Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (8)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent YA book-related news. I'll post about articles I've read from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. For more information, visit the first CMtBR post.

Apologies for the lateness! My internet decided to go down while I was working on this post. Time Warner got the problem fixed by the time I woke up though, and I've been hard at work on it since.

Publishing Industry:

Books that sold, 1, 2, 3:
  • Dumplin' by Julie Murphy (contemporary YA following a “card-carrying fat girl” who is determined to take on her small town's beauty pageant, Balzer + Bray, 2015).
  • The Stupendous Scrapbook of (Somewhat Manly) Stan by Alison DeCamp (Crown, 2015 - debut illustrated MG tells of a boy's quest to find his father in the logging camps of Michigan)
  • A Matter of Heart by Amy Dominy (contemporary YA - 16-year-old Abby is on track to win the state swim championships when diagnosed with deadly heart condition, Delacorte 2015)
  • World Maker by Jen Brooks (YA debut, Simon & Schuster - stars a HS senior who creates an alternate world in which Kylie Simms is his girlfriend but who botches things up when he attempts to kiss the real Kylie)
  • Listen Slowly by Thanhha Lai (MG - 12-year-old SoCal girl who reluctantly takes a summer trip to Vietnam, winter 2015, Harper Collins)
  • Book Scavenger by Jennifer Bertman (MG debut, Henry Holt, fall 2015 - contemporary mystery series that involves cipher-cracking, book-hunting, and a search for treasure through the streets of San Francisco)
  • Imposter by Antony John (Dial, winter 2015 - a thriller pitched as "Gossip Girl meets John Grisham.")
  • Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper (YA Debut, Little, Brown, fall 2014 - set in a whaling community in the late 1800s, a 16-year-old descendent of the island witch must prevent her own death and discover the secrets of her family's magic.)
  • The Finisher by David Baldacci (Scholastic, 2014, fantasy starring 14-year-old who realizes Wormwood is "a village built on dangerous lies.")
  • Just Jake by Jake Marcionette (a sixth grader trying to establish his social life at a new school, Penguin 2014, from a 13-year-old author.)
  • Compass by Betsy Cornwell (read about it here)

Chooseco has launched a Kickstarter program for Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Were you a fan of those?

You excited for Unbreakable by Kami Garcia? Here's the book trailer.

Or how about for Rogue by Gina Damico? The book trailer was also released.

Crown of Midnight/Throne of Glass fans: have you read The Assassin and the Captain? It's one of many exclusive scenes being released to celebrate CoM's release. Also, all of the prequel novellas are being compiled into a print book!

Sarah J. Maas and Susan Dennard fans: have you seen their latest co-authored work, The Starkillers Cycle? It's a "space opera set in a diverse and cutthroat galaxy.From an escaped convict with blood on her hands to a society girl turned fighter pilot, the saga follows a sweeping cast of characters as they learn that the galaxy is a far bigger—and more terrifying—place than they ever imagined."

You a Cassandra Clare fan? She talks about the upcoming Mortal Instruments movie adaptation and her next projects here.

Ever been curious about John Green's works? USA Today does a spotlight feature on them and his rise to fame.

Oh look! Webisode #2 for All Our Yesterdays has been posted. This one's on Finn now. These are getting me so excited for the book!

Are you excited for United We Spy, the last Gallagher Girls book? Chapter 1 has been posted.

UK Readers: have you ever wanted to read The Iron King? It's free for a limited time on iTunes.

Do you want to be a fall Ambuzzador? The application is now live.

Here are the 2013 ABC Best Books nomineesYALSA also announced its Quick Pick nomineesDid your favorites make the list?

Cover Reveals:

*Note: Some of these were revealed last week, but I didn't have the chance to feature them in the last post.

Discussions/Other Fun Blogger Posts:

Look at these awesome kidlit stamps from around the world. I want one!

4 Reasons we'd be screwed if YA books were real. <-- Hilarious and true.

11 Classic children's books with titles that reflect their dark message. *Sigh* I could spend hours on Buzzfeed.

Look at all these children's literature statues!

ALSO, here are 16 bookstores you must visit before you die. Have you been to any of these?

If any of you have nonreader friends, here are 10 reasons they are the way they are, and some ideas on how to change them :).

If you're a parent, have you ever considered limiting how many comics your children read?

Jenny at Supernatural Snark talked about six killer book endings and invites you do the same. Meanwhile, Gillian at Writer of Wrongs discusses why brutal book endings keep her hooked.

Molli at Once Upon a Prologue discusses changing book tastes.

Ana at Anahera Reads talks about the pros and cons of looking for books in secondhand stores.

Anya at On Starships and Drawonwings wants to know if list style reviews are easier to read and write. If you follow my blog closely, you'll know how I feel about that :D.

Shelver at Bookshelvers Anonymous talks about head canon and the importance of the side character cast.

Do you read a lot of NA lit? Will you give Lili at Lili's Reflections some recommendations? And don't give Jen at the Starry-Eyed Revue recommendations, especially via Goodreads, unless you know her and think she'll actually like those books. Lauren at Books Tea & Me wants to know when you decide to share the book love with others.

When giving those recommendations, do you judge the book by its genre? Come discuss with Naka at Looking for the Panacea.

Katie at One Page at a Time lists the books she wish existed. I have talked about this subject too, and on my list: more confident heroines. Last week, Chiara at Books for a Delicate Eternity discussed the lack of self-esteem in YA female protagonists.

Last week, the topic for the ladies for Book Girls Don't Cry: They Vent was books they haven't but should have read by now. See how Jenni, Giselle, and Amy responded!

Jenni at Alluring Reads also discusses her review habits. Fly to the Sky @ Read Books and Live Green discusses how she writes her reviews as well. When reviewing an ARC, do you hold your punches? Octavia at Read Sleep Repeat wants to know.

Have you ever shared your blog with people you know in real life? Helen at My Novel Opinion discusses the pressure and emotions behind that decision.

Are you a fan of book extracts? Trish at Between the Lines discusses why she is not.

Congratulate Laura at Owl Tell You All About It because she got her boyfriend to read!

Were you not a fan of the Crewel cover changes? You'll find kindred spirits in the ladies at Book Nerd Reviews as they talk about cover changes mid-series.

Kimberly at On the Wings of Books wonders why we're not nicer to each other as bloggers - why we tell each other "how to blog." So, you know, Kat at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog has some great rules you absolutely must follow as a book blogger.

Renae at Respiring Thoughts urges you to own what you read. And Stormy at Book Blog Bake talks about what books have taught her.

Asheley at Into the Hall of Books wants to know how you decide when to comment on a blogger's post.

Shannelle at the Tracery of Ink wonders whether Harry Potter would have been as successful had it been written in a girl's POV.

Have you ever wanted to be more organized about your blog posts? Asti at the Bookish Heart goes over the benefits of using Microsoft OneNote.

Reem at I Read and Tell discusses swearing on your blog and in the books you read.

Heather at the Flyleaf Review has a great guest post discussion on why duologies are better than both stand-alones and series, one reason being that it's hard to stay committed via rereading and anticipating the later books. Kristlyn at Reading in Winter wants to know how you reread your favorite series.

Also, check out this fun infographic on YA dystopias by Ruby at Feed Me Books Now and tips from Charlotte at Thoughts and Pens on how to survive in those worlds.

Movie/TV Show News:

Are you excited for the Vampire Academy adaptation? Here's a sneak peak at the teaser trailer being released TODAY (at 4:30 PST/7:30 EST here) and here are some movie stills too.

Do you watch The Vampire Diaries? Will you follow The Originals, its spin-off series? Julie Plec and Joseph Morgan talk about the show here.

Coldplay will have a song on the Catching Fire soundtrack! Are you going to buy it now?

According to one of the Divergent adaptation stars, the casting was perfect. Do you agree?

Have you read Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now? Well, then, go look at the Saoirse Ronan poster and watch the movie trailer here.

Kristin Halbrook's Nobody But Us is the next YA book being adapted!

The feature film, The Fault in Our Stars, that is shooting in Pittsburgh this fall, is looking for teens and young adults 13-23 years-old, who have been affected by cancer, to appear as extras in the film. Know someone who will try out?


Celebrate with Judith from Paper Riot: her blog has turned 1-year-old. INT, ends August 31st.

The weekly giveaway at Children's Publishing. Ends August 16th at 6:00 p.m.

ARC of Hideous Love by Stephanie Hemphill. Ends August 31st.

Graceling, Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, and Crewel. Ends August 15th.

For UK readers, Chapter5Books is giving away 50 copies of Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

Tor's August Grab Bag Sweepstakes. Ends August 31st.

Have you seen all the different Infinityglass release celebratory giveaways? One (August 20), two (August 19), and three (August 21).

The ladies at YA Highway are celebrating their fourth year blogging and are giving away a lot of fantastic prizes including ARCs and critiques. Congratulate them before midnight CST on August 23.

Jenni at Alluring Reads is giving away a copy of Altered by Gennifer Albin (August 24) as is Giselle at Xpresso Reads, in addition to a paperback copy of Crewel (August 22).

Jenni is also giving away an ARC of Spark Unseen (August 20).


Most Featured Book: Besides Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve TucholkeCrown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (my review coming next Tuesday!), and The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, I'd say All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill is getting a lot and lot of hype. I made AOY my Lush-Thursday last week, and Hyperion had Netgalley send out a campaign to get its users pumped and wanting to request the ARC. Have you read this one? Did you like it?

Recent Recommended Read: Don't have anything new besides my latest reviews for Finnikin of the Rock, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and The Bone Season. I'm behind on some request titles like Brother, Brother by Clay Carmichael and Anatomy of Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky, but I'm hoping to get caught up soon!

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.


  1. Boo internet going down! I always feel lost when that happens. Lost and confused. You would think I'd take advantage of it as reading time, but usually I just sulk. Stupid Internet.

    Anyways, I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books growing up. I definitely think they'd be good as an interactive ebook thing. I actually found a YA version of CYOA a couple years ago, but wasn't impressed by it.

    And yup, I think you're spot on with your most featured books. I haven't read any of them, but keep hearing tons of positive things about all of them. It just never ends!

  2. Lol who says I wasn't sulky? I was happy that at least it made the post into a draft, so y'all didn't see the unfinished version again.

    Can't imagine a YA version of CYOA. As a kid, I think they do make for good interactive elements in a book, but later.. meh, if you have all these alternate endings, the storyteller in me is like: are you telling the right story?

    Nope. The TBR will always grow, Asti. :)

  3. I'm so excited about SJM and SD collaboration. They seem to have the best kind of friendship and it's awesome to see them so giggly over this project:)

    That 13 yrs old author--what. the... I saw that news. Mindblowing!

    Ignite Me cover is to die for and I think The Transfer cover suits well with Divergent series and since Four wasn't in a good place when he joined this faction, the dark tones suit perfectly. In my opinion.

    Hahahaha. That HP girl vers post was funny. I'm the girl who needs a little romance and I got the romance out of HP series. In films and movies. The slow-burn between Ron and Hermione, Snape and Lily etc. It was so good. lollls

    AND YOU KNOW I WANT TO SEE THAT VA TRAILER. NOW NOW NOW!!! I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER. That teaser was so good. I need more:)

  4. I KNOW. Their friendship is SO awesome and actually, their space opera saga reminds me of These Broken Stars. I'm looking forward to settling down this weekend and catching up on the chapters they've already posted.

    Right??? What have I been doing with the last eight years of my life? That's the question that 13 y.o. makes me ask.

    Ignite Me has a very, very beautiful cover. The eye still freaks me out... a lot... but it's the prettiest of them all, I think. The Transfer cover is a little plain to me, though :/. Given the awesomeness of the others.

    You think?? I actually never felt much for the romances in Harry Potter. I was a Harry/Hermione shipper, but that's it. Everything else was amusing but not as gripping as it could have been, methinks.

    Hehehehe. Less than fours hours left :). The teaser of the teaser trailer was definitely good. I wasn't as much a fan of the movie stills though :O.

  5. Salt & Storm sounds amazing! Elizabeth Fama had good things to say about it, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on a copy next year. And I'm completely excited about this Throne of Glass novella collection! It'll be nice to finally have them all together and on my shelf. :) I haven't read The Starkiller's Cycle yet, but I've bookmarked it for later this week. I'm hoping to squeeze it in soon.

    And WHAT. A Vampire Academy trailer is ready?! How on earth did I miss this??? :D I can't wait to see it!

  6. Salt & Storm is definitely one of the ones I added to my TBR as soon as I saw the announcement. I haven't read one of Elizabeth Fama's novels yet, but you're also making me want to :P. I wish I hadn't gotten e-copies of the novellas now because I want the print copy but feel weird for having both. And I'm with you on TSC: I'm waiting on this weekend to get caught up. It sounds amazing, and for them to write this saga for free? Doubly amazing.

    Yes! It came out today, and I'd love to know your thoughts on it. It seems to be going for a much more light-hearted approach than the other PNRs.

  7. I just watched it! It's quite different to what I imagined it would be, I have to admit (and not totally expressing the same vibe that I got from the book), but it still has me pretty excited about the movie. I would have loved to see more of Dimitri's acting though. He doesn't really say anything in the trailer... What did you make of it? :)

  8. I'd really appreciate if you could possibly include a little bit about the event I'm organising for November in one of these features (info here: Thank you!

    Also, there's a Random House UK survey sort of program called Bookmarks, which can be found here: - they just set it up the other week; readers can influence decisions and vote on things, and in return get entered for prize draws =)

    This feature is fantastic by the way, I always find some really fascinating posts and discussions via it =)

  9. Dumplin' will be either awesome or the worst book ever. Unfortunately, the title makes me fear the former.

    A Matter of Heart is another maybe.

    Alternate reality makes World Maker a WANT.

    Listen Slowly = must have

    Book Scavenger?!?!

    Okay, officially I want all of these books except Just Jake and The Finisher.

  10. The teaser seemed heavily focused on Lissa and the school, and trying for a lightness that I did and didn't get from the book. I think they're trying to differentiate themselves from other PNRs like Twilight, but I don't know. I think I need more - there isn't enough of Dimitri :P. Like you, I am still excited though.

  11. Okay - included in the latest draft of edition 9. Thanks for letting me know about Bookmarks too :).

    And thank you!

  12. I hope it's good. Dumplin' will be what... one of like four YA books with a fat protagonist? As long as it doesn't do the Girl of Fire and Thorns treatment...

    A Matter of Heart isn't my thing because it reminds me too much of this book that talked a bunch about leukemia and not being able to swim anymore, and I don't handle sad-oriented books very well o.O.

    lol. Alternate realities are fun. I don't know who Kylie Simms is though. Unless that was meant only a fictional character...

    I know right?? The books this week were much more awesome than in previous weeks :). Or at least more my kind of thing.

  13. I LOVE this post! I love to open up a new frame to Goodreads and just click away adding stuff to my TBR:) I imagine these type of posts are WAY time consuming--what with the research and then all the links--so THANK YOU for taking the time to put this together, Christina!

    And thank you for the plug on the Duologies post last week:)

  14. Thanks very much, very appreciated =D

  15. They are, but I do love to keep up with blogger and publishing posts, so it helps keep me on target. Only thing that is disappointing is not having the time to comment on all the discussions I include!

    Your duologies post was wonderful, so no thanks needed :).

  16. Thanks for mentioning my post! I love your roundups because I follow way too many blogs and honestly I quite often "mark all as read" just because I can't keep letting them pile up!

  17. What a great roundup... without this post I would miss all the things. :)

    Book Scavenger sounds like tons of fun! Oh my gosh I can't believe Rogue is already being released... I still need to read Scorch! Croak was fantastic, I have no idea why I haven't picked up the sequel.

    I've got a giveaway going on... BUT it's adult so nevermind. lol

  18. Melissa - Book Nerd ReviewsAugust 16, 2013 at 9:08 PM

    Thanks for the link back to Book Nerd Reviews! We love to have different discussions every Friday, so we appreciate that you enjoyed our discussion on cover changes mid series. It's really something that annoys us! haha

  19. Me too! And I'm looking forward to reading more of your discussions :).

  20. Ah, the same happens to me. Feedly helps a bit with that. All the different categories, marking things as read, and getting to tag the different posts too. Anyway: No problem. I love your posts :).

  21. Thanks, Bonnie! I've heard a lot of good things about Gina Damico's series. You are yet another blogger who touts Croak and the lot. I need to read those books too :).

  22. So I popped over here when Asti said someone I didn't know had mentioned me in their recap post, and misspelled my name. So haha, here I am!

    As for my name, it's totally okay. Nearly everyone gets it wrong at the first try. Anyway, thank you so much for featuring me!

  23. Oops. I'll edit this now...
    And thank you for writing the post! I loved it, and one of the commenters also wrote that she found it quite funny :).

  24. Whoa-- how on earth do you have time to come up with all this???
    I will definitely check out Sarah Maas' and Susan Dennard's new collaboration, because I love both of their work. But I'm not quite sure what it is -- an online story?
    And I agree with Trish -- I'm not so much a fan of book excerpts. I'd rather wait and read the whole thing.
    Off to click on some more links...

  25. It takes a lot of time, definitely, but I like keeping up with everything.

    Starkillers Cycle is a sci fi story that they're posting online - I think they're up to chapter 11 now. one day, they might end up pubbing it in print, I imagine.

    Hope you enjoy the links!


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