilght-esque romance at least has a healthier, less controlling vibe to it... and I do think Damon needs to back off his high horse sometimes, but so does Elena.  Sometimes she's just so self-righteous, and together I'd think she and Stefan would drive each other nuts--them and their moralizing platitudes. Elena and Stefan have journal writing, brooding, and self-righteousness. They make me think of a boring old couple. They are too similar, their personalities and reactions. I don't understand why I would want to watch the two of them when it seems like there's no growth, no fire... no sparks underlying their interactions.

4. DAMON AND ELENA HAVE TONS OF CHEMISTRYEvery scene I've watched with Damon and Elena crackles with tension. There's always something left unsaid between the two of them, and I just wait, wait for them to meet on the same plane. Damon challenges Elena -- in a way, it reminds me of the Matched summary: would you rather want passion or perfection? If you're for the latter, go for it and its boring safety. But me, I want to live, really live and feel everything, and so the idea of Damon and Elena-- their passion, the passion Elena rarely shows but is so clearly there -- being together is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Let them embrace the tension. Let them stop snapping at each other and look beneath the surface.


Okay, I understand the origins of Stelena, and how that might make it impossible for Dalena, but I think what bothers me most about the series is that they never really gave Dalena a chance, and Elena never really admitted her feelings for him.. I know that's kind of contradictory coming from me, because I don't usually like love triangles. But it's a fundamental in The Vampire Diaries, so I accept it... And a lot of the times, I root for the underdog - Jem and Will? Jem. Edward and Jacob? Jacob. Peeta and Gale? Gale. (Also Damon at the beginning of the show - obviously not the best kind of guy, but Elena admitted that it didn't matter, yes? So again: no chance.) At least throw the guy a bone! Let Elena kiss him and enjoy it and not think of Stefan. If you're going to do a love triangle, actually MAKE it a triangle.

Plus... c'mon...
Which type of broody man is hotter?

Hi, broody man whose lips naturally form a down-turn.


I welcome any and all comments :).


  1. I agree with all of the above points. I do see how Dalena endgame might be impossible, but Stelena is just SO BORING. They're becoming more and more alike all the time, with Elena getting more broody, too. And I agree about the chemistry--Damon+Elena scenes=awesome. Stefan+Elena scenes=increasingly annoying.

  2. +100 love for this post. You've definitely touched on some of the same issues I have with Stelena. It's getting really boring to see them go back again to the same routine. Elena's in danger - Stefan turns broody - He tries to control her for her own safety - she argues with him - he accepts her decision. Bleh. Give me unpredictable, make-me-melt scenes with Daemon. And I HATE that Elena never admits her feelings for him!

  3. I agree, and I must use Rose's quote too, "It’s not just that she makes him a better person. Damon challenges her, surprises her. He makes her question her life, her beliefs.”

    While I like Stefan at a character, I do not think that he and Elena work well together. It tends to just feel forced, and they definitely do not have the same chemistry as Damon & Elena!

  4. I am the biggest Damon fan, but to be honest I'm not a big Elena fan. I'd rather him find some equally fab girl and run off with her. ;)

    I don't think Elena really deserves him.

  5. In the books, I'm All for Stefan, but in the show, I like Damon. There are so many differences in the show vs books!

  6. My gosh do I love your blog. I think that every time I read one of your posts :)

    I only really got on board the Stefan/Elana train when he became Bad Stefan. He was a lot more interesting then. I do like how he always lets her make her own choices though (although Damon is also right in saying she often makes dumb choices!)

  7. I'm a fan of Damon! But for me, they can replace Elena with someone else *memememememe* She can be so whiny and stupid sometimes, but besides that, I love this show :)

  8. Well this comment is certainly a late one. After reading your post on Dalena, Stelena. From a male perspective, that has seen only 10 mins to half an episode. Here is what I think, from what you've stated.
    You're correct on the tension / chemistry between Damon and Elena. There is something that is never said between them. nor any admittance. And that's just from the very odd episode I've (some what) watched. In short; opposite attract. Or what you are insinuating with the "embrace the tension" is what you call a "whirlwind romance". As for the "journal writing" comment. It ties in with your view on Stefan having "limited" layers. Journal writing is a device; it's sole purpose is to make / give the character a "mysterious" feel about him. "What is he feeling, what is going through his mind" - make the viewers ask questions. But of course it can backfire and make the viewers think there isn't much to him character wise, since he hides his thoughts and opinions, thus making him a reserved character. Unlike the foil that is Damon. Outspoken and unreserved. If you "opened" Stefan's journal, then it is highly likely that Stefan will have similar views and feelings to that of his brother. since they are "cut from the same cloth". Similar and dissimilar at the same time, though. Correction, you only found Stefan interesting when he went AWOL. When he reverted back, you lost interest - that's fine.
    In short - what you're really saying is, you prefer a bad boy. And that is exactly what Damon is, a bad boy.

  9. @ Anon - Actually, I don't prefer the bad boy most of the times. I prefer Damon in this show, because I think he is more interesting and etc. etc. etc. (post). For instance, I prefer Xander over Ky in the Matched trilogy, Jem over Will in the Infernal Devices, and the list could go on and on, but as I said, I've found that I root more for the underdog. If that underdog happens to be a bad boy, oh well.

    @ Small Review - Thank you!!

    @ jesspoole - I've just stopped comparing the show to the books. No other way to merge the two.

    @ Nicci - ahh, perfect. I forgot about the Rose quote!!

    Thanks to all who have commented :).

  10. I love Damon. Totally awesome. I like when Damon and Elena have their special moments. But I also sort of like Stefan and Elena together. Yes they are boring. But they are both just so good. And Damon is definitely a bad boy!

  11. Totally love, love, love Damon and got excited every time I read about Dalena in the books. Never watch the show but still choose Damon.
    Bad boy? Hell yeah...

  12. I'm a Stalena fan too! I agreed with so many of your comments! Damon is so much more interesting and even though he acts like a jerk, you can tell that he has a good heart. Stefan's character does not seem to have so many of the layers that Damon's character has. The chemistry between Elena and Damon is hotter than between her and Stefan. Go Stalena!

  13. Sorry, I got that backwards! I mean go Dalena! My fingers were faster than my brain :~

  14. it should be delena not dalena


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