Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Reading Habits and Red Flags in Books

I thought I'd take a break from Lush on Thursday this week and share my reading habits and bookish red flags with y'all. I'd love to hear about yours - maybe we share some? Maybe I'm not so weird? (Now, now, Christina. Don't kid yourself. That won't ever be true.)

How I Read:
  • I almost never have a bookmark next to me. A folded tissue serves as a good bookmark when needed, and if I'm all out, I dog-ear the page I'm on. I undo the dog-ear the next day, place a bit of pressure on the book, and it's as good as new :P.
  • I dog-ear a lot of passages. My favorite passages. Beautiful writing that struck me. Romantic scenes I want to revisit. Action scenes that are written well. Every once in a while I'll read a historical romance novel. My mom refuses to read YA lit, so those are the only ones we both read - and the ones I've lent her. She UNDOES my dog-ear pages! Grrrr.

  • If I'm really into a book, I can read with a lot of noise surrounding me. Sometimes the noise actually helps me concentrate more (in college, I always worked in the library cafe, which is by far the noisiest section). But if someone's trying to talk to me? Yeah, no. (If I'm not into a book, I'm easily distracted, but the noise still won't bother me.)
  • I am a total mood reader. I can read something according to pub date and get reviews done when needed but on a daily basis? I must want to read that genre, type of story, etc.. That's why I have such a large TBR list (if I can't read the book when I'm first enthusiastic about it... prolly not going to happen unless you recommend me the title via the linked feature). This is also why I still need to read Brother, Brother by Clay Carmichael and Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky for review purposes.
  • almost never keep ARCs. If it's a book I LOVED, I'm going to buy a finished copy for myself. If it's any other book, is there any reason not to share it? To give it away to someone else? If I don't do that, it'll just sit there on my shelf where no one will ever read it again. And what's the point of owning the book if I am never going to return to its beloved passages? (I also don't get very many physical ARCs, mind you, so shipping costs for this attitude are low.)
  • I have an equal number of shelves for my will-return-to-you-someday favorites and books that I have yet to read. Hey, I'm not that bad about buying a bunch of books that I'll never read. This fact is actually because I recently gave away a bunch of meh/like-but-not-love/unread-but-know-I-won't-love books so that I could give these TBR books some legitimate shelf space.

  • I am an unorganized reader. When people talk about taking notes or marking certain pages, I cringe a little. I'd like to say that I do that for review books, but I only recently realized that you can make notes on a text in Adobe Digital Editions. Unless something in the book really, really bothers or sticks out to me, I probably won't remember to make a note of it. But really, I also don't need to take notes. I don't know why, but I have a very good memory when it comes to how I felt about certain aspects in a book. I won't remember all the details or character names, but I will remember my thoughts on the pacing, plot, protagonist, etc.
  • I can't use my Kindle. So, er, my brother bought me a Kindle for Christmas, and I haven't used it once. E-readers like that make me feel uncomfortable. They just don't feel right in my hands. I read e-books on my computer instead. Most of the times I have my laptop with me anyway. What about when you're traveling, you might ask. You might say, Christina, you could take the Kindle with you on flights, on train rides, etc. Nope, I can't. I tend to get headaches if I try reading while in any vehicle that's moving. Someday in the future, I'm going to sell that Kindle or give it away.
  • I am an equal opportunity lender. One friend messed up the dust jackets on several of my books, and I was so upset that I vowed that I would never lend her another book. Nope. I still do. Also, if you and I have talked before and you want to borrow a book you know I have, just let me know and I'll send it on over. Why lending instead of buying? Well, I don't buy people books unless I'm absolutely sure that they'll love them. Usually this means I have to know the person's reading tastes quite well. There's an additional pressure to love that book if someone buys it for you versus if she lends you her copy. I don't like putting that pressure on someone else. 
  • I can read anywhere. I've been known to read in my room, in a cafe booth, in a Denny's... in any position or chair - on my stomach, flopped onto the couch, while I'm walking on the treadmill, etc. While I'm at home, I usually read while sitting in this rock-hard bean bag (seriously, if you see one being sold at Costco, do not buy--it may be cheaper, but so not worth it). That's mostly out of convenience - it's the largest "chair" that offers a footrest.
  • I don't remove dust jackets when lending or reading a book. I don't mind reading from mass market paperbacks with crinkled, messed up spines. I will stay up all night to finish reading a book. I usually read only one book at a time. Sometimes I eat while reading and sometimes that has led to stains in the margins. I would never do some of the above things (dog-ear a passage, etc.) with someone else's book. I only treat mine this way, but if you ever do lend me a book, be sure to tell me about your preferences... just in case.
  • Books that
    • perpetuate the mental illness stigma
    • have a douche-y love interest (arrogant, cruel, overly jealous without any compensating features, stalkerish, obsessive, etc.)
    • include slut-shamming or 
      • degrade women or 
      • deal with rape culture poorly
    • are researched poorly with regard to (neuro)science
    • have terrible messages with regard to science
    • feature a purposeless love triangle (even though I've written about how some LTs can be successful, more often than not, the drama just annoys me.)
    • feature insta!love
    • are copycats, the "YA Version of X and X" and with few fresh spins of their own (especially if I am a fan of X and X)
    • are nothing like the titles they've been compared to (by the publisher)
  • immediately raise red flags for me. Some of these bullet points more so than the others (LTs & insta!love aren't as bad in the scheme of things. Slut-shamming, truthfully, I don't always notice.). Depending on the intensity of my reaction or the magnitude of the perceived flaw, I will either DNF or rant/rage or include a small point in my review on the topic at hand. Regardless of the type of reaction, however, I will sometimes have to leave the book and reading world for awhile. Clear my head.

I was also going to write about my blogging habits, but I realized that this post was already kind of long. Another day then. So do we share any habits? Did I make you cringe with some of mine? What are your reading habits? Where do you read, what/who do you read with, how do you decide what to read, etc.? Are there some aspects in a book that immediately raise red flags for you?


  1. Lisa (Lost in Literature)August 22, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    Though I might have shivered a bit at the dog-earred pages, I love that you share your books. I tend to be greedy with mine, so I'm really working on that. You're absolutely right... there's no reason a book should sit on my shelf and collect dust when others could be reading it and enjoying it. I'm one of those insanely crazy people that keeps their books in absolutely perfect condition. No creases in the binding, covers or pages. My books all look brand new. I just love everything being so new and perfect looking. :) I know, weird. :P Great post! I really enjoyed it!

  2. Oh Christina, you're just a little bit weird, aren't you? haha.

    I used to dog ear my books all the time, so that doesn't bother me. I feel like the only reason I've stopped is because the book blogosphere hated on me for it, and I gave in to the peer pressure. But really, who cares?! It's not like these people see my books anyways, lol.

    I'm the opposite with noise. I need silence. I get SO easily distracted while reading, I'm not sure why. If there's background noise at all I get removed from the book and I hate it.

    I'm a bit of an unorganized reader as well. I rarely take notes, unless something sticks out to me. Of course, I do feel the need to write my reviews within 24 hours of finishing a book for that reason. I don't want to forget anything!

    Ooh, so is it just a basic Kindle? I'm thinking about getting a Kindle Paperwhite, so if it's one of those I'll totally buy it off you. But if it's just the basic Kindle probably not. Well, unless it's a good deal. \If you're serious about getting rid of it, email me! I can't read on my laptop. I've done it for novellas but that's it. It just bothers my eyes and I feel like I'm on my laptop too much anyways so rather get an e-reader. Yup yup.

    And I totally get your red flags. I'm not sure what mine are. I guess how reasonable a book is. Like, if I don't really believe a character at that age would act like that, it puts me off. Or the convenience factor of certain things happening in a book. I guess nothing too specific. >.>

  3. Jenny @ Supernatural SnarkAugust 22, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    My husband got me a Kindle fire back when it first came out and I have to admit I was rather underwhelmed with the gift initially. I wanted gift cards so I could buy actual books! I wanted books in my hands! And then I started using the Kindle. And it made me love it. I adore my Kindle now, and while I still will always choose a paper book over an ebook, I do love the convenience of it and I find I read faster when I can just slide the pages with a finger:)

    I'm a definite mood reader too, there are just certain books I can't pick up until I'm in the right mindset for them. I have to set aside dark books if I'm feeling more in the mood for light and fluffy, otherwise my opinion of the book suffers strictly because I didn't really want to read it in the first place. Fail:)

  4. It's funny how I cringe when people dog ear books. . . but I MARK in my books. Like, I write in books(in pencil, of course!). Which is probably more damaging in the long haul than dog earing. So I will not judge, but I may silently cringe.

    I don't even use bookmarks, typically. I only stop reading if I'm at a page that is a multiple of 25 or the end of a chapter, so I just memorize where I stopped. Sometimes, if I have something laying close to me, I'll use it as a bookmark. I've never felt the need for "real" bookmarks. I'm also an unorganized reader. Besides my annotations in the margins, I definitely don't take formal notes or remember quotations, though I do a little better if I'm reading on my kindle, actually, since all my notes/highlighting is held in once place.
    I can also read with a lot of noise around me! Honestly, if I'm absorbed in a book, I will block EVERYTHING else out, and I can read anywhere. I get easily distracted if I'm writing/working in public places(people watching!) but I consider it one of my strengths that I can have good concentration in places with large amounts of noise.

  5. I don't usually keep my ARCs either... I usually always try to do a giveaway. I can read anywhere too but I can't when the TV is on or people are in the room talking. I've taken to walking around my house with an ipod playlist full of instrumental music. lol In addition to my ipod I have to have a notebook with me because I like to write down quotes or random thoughts that I include in my review. I adore my Kindle but I have an issue with most mass market paperbacks because the font is TOO tiny. Drives me nuts.

  6. Wow, you and I share a lot of habits. I dog-ear like crazy and I have the same problem where I have a hard time reading a book unless I'm in the mood, even if I OMGLOVEDIT when I purchased it. So my TBR shelf is massive. (Also I have limited time, so if I'm going to spend hour, it'd better be good.) And my review TBR is longer than I'd like to admit. I actually love my Kindle but would prefer a hard copy. I also have many similar red flags, and I'd add: poor-little-me main characters (usually girls) whom everyone is obsessed with.

  7. I love reading posts like these--it does make me feel like ok--so there are others out there with strange reading habits too...

    I don't dog ear, i sticky note. Those little multi-colored sticky tabs? I tend to go REALLY overboard sometimes. Like my copy of The Sky is Everywhere and The Dream Thieves? Yeah--basically both books are nothing BUT sticky notes. Everyone jokes it would be easier to mark the passages that I DON'T like. But it does help me when I'm reviewing. And I leave the stickies on the book if it's my own copy. Call me sentimental.

    Also, if the book isn't my own and a copy I'm returning to someone or it's a touring ARC, I've stopped writing copious notes and transcribing fave passages (which are, of course, marked with a sticky notes) and instead snap a pic of the page then upload to my computer. Saves me LOADS of time. Lazy or industrious? I guess both:)

    I LOVE my Kindle so i differ there. And it's a good thing because I don't get a lot of HC's of ARCS, but i do get some great e-ARCS through NetGalley and Edelweiss:) I just have a plain old Kindle, but I wouldn't mind getting a Fire someday...

    I can't read in a car, it makes me feel car sick and I HATE that this is the case because there are so many times I wish I could be reading while riding shotgun. That's one thing I really wish I could change about myself.

    I'm a mood reader too. And my TBR is out of control. I'm good about reviewing most of the time--but if there is a book that I'm just dying to read, or if I start a series that's fully published and I am really into it, I'll shove that review book to the side and indulge myself when possible. I recently just did that with Lisa Kleypas' Travis' Books--read 1-3 back to back. My TBR is still there waiting, but I sure did enjoy reading those books:)

    So yeah--we have some similarities and some differences-- and NO, you are not the only one with reading quirks:)

  8. I'm a one book at a time reader, too, I don't see how people read multiple books at a time, I wouldn't be able to keep them straight. And it's difficult for me to stop reading a book if I really like it, so I will stay up as late as it takes to finish it. I do love my Kindle because of the back lighting, making the font size bigger when I'm getting tired, and having so many books with me all the time. But I love physical books and bookshelves filled with books, so I usually will buy the physical copy if I love it after I've read it on my Kindle. Those publishers love me! :) Fun post! ~Pam

  9. Oh Christina! We are such opposites when it comes to reading, but I think I remember that from your comments when we did a similar joint post on our blog, hah. You and Tonya could definitely own a library and read together.

    I think of these I only overlap with you in that I'm a mood reader as well. If I'm not in that mindset, I can't do it--which is bad if you're in a rut, as I've been for the past six weeks or so! Booooo.

    A lot of your red flags are the same as mine, though.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  10. #1.I don't use a lot of real bookmarks, either. Usually a scrap of paper, a convenient post-it, etc. will work. However my dad got me a lot of free bookmarks I've been trying to use more. (Most boring story, ever, Jessie.)

    #2. YOU'RE A DOG-EARER. YOU'RE A MONSTER No, just kidding. I know a lot of people do this, but I am obsessive over my books so I don't. Post-its and GR status help me remember passages I want to keep on hand.

    #4. I am a half mood reader. I have a wacky system. I read by pub date/expiration date for ARCs, but for my choice books, it's all mood. I have a stack next to my bed of books I really want to read, but half the time I'll go to my bookshelf and grab one that looks/sounds right.

    #5. I only keep ARCs that have been personalized/signed. I used to keep them like "I HAVE AN ARRRRCCC!!" but I buy the finished copies anyway.. and not even I have that much shelf space. I usually donate, send to friends, or give to my sister/her class.

    #6. Ooooh, I like your shelves! I also spy some favorites in there (Jellicoe! DoSaB! If I Stay! Pivot Point!) and some I need to read (Vampire Academy! And is that Psych Major Syndrome? I ask because I just started that today.)

    #7. Hey I never knew that about ADE! That's awesome. However, I am a note taker. It helps me remember what I want to say in a review. But different folks, different strokes.

    #9. You're so generous! I only lend to those I trust. I've been burned before.

    #11. I don't either! I keep those dust jackets onnnn! I'm just careful not to rip/stain them.

    This was a fun post!

  11. Hehehe. Do they really make you shiver? My English teacher was the worst about books, so I don't even feel like my dog-ear passages are that bad ;). But I can understand if you like to keep yours in perfect condition. I got upset the other day when I noticed that I'd left fingerprints all over one of my hardcover's dust jackets. Books are so much PRETTIER and NICER when treated with the kind of care that it sounds like you give them :).

    And ooh, hehe, don't mistake me for being selfless/non-greedy with my sharing; perhaps I have an ulterior motive... making my friends and the world read what I do NOW. :D.

  12. Let's be honest now, Asti. I'm not just "a little bit" weird ;).

    Lololol. Bloggers do tend to talk a lot about hating dog-earred books, but I don't even think dog-earring some pages is the worst you could. But yes--they won't see your books unless you take a pic of the evidence like I did :P. Also it made me super glad when you said you didn't care as much about dog-earred passages in one of your posts 'cause I was really worried about that with sending you Graceling. (Which I saw: you're reading. EEEE okay so maybe I'll reply to our email thread soon :P.)

    *shudders* sometimes silence can make me feel so pressured that it's distracting :P. My friends were like you, though. They often worked on the fourth floor of the library cause it was super quiet there and didn't understand how I could read in the cafe.

    I envy you for writing your reviews within 24 hours. You never lack the motivation to get the review up then.

    It's a standard Kindle, according to my brother, which sounds like you're not too into, but I'm serious about getting rid of it. After I finish commenting, I'll send you an email. :)

    Yeaaah. The convenience factor and selflessness in certain characters, especially YA ones. I was considering writing about that second topic too for the discussion post on your blog... o.O too many topics!

    Also, can I mention that you and I had arranged our discussion posts today in the exact same way? Both with bullets points, both with the main points bolded. It made me laugh a bit when I saw that.

  13. My brother also has a Kindle Fire and disdains my use of the computer / my love of physical books for similar reasons. It seems like most e-reader users find them super convenient - and I definitely wish I could read faster by using it. It's awesome that you can :).

    Dark vs. light and fluffy. I'd be interested in knowing how you separate them. It's just that sometimes I am in the mood for an all encompassing romance - but don't almost all YA books have? And if I'm in the mood for something more literary, do I turn to the dark dystopias? Eleanor and Park looks like it could be light and fluffy, but it's much denser than it seems.

  14. You cringe at dog-eared passages? Meh, pencils aren't as bad as pen or dog-eared passages probably in the scheme of things. You could actually erase the pencil fairly easily. Well, unless the book is printed on a special type of paper, but that's rare. Sometimes I, er, make the dog-ear bend too hard, and even when I remove, there's still a crease.

    "Real" bookmarks. *Sigh* I should just give away the stack that I have from years ago, from how little they get used. Ahhh, interesting, the Kindle helps you stay organized? I didn't realize that it could store some of your quotes. Really? A public place helps me slip more easily into the crowd. All that noise, I figure no one's paying attention to or watching me. Plus, with the book in hand, it's as you said: I block everything else out.

  15. Hmm, depends on what the people in the room are talking about. o.O. Instrumental music can definitely be soothing and/or inspiring to listen to while reading :). Some songs I immediately associate with books because I'd listened to them on repeat while reading. And oooh, I bet that notebook is full of goodies :).

    TRUE. Mass Market pbs have very small font--it's no wonder the spines get creased so much easier with them. We flatten so that we can SEE.

  16. Lol, yes. The OMGLOVEDIT when I purchased it is such a problem. Can't keep buying everything and letting them fall to the TBR o.O. Also, if you allot books an hour, you have way more self-restraint that I do.

    YES. Those kind of MCs bug me too! Usually I find them in the books that do some of the other things on my red flag list.

  17. The sticky notes must make the books so colorful! I had a few YA books like that because I was analyzing them for a paper in a class--and I probably would have been in the same situation as you, marking so many passages that it might have been better to not mark the ones I wanted. But oh well--ignore those who'd make fun of you for loving the book :P.

    HAHA I did that too! Snapping pictures of some passages. It takes so long to transcribe them--why not wait to do that until after you've finished reading and are writing the review? Perfect occasion for the photo if you ask me :).

    Me too! On e-arcs. Heh, I hope you get that Kindle Fire for Christmas :).

    Right!!! Reading in the car would be so great. My friends and I liked to do dramatic readings of some books, but I couldn't do it while we were driving :(.

    Lisa Kleypas! She's a fantastic author. Loved the Hathaway series. And I'm so with you on that - that was the Dream Thieves for me. Eventually I'd have had to read it, but the time I did it at was just not that appropriate o.O.

  18. It's not just keeping them straight - it's also feeling *invested*. Reading multiple books at once would ruin that for me o.O. So many special features on the kindle! I wouldn't have ever thought to use it like that, but it sounds so neat the way you put it :). And hahaaha, I've done the same. There are some books that I own the e-book, hardcover, and audiobook version. The pubs must be super pleased by that.

  19. Wendy!! I was actually looking at your blog's post while writing this :). I remembered that you three had such different quirks, and I wasn't sure that I'd remember all of mine. Plus, I just loved the way that you had organized the post. If I remember correctly, Tonya replied to me -- too bad that she didn't say anything about owning a library together ;).

    Booo!! I wish I could help with the rut. I totally get that way too. Sometimes writing helps? Or switching genres & demographics. I hope that you'll get to read something awesome soon!

  20. If you want more bookmarks, let me know :D. I've got a bunch too and ooooh, I'm going to say it - they might be better than the ones your dad gave you. dun dun dun.

    This made me laugh. hardcore. You get many brownie points for the Gingerbread Man Tube. If I used GR more often, that could help, but I also don't like to interrupt myself while reading o.O. I should keep post-its next to me though - that could work... or it might end up being like the bookmark bit.

    Yess!! I remember your system from one of your posts. It was awesome to see that stack of books - I used to have a stack like that that I'd choose from but more often than not, the stack stayed the same height or just grew! Could never keep up with it, so I definitely admire that that works for you.

    Hehe, I was nervous about showing my shelves - wondering whether I ought to rearrange what was there. Do you want to borrow the Vampire Academy series? And yes, that is Psych Major Syndrome. I kept it because I loved the humor! I would love to discuss PMS when you're finished with it :D. And also also yessss, If I Stay, Jellicoe, & DoSaB are among my favorites too :D.

    Wellll, Jessie, your reviews are always so beautifully written and not meandering so if notes help, definitely use em :). I'll encourage you all the way!

    I've totally been burned--especially in regard to those dust jackets (a friend got water stains all over one and managed to rip the bottom of another). But I suppose I just love the books so much that I really, really want my friend(s) to read them anyway.

  21. I rarely receive swag thanks to living in one of the smallest European countries, but I do have some. I don't use them for reading though. I have used some of them, but I never use the signed ones. I do use bookmarks--the ones I receive from TBD since I almost always order my books from there. Free shipping FTW!!!! :) I cringe at dog-earing pages. Sometimes the library ones are dog-eared and they.. make my heart hurt lol.

    Noise doesn't bother me unless the book is boring just as with you. I'm a mood reader as well. Sometimes I can't even start a book even if it's an arc. I NEED to be in the mood.

    I have about 110 paperbacks/hardcovers in total that I have purchased throughout the past year as I started to buy books on my own in last May. I have about 40 unread and most of them are unread because I'm afraid to start the sequel or finish a series or the next book comes out next year etc so I'm afraid to start this particular series (Shadow and Bone, Throne of Glass, Angelfall etc). My personal quirck is the US paperback version which I've already talked about--softer spine, bigger font, easier to read and cheaper than UK version. Only problem is, it comes out about 8-12 months after the HC version so I read all books a year later -.- and sometimes my interest-enthusiasm has gone away throughout that time.. :(

    I read on my computer before, but now I can't get enough of my kindle. I used to be against e-readers, they felt so wrong, but then everyone had them and my local bookstore had plenty. I knew I wanted a kindle (or a kobo). I looked up so many youtube reviews and comparisons, I weighed all the plusses and minuses and when I finally saw that Kindle Paperwhite was available (only 6 exemplares.. there hadn't been a single one for months here) I immediately e-mailed Jenny (Supernatural Snark), Giselle and Jenni and asked them about their experiences and advice. They were all awesome and supportive and I got a kindle. It's the best purchase of the year! I had no idea reading could be so easy and fun and it really is like reading on paper--I have no regrets so far.

    I lend a lot of my books to friends and most of them to my mom. Sometimes she enjoyes them--Easy by Tammara Ebber or Lux series by JLA, other times she doesn't get them--Walking Disaster, Daughter of Smoke and Bone. She's a big VA fan though;) She didn't enjoy Hunger Games at all :(((((--too violent and makes no sense whatsoever lol :D She's reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover right now:)

    If a book has a love tirangle--I'm hesitant to go in, I don't usually read a book without romance though. I had one thing why I won't pick a book up.. but I can't remember the point, I'm writing this comment while at work and I've written this comment throughout the past hour. lol.. multitasking :D Oh I remember! Religious books--I don't read them. I will read Stealing Parker since I loved Catching Jordan, but I don't like religion in books unless it's mythology which is a totally different case in my eyes. So that means you won't ever pick up Covenant series by JLA? The first two books (even the third) are basically VA re-tellings. Has a unique spin, but they're so alike in their fundament that I can't ever give them more than 4 stars. Me and Nick discussed her books sometime ago and came to a conclusion that she doesn't have very unique ideas, but rather a strong writing which has started to bore us a little since it's always the same.

  22. Dog-earing? Let me hide now and feel sorry for all those books. (This is totally not me at all.) As for ARCs, if I ever get any, I would most likely hoard them. :D

    I use this pretty little bookmark I've had ever since I was a small kid, with this pressed flower on it. I can't really bear to take the prettiness out into the world, so it stays pressed into books at home. Other than that, I use pieces of scratch paper to mark my places in books. Currently, I'm even using a load prepaid card. XD

  23. We're definitely very different in our reading habits, I used to dog ear my books but now I can't even bear to do it. I like to keep my books pristine and good as new! Reading with noise around me isn't too big of a problem because I usually read while reading music but if it's incredibly noisy, it's hard to get into the book but once I'm in the zone, I hear nothing haha.

    I don't get a lot of ARCs so I keep all that I receive for sentimental purposes but if I love them a lot, I'll also get a finished copy. I can never see myself taking notes for a book though I admire those who do, most I can do is just stick a post-it on a page near the quote which I liked. I can get not being able to read on a Kindle, I have one and I love it but reading ebooks is still very strange and different and hard to get used to.

    So envious you can read anywhere! I can read ebooks anywhere but for physical books, I can only read them at home where I feel most comfortable. I guess a part of the reason is that when I'm outside, there's people and so there's never really an opportunity to read because I'm usually talking to others and stuff like that. But even if an opportunity arises, it just feels weird to read a physical book outside of home.

    It was really interesting reading up your reading habits! Some I've never heard a blogger would have haha but it just shows how diverse everyone is and it's one of the best things about the book blogging community :)

  24. Lol, sorry 'bout the dog-ear ness - that definitely should not happen with library copies. Ooh, I didn't even realize swag giveaways would be limited too. Do you want me to send you the bookmarks I have? They're for books pubbed maybe one, two years ago but still nice, if you'd like.

    Me too! S'why I need to get pickier with which ARCs I'll request for review.

    AHH I MAY BE A DOG-EARER BUT YOU ARE A SERIES UNFINISHER *gasp*.I wish I could convince you to go through some of those books. Like Angelfall. The cover reveal and an excerpt from the sequel goes live on Monday on EW, but youuu haven't read the first yet. Yeah, UK pbs are so small, like US mass market pbs, and I can't imagine reading only those just because those get ruined the easiest of all books. 40 is still a pretty decent number for a TBR - not SUPER high, but not SUPER low either. There's always something there, eh?

    Woot! Woot! So very nice of them to email you back about their experiences :D. And look at you, what a well-researched buy. I'm glad it all worked out for you! The Kindle Paperwhite did look pretty nice.

    HAHAH I bet our moms would get along so well, Siiri. My mom doesn't read YA because she considers it ridiculous, but even better, she's an anti-fantasy/sci-fiction/anything that's not "normal." She said the same thing about THG when she saw the movie ("Stupid") and probably would not get the appeal of Daughter of Smoke and Bone either.

    True. I won't not read a book because it lacks romance, but my favorites all have varying degrees of it. Religious themes! Ah yes. I'd probably agree with you on that. That's why I wasn't as huge a fan of Girl of Fire and Thorns, after all. I probably won't pick up that series because I'm not sure the kind of stories she tells are for me - the Lux books, or what I read of them, felt very meh to me personally, and you already saw my reaction to Wait for You. She's definitely got strong writing - she's been very, very successful. How many books now since she started? ~10? Something like that. And quite the fan favorite, too.

  25. :P Sometimes, Shannelle, a book likes to be shown some love. And my books are very well loved. Oooh, that bookmark sounds very pretty :). It's even more awesome that you've had it since you were young! I might've lost it in my younger years. Hehehe I've used an insurance card as a bookmark - us and our cards :D.

  26. Maybe I'll get to that day too - with the number of passages I dog-ear, sometimes it's not even that useful to do it o.O. In the zone! Nice :). I love that phrase to describe the awesomeness of slipping into another world.

    Ooh, I do have a few for sentimental purposes. Like Pivot Point, since I'd won it in a giveaway from an awesome blogger; Enthralled, since Ally Condie had so kindly sent me that. I've heard a lot about sticking post-it notes in! That's something I might try out soon :D. And ha, thanks! I feel quite weird for my attitude towards the Kindle, so it's nice to know some people do understand.

    Hmm, well, I'd say it depends on the physical book and whether I have the means to hide what exactly I'm reading. If it's a crowded place, and I've got a bodice ripper, I'm going to move to some isolated corner to read. But anything else, I'm totally fine with. Do the people make you feel pressured with regard to the physical book or do you just not trust them to keep your books nice and pristine :D.?

  27. My favorite place to read is in a public place. I just can't seem to read at home.

    I love your comment about book marks. I have used other books, clothing tags, a straw, a candy wrapper and my mail.

  28. Home can be so distracting! And haha, me too on mail and other books. No candy wrappers - but one time even a random pen and a bill that I still needed to pay o.O.

  29. I have to have a bookmark of some sort or else I go crazy because I can't bend the page. It drives me nuts! I cringe when I accidentally bend a page to point where I almost justify buying a new copy (which is insane since I'm broke as hell, lol!)

    I can pretty much read anywhere too except during family parties or when I'm home and every single family member is home too. I know, it's totally rude to be reading at parties, but honestly the party is boring as hell. I attempt to read, but people try to talk to me, ask what I'm reading and then I just can't concentrate. It's worse when I'm totally in the zone too and someone just shatters it (this happens at home every 30 minutes!)

    I have to take notes if I'm reviewing because sometimes I read multiple books and they start to blend. There's a downside to this though: I end up reading slow as hell.

    I don't get physical ARCs from pubs. I usually win them or trade them. If I end up loving it, I definitely buy a finished copy. However, sometimes I keep the ARC if I can't buy a finished copy straight away because of money issues, but I do give them away when I have a final copy. I also keep the ARC if it's personalized to me.

    Oh and you mention you can't read while the vehicle is moving! This I can do! I find that I get most of my reading down when I'm in the passenger seat. My bf can't do it either. He gets headaches :(

    Anyway, this comment is super long! But, I really enjoyed this post on your reading habits! It was very interesting! I totally wish I could dog-ear my books. It will save m the time from putting a post-it note! Hah! Love this post! You always write the most interesting/fascinating posts, Christina!! <3

  30. Sarah (Escaping Through Books)August 25, 2013 at 4:47 AM

    I love learning about other people's reading habits!

    For me, I always have to have a bookmark. I carefully select a bookmark that "matches" the book before I start reading it. Nothing makes me happier than having a bookmark that goes with the book--I love when I get bookmarks from authors at book signings for their books. I collect bookmarks as much as I collect books!

    I also never keep ARCs. I know that the author does not make any money off of it, so I kind of see it as my duty to buy a finished copy if I enjoy the book to ensure that the author can continue writing more great books. Plus, there's nothing better than a hardcover, in my mind. I have trouble lending out my hardcovers (especially if they are signed) but I don't flinch at lending ARCs to strangers. I feel like physical ARCs were meant to be shared because they cost so much for the publisher to produce, so I want their marketing money to go as far as possible.

    My biggest reading quirk (which is also a somewhat expensive habit) is that I like to have books in multiple formats. For example, I often buy the hardcover, the Kindle book, and the Audible audiobook of the same title. That way, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I don't have to stop reading the story!

  31. Dog-ears *shivers* I love my e-reader. It's so easy when traveling and it's light and pretty <3 But I also know what you mean by 'it doesn't feel right.' It's still not the same as holding a book. I can read anywhere as well. When I open a book, it's like I flip a switch in my head and I go into 'book mode' haha.

  32. YES! I never have a bookmark near me (even though I think I have 3 in my drawer...maybe). I usually stop at a good number such as chapter 5, 10, 15, and so on and try to remember or just grab a tissue, gum wrapper, or earbuds to keep my spot.

    I'm also a mood reader, which can be very annoying. I started reading one book, but because I wasn't in the mood for it, I couldn't get past the 3rd chapter. I went ahead with what I was in the mood for and then later, went back to it and loved it! I don't like being boxed in.

    Great points!

  33. Terri @ Starlight Book ReviewsAugust 26, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    It's so funny to compare reading habits because we're all so different! I actually like how "loved" your books are - it adds to the familiarity when you crack open an old favorite and the parts you liked best are dog-eared or marked. That said, I read mostly e-books now so digital highlights have taken the place of folded down corners. I do take notes, too, just because I have TERRIBLE short-term memory. I'm impressed that you are able to read and write great reviews without making notes!

  34. Lol oooh wow, then you must have wanted to reform my books when you saw the picture o.O. Maybe I should just send you my bookmarks since I don't use them...

    Family parties! How I wish I could read during them sometimes. And when I'm home, and most of the family is too, I, er, tend to go up to "my den," as my parents call it. There's no other way! They all will talk to you or make faces at the book you're reading o.O.

    Yeah, Jessirae. I'm so fascinated by how many books you read - i'm surprised you say you read slow. It's like every time I sign onto GR, there are like two or three new reviews from you :).

    Yeaaah. Money issues. I'm terrible at saving my money when it comes to book buying. I've said that I'm on a book buying ban and I don't have a whole lot of income coming in and yet???

    Lucky you!! I wish I could read while in the car. Would have made trips so much more interesting :P. I always fall asleep instead.

    I love long comments! Thanks, Jessirae :). I will have to send you some post-its or bookmarks sometime!

  35. Right?

    Oooh. Want some book marks then? I have... Auracle, Shine, Innocent Darkness, Simone Elkeles, The Replacement, and an Of Poseidon bookmark. I don't use them, but if you own those books and want one, just let me know :D.

    It depends on the book. I do understand what you mean by duty to buy the finished copy, but there are some ARCs that I just don't feel strongly enough about - even after an eARC expires. Right??? Me too on sharing physical ARCs. That's where the duty comes in for me - I hate holding onto them unless I've won one that was released like a year ago, and it just becomes my pb copy (Pivot Point, Assassin's Curse). Other than that, it's like I always think about how much it cost to make, how I should be promoting this, how I could do just that by sharing the ARC.

    Hehe, that's the best too because if you lend out that title, you'll always be able to read it in another format :).

  36. Lol. It's so funny how many bloggers shiver at the idea of dog-earring a book. It's not the same as a holding a book, but also I've just gotten use to the weight of my laptop - so anything in between feels funny. And book mode is the best!!

  37. lol. I just listed the ones I have for another blogger. I guess I have 6, though I thought I had more somewhere else... maybe they're in the drawer too :P. You can stop at a good number for a chapter? I have such bad bookish habits when it comes to stopping in a book.

    Right?? Kind of what's going to happen with me and the 5th Wave. I agreed to a read-along, then just couldn't get into the book when time came along. Maybe I'll be like you and end up liking the book when I return to it later.

  38. YESSS, so glad you understand Terri! I would never do that to someone else's book, but I LOVE showing that I LOVE those books. That is probably my one nitpick about reading on the computer/reading e-books - even with digital highlights, there's no equivalent way of doing that.

    Well, I end up writing reviews without using a lot of quotes because I don't take notes. You tell me what's better :P.

  39. Terri @ Starlight Book ReviewsAugust 26, 2013 at 4:09 PM

    What's better? Whatever you want! Personally, I only use quotes when they stick out to me, not as a general rule. I take notes because of names, locations, and just really, really awful short-term memory. I'm basically that fish from Finding Nemo.

  40. Sarah (Escaping Through Books)August 26, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    You are so, so sweet, Christina! I would LOVE to have bookmarks for The Replacement and Of Poseidon. I have one for Of Triton that I won in a giveaway, so you just made me super excited that I can now have bookmarks for both of the books in that series.

    I wouldn't buy a finished copy of a book I read in ARC format if I felt "meh" about it because I do have to be very wary of my shelf space (that is decreasing more and more by the day). However, if it's by a favorite author or for a book that I loved, then I will definitely buy it because I want the author to be able to continue writing. Anything by Richelle Mead is an auto-buy, for example. I had an e-galley of Gameboard of the Gods, but still bought the massive hardcover!

  41. haha you totally made me cringe! I'm shamefully insane when it comes to keeping my books pristine. To the point of actually taking a book out from the library to read it even though I own a copy (because I don't want to mess up my copy). I rarely ever lend my books because I've been burned by too many cracked spines and dog eared pages in the past. I lent one of my favorite series to a "friend" who returned them all with horribly cracked spines (like, can hardly even read the titles anymore the spines are so cracked) and I had to re-buy the whole series. If there's a book now that I love enough and think I'll want to lend then I'll buy a second "lending" copy that I'll allow to get messed up (without cringing *too* much).

    I don't take notes when reading either. To me that makes reading seem like so much work. I'm a mood reader too and I hate forcing myself to read a review book when I'm just not in the mood for it.

    This was fun to read! Even if your picture/descriptions are still making me cringe a little! :P

  42. Kk, can you send me an email reminder? I am about to fall asleep - I should be asleep right now - but having an email in my inbox about the bookmarks would be good.

    Oh, yeah, and how did Crown of Midnight go? Did you get your copy yet? What do you think of it :D? And erm, I'm not hallucinating now, right? That was one of the favorites we'd discussed or I'd seen on your blog... ?

  43. If you're a character in Finding Nemo, you're already awesome regardless of what you do for your reviews :).

  44. Hehehe. If I ever got to meet you, I'd buy you glass cases for your books or gloves or something that could help. Or lol, I'd make sure I'd handled them with gloves and never shoved them inside a bag... o.O Actually maybe it's just a good idea for me to avoid ever handling your books. I can't see anything good coming of that even in an hypothetical situation. I don't trust myself to not mess up your copies.

    I can understand why lending books might not always lead to the best of situations with friends (why, why, friends? Why must you get water damage on our dust jackets and dog-ear our passages and crack our book spines? Why don't you feel paranoid about keeping your friend's books pristine?). A second lending copy - now that's smart. Usually I end up buying copies in different formats while I've lent the book out and the other person still hasn't returned - but often you can't lend the e-book so o.O.

    Yeah! I actually need to force myself to read some review books soon, so yeugh--I wish we both had a solution for that. And ha, I'm sorry my pictures made you cringe :O!

  45. I feel terrible! I haven't been by in soooo long. :( But I'm making up for it today.

    It's funny just how different other readers can be, isn't it? I mean, I'm the complete opposite of you, except that I'm a total mood reader, too. Even if I don't always cave to those moods, lol. I always use a bookmark. I RARELY dog-ear a page. I love my Kindle ALMOST as much as my physical books. I love to share books, but at the same time, I also love to collect them, which is why my home office is quickly becoming a home library. ;) I'm a terribly organized reader, with calendars and lists and schedules, though I have pretty much stopped taking notes, only using my highlight feature on my Kindle or sticky notes to mark favorite passages.

    And yet, you're one of my favorite people to discuss books with. ;) Great post!

  46. I need to make it up! I will be visiting either tonight or tomorrow.

    You should cave into the moods! Makes for choosing the truly pleasing reads :). Want my bookmarks? Sounds like you'd put them to better use than me! And I'm weird about the Kindle thing, I know that for sure. I'm still a collector of books, but i can't deal if it gets crowded which it sounds like yours is starting to be :). But I'm starting to be more organized! Look at that calendar in my sidebar hahaha. You're still marking more quotes than me though. Only time I do now is if I'm having a really hard or good time with the novel.


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