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Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (9)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent YA book-related news. I'll post about articles I've read from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. For more information, visit the first CMtBR post.

Publishing Industry:

Rights Report:

  • The Middle Place by An Na (YA - an existential exploration of the link between genetics and madness, Atheneum 2015; also a 2017 MG novel)
  • My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga (YA debut -16-year-old physics geek Aysel is obsessed with planning her own death... She makes a pact with an unlikely boy with the same goal, but as she starts falling for him, she starts to question her beliefs. Balzer + Bray, winter 2015)
  • Underneath Everything by Marcy Beller Paul (YA debut contemporary psychological thriller about two girls bound by an obsessive friendship, Balzer + Bray, fall 2015)
  • Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys) by Amy Spalding (YA - tells of a 17-year-old rocker girl and the boys in her life – a science nerd who's a secret Casanova, a music fiend from another town, and a guy so cute he can only be called "the crush." Poppy, spring 2015)
  • Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson's Super Stream of Ideas by Chris Barton & illustrated by Don Tate (picture book about the Tuskegee-educated inventor and NASA engineer whose knowledge of fluid dynamics led to the invention of the Super Soaker, Charlesbridge, spring 2016).
  • Woundabout written by Lev AC Rosen and illustrated by Ellis Rosen (MG - two orphaned siblings and their capybara are shipped off to live with a mysterious aunt in a town where time seems frozen, Little, Brown, spring 2015)
  • iPhone That Saved George Washington by David Potter (1st in MG series about a group of prep school kids who find themselves in 1776 America and have to stop the untimely murder of George Washington before he crosses the Delaware plus get home before their power runs out, Crown).
  • Frostborn by Lou Anders (first in MG fantasy adventure series called Thrones and Bones, inspired by Norse myth and folklore, Crown 2014)
  • The Alchemist's Son by John Claude Bemis (MG series that reimagines the Pinocchio story, Disney-Hyperion 2015)
  • The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy (debut YA thriller - a girl who vanished with her friend when they were both five was the only one who returned; years later, she recovers memories from that time amid a wave of creepy events, Simon & Schuster, summer 2015)
  • Big Whoop! by Maxine Lee (an imperturbable fox discovers the joys of friendship, POW!, May 2014)
  • Untitled by George Ancona (nonfiction picture book - children participating in different community service efforts, Candlewick 2015)

So cool! Sourcebooks is teaming up with Macmillan to add author-illustrator Nancy Tilman's 
picture book On the Night You Were Born to its digital platform (Put Me in the Story), which will allow parents to create a personalized edition of the book for their children. The things you can do with digital apps these days...

Publisher Egmont Press has partnered with hotel chain Jury's Inn to provide 10 titles children can borrow over the summer months. (!!!) That may be one of the coolest things I've seen a publisher do.

Harlequin is expanding its publishing programs with the launch of new digital first initiatives from Harlequin, Harlequin Teen, Harlequin Mira, and Harlequin HQN. <-- Yay for new original e-shorts! Are you a fan of them? Or do they fall under your hated price-y novella category?

Major Publishers are rejecting the Department of Justice's proposed injunction to Apple.

Have you heard? The Today Show is starting an Oprah-like Book Club. Here's to hoping some children's novels make it onto their list!

UK readers: Random House UK has set up a program called Bookmarks through which you'll fill out surveys that allow you to shape the publisher's books and win prizes.

You can vote for YALSA's Teens Top Reads of 2013 now. Have you decided which titles you'll choose?

And here's a preview for the Indie's Next List for children's titles in Autumn 2013.

More on the story behind The Lion and Unicorn, a 33 year old bookstore in the UK that is now being closed.

Did you know that there's a YA book loosely based off the musical Brigadoon? Well, you can read about it and read an excerpt here.

Throne of Glass
 fans: here's another extraThe Assassin and the Healer. Have you been reading these exclusive scenes?

Hey, Bloodlines fans! You can read the second chapter of The Fiery Heart here.

Gayle Forman fans, check out the excerpts for Just One Day and Just One Year here. (I'm so curious about the many settings JOY apparently has - Mexico? India? The Netherlands?)

And the first chapter of Origin was also released, Jennifer Armentrout fans.

For those curious about The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider: you can read the first chapter here.

Interview with Marie Lu and excerpt from Champion.

Curious about fall/winter 2014 titles? I interviewed the author for one here.

Er... did you know that Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi are engaged? o.O

Cover Reveals:

On Sound Ground by Michelle Kemper Brownlow
(Psst, if you're surprised about the new Brashares novel, here's an article with more info.)

Thank you to the various bloggers who mentioned PicMonkey on their TTTs yesterday! This was my first time using it, and it was so easy. And now the collage is so much prettier and more organized than those created by my Photoshop resizing and aligning attempts.

Also, if you're a fan of animated book covers... Look at this one for Asylum.

Discussions/Other Fun Blogger Posts

I Hate Strong Female Characters. Interesting article and argument--don't be thrown by the title.

The Reason Why Grown-Ups Love Young Adult - an essay by Marie Rutkoski. Asheley at Into the Hall of Books similarly affirms that she reads from all sections of the library, discussing her love for both adult and YA fiction.

The ladies at Readers Wonderland give some very helpful tips on how to survive a book buying ban. (It seems like I've been on one for ages o.O. But not really because I suck at them.)

Reem at I Read and Tell proves why she's awesome with a rant on diversity in YA.

Last week on Book Girls Don't Cry: They Vent, Jenni, Giselle, and Amy discuss how they write their reviews, while Trish at Between the Lines discusses her reviewing habits/system (pre, while, and post reading). Charlotte at Thoughts and Pens wants to know how you feel about authors rating and reviewing their own books, and Christina at A Reader of Fictions wants to know whether a book review can ever be objective. Do you write negative reviews? Ana at Anahera Reads wants to know your opinion on them. Also, if you're having a difficult time writing your reviews, Nikki at The Paper Sea advises you to PEE on your reviews.

For this week's BGDC post, Jenni wrote about her least favorite parts to blogging. One of mine would probably be my occasional fixation on stats, but Ashley at Nose Graze gives some great advice on how to improve your blog stats.

Mel at the Daily Prophecy discusses some things that tick her off as a reader. For Fly to the Sky at Read Books and Live Green, one item might be third person POVs, which don't work as well for her.

Eve at the Paper Sanctuary discusses arrogance and its gender connotations and misinterpretations.

Jen at The Starry Eyed Revue wants to know how you read while Katy C. at A Blighted One wants to know who influenced your reading habits, Megan at Book Brats talks about the real reader rules and Leigh at Little Book Star wonders whether you still read for pleasure, Lauren at Books, Tea, & Me wants to know about your reading quirks, and the ladies at YA Escape from Reality want to know whether blogging has changed the way you read books. 

For Stormy at Book.Blog.Bake, blogging has given her confidence. For Nara at Looking for the Panacea, blogging and reading more frequently mean that a lot of YA books fail to surprise her, and she wants to know what you think about predictability in books. Personally, blogging has made me read more, which in turn has made me more eager to write my own book. Asti at A Bookish Heart discusses the assertion that all readers secretly want to be writers.

For others, like Heather at Bunbury in the Stacks (guest post for Lauren at Love Is Not a Triangle), reading habits can change depending on whether the book is a part of a series or not. Jen from YA Romantics (guest post for Heather at the Flyleaf Review) discusses how to deal with drawn-out series.

Jasmine at Flip That Page discusses tragic endings.

Katie at Katie's Book Blog talks about her love/hate relationship with Goodreads.

Are you a cover snob? Gaby at Queen Ella Bee Reads discusses her cover preferences.

Ever heard of the Disappearing Parent Syndrome? Chiara at Delicate Eternity discusses some reasons for why it exists in YA lit.

CeCe at Steaming Mug of Books points out some strange bookish trends that seem to crop up frequently for no reason.

Movie/TV News:

Hey, Fallen fans, look: Luce and Daniel have been cast. News for Cam is coming soon.

If you have questions about the Vampire Academy adaptation, I'm sure they were answered in these interviews or the twitter transcript of the Q&A with Richelle Mead.

Sam Trammell (from True Blood) will play Hazel's father in The Fault in Our Stars movie adaptation.

YA author Kara Taylor is writing the script for an upcoming CW "dramedy."

Sorta Like a Rockstar by Matthew Quick is the next YA novel being adapted.

Hunger Games fans, the newest edition of Capitol Couture has been released.

So... Orson Scott Card is at it again. He compared President Obama to Hitler.

They released the trailer for The Book Thief!

Are you going to see the City of Bones movie adaptation? Cait's got an in-depth movie review here if you'd like more information first.


Celebrate with Judith from Paper Riot: her blog has turned 1-year-old. INT, ends August 31st.

The weekly giveaway at Children's Publishing. Ends August 23rd at 6:00 p.m.

Tor's August Grab Bag Sweepstakes. Ends August 31st.

The ladies at YA Highway are celebrating their fourth year blogging and are giving away a lot of fantastic prizes including ARCs and critiques. Congratulate them before midnight CST on August 23.

Jenni at Alluring Reads is giving away a copy of Altered by Gennifer Albin (August 24) as is Giselle at Xpresso Reads, in addition to a paperback copy of Crewel (August 22).


Most Featured Book: The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I'm totally bias, I know, but it feels like this book is everywhere (TBS was the first ever featured title for the Today Show Book Club). Crown of Midnight is everywhere too (over 1,000 ratings on Goodreads, and the book hasn't even been released yet). The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black is starting to pop up a bit, and so is The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell has been around for quite a bit too, though I haven't seen a mass of reviews all at once yet. Have you read any of these titles?

Recent Recommended Read: Angelfall by Susan Ee & Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. And of course, The Bone Season. I recently started discussing the novel with some other bloggers, and with all the hype surrounding the release date, well... I've taken to reread certain excerpts again o.O. The last book that got me this excited was Shadow and Bone.

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.

**Also, do you like the excerpts? Are they taking up too much space in the Publishing Industry section? Do you actually look at them?


  1. I'm not entirely a fan of novellas, but not a hater either. I guess it depends on a novella and the series. I don't read any separate novellas though, only the few which are a part of my favorite series and quite often not even them. They ARE quite pricey for such short stories. I also don't enjoy how sometimes you need to read one in order to continue the story. Makes no sense why it isn't included in a book then :S Still, that HQN news is awesome!

    Voted for the only two I've read--The Raven Boys and Pushing the Limits. I've also read Wake, but I didn't find it so strong so no vote for that one. I only voted for two. Which ones did you vote for?

    Hahahaha. I didn't know they were even dating (RR+TM) and I saw a tweet where he referred to her as his fiancé. It's cool though. Two well-known authors tying a knot.

    LOL so many excerpts/chapters released. I didn't read a single one though since as you know, haven't read The Indigo Spell, I aso haven't read Prodigy yet nor have I read Opal. I'll get to Opal when Origin is dispatched from TBD though:)

    Kissing in Italian seems like such a cute book. Which of the covers is your favorite?

    Happy with the casting of Luce and Daniel who are quite honestly a lot like Daniel and Luce as I imagined them. I'm not a fan of the series though. The first book was ok, the rest of them--........ I probably won't go and see the movie unless one of my friends purchases a DVD for whatever reason and I get to see it for free :(

  2. I look at everything, but that's just me >.> So do what you want with those excerpts!

    I do think My Heart and Other Black Holes sound interesting. Of course, I think that's just because anytime I hear something about death my ears perk up. I'm a bit of a weirdo I guess. But planning your own death and then finding someone else with the same goal? Interesting...

    And haha yes. Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi's engagement. It was ALL over Twitter. I'm happy for them!

  3. Rather like Asti, I read everything that interests me as well, so I think it's fine to leave them. If people don't want to read them, they'll just skim over them, so I don't think it's a problem :)

    OMG I'm so excited for the TFIOS movie! I really hope they stay true to the book...

    Ah! I loved The Bone Season! It was incredible! The world building was just so epic. And I loved Paige and Warden :')

  4. Your PicMonkey cover reveals image is so purty. Thanks for another epic round of links. :)

  5. Ooh, that Pinocchio adaptation sounds pretty interesting, might have to keep an eye out for it. I also loved the post from Asheley, I have really similar tastes and love to read something from almost every genre.

    Thanks so much for adding my link, I really appreciate it =)

  6. Lauren, Love is not a triangleAugust 21, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    Wow! This is an awesome post. I have no idea where to begin commenting on it, or how you managed to come up with all of this. But I love seeing these details in one place. I'm very wary of Throne of Glass/Crown of Midnight because of the LOVE TRIANGLE, but it seems like everyone is loving book 2 in the series. I'm still thinking I'll wait until we're further along in this 6 book series to jump in, because I can't handle drawn out triangles. Of course I couldn't stay away from The Bone Season and I've had so much fun discussing it with you too!

  7. I'm with Lauren: I'm reading, and I think of something I want to say in comments, but by the time I get to the end, I'm all wrapped up in something else.
    I am avoiding the chapter samples for Fiery Heart only because I know that I'll just be tortured that I can't keep reading.

  8. I've added some new books to my GR list, especially thanks for sharing The Alchemist's son. I'm a fairytale addict like you know, so the more retellings I collect, the better :D

    Trailer of the book thief *scared to watch it*

    And I'm going to take some time to look at all the discussion posts. I love those :D

  9. Me too. For all that I've said that I dislike them, I still own quite a few. I don't really read separate ones - they're not satisfying enough on their own unless they're a part of a series. And yes, it's terrible when they end up being crucial to understanding the story.

    I voted for a lot. Insurgent, Seraphina, The Raven Boys, Bitterblue, The False Prince, and Grave Mercy. I've read and enjoyed all of them sooo... I still need Pushing the Limits.

    It's nice. It reminds me of Justine Lavaworm and Scott Westerfeld being married. I was just shocked though because I'd never expected that to happen in my generation? I don't know lol. They seem like a cute couple.

    There were SO many. I know I'm also being picky about which excerpts are put in - I obviously can't keep track of all authors so I'm probably only promoting the excerpts from those who are already popular but yeah... The TIS excerpt was meh. PRODIGY - you read Prodigy, Siiri!!!

    I feel like I should say the Winner's Curse, but I'm going for The Here and Now. Even if it doesn't show me much about the book, I do love those colors and that pattern.

    I'm probably not going to see the Fallen movie either :/. I'm surprised that it's actually getting made into a movie just because I didn't think it was very plot-driven or movie-oriented.

  10. Heh, the part I like about My Heart and Other Black Holes is that the MC is a physics geek and that's included in the title. The death part frightens me a little just cause she starts to question everything when meeting that boy... so could end up becoming very romance oriented. But it is an interesting premise.

    Pfft. This is why I make the bookish rounds :P. So that when people say it was all over twitter, I'll hopefully have also heard about that event. Otherwise I live under a rock o.O. They seem like a cute couple though so woot! Hope it works out.

  11. Thanks, Jennifer :). I think I'm going to keep using PicMonkey for that reason!

  12. The Bone Season was the best! I am still in a daze from the book. The world is epic and makes me want to ask all the questions :D.

    I think John Green in a couple of interviews has said that he's fairly pleased with the movie, so I hope that that means they're staying true to the book :).

  13. Retellings can be so much fun :). I wish there had been a GR link up already so that I could have linked and you keep an eye out for it even now. Asheley's post was great! I was considering posting that motto somewhere around in here. And no problem!

  14. Hey, Lauren! Thank you :). There is definitely a lot of links to comment on and the bookish rounds posts do take awhile to create, but it's all in good fun :). Book two, Crown of Midnight, fixes the love triangle problem of the first. Even in the first book, though there is a love triangle, Celaena is mostly with one guy romantically. The other is there, but it's not a full blown triangle. Of course, even with CoM fixing the love triangle, she could very well choose to bring it back in the later books o.O. And thanks so much for including me on the discussion; so much fun :)!

  15. Truthfully, Jen, I'm not sure I want to keep reading those excerpts. Any excerpts of books in a series, actually. Books that I'm not sure about? Fine. But series books - I usually end up rereading that chapter/excerpt, so it feels like I'm just wasting time early on, and there's still that lingering sense of disappointment with excerpts. So yeah, the Fiery Heart teaser wasn't enough :P

  16. Yay!!! Sorry the GR link wasn't up when I wrote the post - just went back in and added the link for TAS. I hope the Pinnochio aspect works for you :D. (Also you totally just reminded me of Pokemon - collecting fairytale retellings :D).

    Oooh, I hope you liked the trailer! I still haven't read the book, but the movie looks both haunting and beautiful.

    And yay! Hope you enjoy :). Discussion posts are the best.

  17. Oh wow, what a great feature!! So much to read, thank you! But whaaa - Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi are engaged?? I didn't even know they were a couple. This blows my mind for some reason, haha. Also, I really need to read Angelfall!

  18. Will you get mad at me if I'm just entering all those giveaways? Haha. As for Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs, I kinda saw it coming but I wish there was a bigger announcement.

  19. I totally LOVE book excerpts! I'm actually heading over to check out your Just One Year and Fiery Heart links next:) Yay for these awesome posts:))

  20. Thanks, Aylee! So much to read and gather :). I didn't know they were a couple - just that they mentioned each other a lot. It blows my mind a bit too though I do think it's quite sweet. I hope you enjoy Angelfall when you get the chance to read it!

  21. Nope :). That's why they're there. And hey, you never know. There might be one when they're actually married.

  22. Thanks, Heather! I will keep including the book excerpts then. I loved the JOY excerpt, though the Fiery Heart one just makes me wish that I had the book now and thus feels kind of disappointing o.O.


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