Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (11)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent YA book-related news. I'll post about articles I've read from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. For more information, visit the first CMtBR post.

Publishing Industry:

These are the same books from last week because PW had gotten its rights report up earlier than usual:
  • The Whodunit Detective Agency by Martin Widmark (Internationally bestselling Swedish mystery series - Widmark as "the children’s Agatha Christie," Grosset & Dunlap, August 2014)
  • Apocalypse Already by Tommy Wallach (YA debut -  the lives of four teens intersect and overlap several weeks before a meteor is set to pass through Earth’s orbit – with a 66.6% chance of striking and destroying all life on the planet, Simon & Schuster, spring 2015)
  • Untitled by Huntley Fitzpatrick (sequel to My Life Next Door + another contemporary teen romance, Dial) 
  • Valiant by Sarah McGuire (Debut - a reimagining of the Brothers Grimm's "The Brave Little Tailor," Egmont).
  • Breaking Sky by Cori McCarthy (YA - Set in a dystopic future in the build-up to World War III, the story is about a daredevil young pilot tasked with testing a prototype jet designed to knock enemy drones out of the sky, only to find herself flying dangerous missions alongside a boy who stirs up buried feelings, which could endanger them both, Sourcebooks, fall 2014)
  • Ensnared by A.G. Howard (third title in series fictional retelling of Alice in Wonderland, Abrams, January 2015)

Sounds like Disney-Hyperion is very excited about Hook's Revenge. GR link here.

Want a sneak peak into Allegiant? Very, very short quote blurb here.

JK Rowling reveals which character in HP it was hardest for her to leave. AND I AGREE. I SO, SO AGREE. Oh, and here's another article talking about the difficulties for new authors via analysis of the Rowling-name-reveal incident.

Do you want to be a part of the YABC team? They're looking for editors!

Not a lot of links here this week, I'm afraid. Lots and lots of linkage in the discussions section though. And a lot of cover reveals. Mundie Mons posted about some recent book trailers, if you're interested - Teardrop, Just Like Fate, and The Fall of Five.

Cover Reveals:

(*I am still trying to figure out PicMonkey. It wouldn't let me add another column onto this collage, so I had to skip some cover reveals and put series together. Any advice? Is there truly a limit to the # I can post?)
(Not pictured--I ran out of space)

Okay, either I missed a lot of cover reveals last week, or there's been a steady rise in cover reveals and all that self-pub / NA jazz. Or both, you know.

Also: if you're posting a cover reveal, please mark that it's NA or YA. I know that may sound stupid given that I could just read the synopses, but sometimes, especially with NA, I honestly don't know whether a book is still considered NA/YA. Plus, it makes things easier at a glance.

Discussions/Other Fun Blogger Posts:

***If I missed your discussion this week, sorry! I am tired and super behind on other things in my life, so I have to take a bit of a break somewhere, and these posts take so long o.O. I might not post anything tomorrow just so that I can catch up, and even then that might not work...

Why I love Vampire Elena.

What makes a book opening work for you?

What's the right price of an e-book for you?

So you remember that controversy over the Goodreads shelves last week? Here's a break-down of what actually happened with the Lauren Pippa/Howard situation.

I honestly debated whether or not to include this link but decided, in the end, that staying informed might be the best option. This is the blog post that caused a lot of author/blogger drama yesterday. Bloggers--I am going to direct you to Ashleigh Paige's tweet. <3

What carries the Darkness? -- Margaret Atwood on Monsters and Twilight.

OMG A LEGO LIBRARY. Dying of the awesomeness.

Top ten books you're ashamed to have read. This makes me sad. I had a discussion post in mind for tomorrow, but I think that I am going to own what I've read (great post on this at Respiring Thoughts) instead. Also, what? The Hunger Games? People are ashamed to have read the books?

What makes a book cover gender neutral?

Kick-ass heroines in "Hunger Games" and "Divergent" prove that women are taking over the male-dominated SFF genre.

Here's why John Green's "Fault in Our Stars" will be the best movie ever, YA or otherwise.

Reem at I Read and Tell hosts a bookish version of Would You Rather?

Asti at A Bookish Heart shares her book blogging manifesto.

Alise at Readers in Wonderland has created a list of book bloggers who always comment back. This is one of the discussion points in the post that Leanna at Daisy Chain Book Reviews has about whether book blogging has fallen out of fashion. And time--there's always the issue of time it takes to be a book blogger. Ivy at Ivy Book Bindings wants to know how you manage your time.

Lisa at Read.Breathe.Relax discusses when bad covers happen to good books.

As usual, Ashley at Nose Graze has some great blogging advice: this time on organizing WordPress images, auto-approving comments, and logging in on WordPress blogs. Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer also has advice on how to move to WordPress.

Charlotte at Thoughts and Pens wants to know why publishers lie when they send rejection letters from Netgalley.

Octavia at Read Sleep Repeat wants to know when you decide to take a blogging hiatus. Shannelle at The Tracery of Ink wants to know how you take a blogging hiatus.

Asheley at Into the Hall of Books wants to know how loyal you are to auto-buy authors and voice actors - and whether you're loyal to both. Helen at My Novel Opinion wants to know whether you've caved and bought an e-reader or if you're still loyal to the physical book.

Jen at the Starry Eyed Revue discusses book blurbs.

Melissa at I Swim for Oceans wants to know about your favorite inspirational characters. Perhaps they inspired you or a loved one to read more? Stormy at Book.Blog.Bake guest posts on Books Tea & Me for Lauren and discusses how she became a reader. Meanwhile, he ladies at Midnight Garden want to know where you get your booksGaby at Queen Ella Bee Reads wants to know how reading more affects your reading experience, and Rainy Day Ramblings wants to know which books you're tired of reading. Katy at A Blighted One also guest posts on Books Tea & Me and discusses reasons why you might cry while reading a book and the books that seem especially sad.

If you really like discussion posts, Christine at Oh, Chrys! has a weekly feature called Let's Discuss where bloggers can come link their discussions.

And now I am going to do something lazy and link you to Asti of A Bookish Heart's recap post. Honestly, I generally check there to see which posts I missed when scanning my Feedly, so you'll find a lot of the same material that you would have found here. Well, that's what I'm telling myself. That and that y'all would be okay with me getting some sleep lol.

Movies/TV Shows:

Here's a summary of some upcoming TV shows based on books. Not all of them are YA, but you'll find some familiar titles like The 100.

There's no Maze Runner trailer yet because of this. Here's an interview with the cast if you're interested.

Oooh, look at the new poster for How I Live Now starring Saoirse Ronan.

Here's a nice interview with the director of the Vampire Academy adaptation. And another with the actor playing Christian. And Zoey Deutch in costume on the set.

Oh, hey, look at the hot new professor on the next season of The Vampire Diaries.

From what I can tell, there's not a whole lot of news this week. Well, related to YA Movies/TV Shows. Did you see the cast for 50 Shades? Do you care? BUT DID YOU SEE THAT TRUE BLOOD IS ENDING AFTER NEXT SEASON? I want Eric/Sookie again o.O.


The weekly giveaway at Children's Publishing. Ends September 6th at 6:00 p.m. And here's one with Two Boys Kissing.

Various NA giveaways: That One Summer by CJ Duggan (Sept. 19); Remembering Joy by Jenni Moen (September 5th).
What Goes Around by Courtney Summers (September 10) and also here (September 7).
Ashley at Nose Graze hosted Jessica Verdi who talked about supportive parents in YA and is giving away a copy of My Life After Now. (September 31)


Most Featured BookThe Transfer: A Divergent Story by Veronica Roth. It's Veronica Roth. She's everywhere. Her and Fangirl. Have you read either of them?

Recent Recommended Reads: You can read my review of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell--definitely recommended--and my review of The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg--recommended for younger teens/tweens. Also, wooow. Last night I saw Wendy Darling's review of Unteachable by Leah Raeder and then read the excerpt on Amazon and and and if it weren't for that pesky voice in my mind reminding me of the fact that I needed to write this post, well, I'd still be reading that book. GORGEOUS writing. Definitely a questionable topic, but Wendy said everything you need to know in her review. (Hee, I'm already 20% in and LOVING IT in case you didn't realize.).

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.


  1. Huh, is it just me or are there too many book titles that have the word 'sky' in them?

    Ooo Hook's Revenge sounds interesting, despite having never been a big fan of Peter Pan. Will keep my eyes out for that next year!

    Ugh the whole drama about Goodreads and that blog post. Such a mess.

    I really really really want to read Fangirl. It seems to be popping up everywhere! At least I only have to wait a week now. It's gonna be a looong week...

    And yeah, definitely understandable that you want to get some sleep rather than writing up all the discussion posts! I'm sure everyone else will agree too :)

  3. Christina, every week your roundup of interesting news and links amazes me. Thanks so much for taking the time to file, organize, and write a teeny bit of commentary on each!

    It was extremely frustrating to see what happened yesterday as well. And unfortunately, it has led to both Steph and Blythe taking an indefinite break from blogging, which is such a shame. :( I wish these situations didn't keep popping up.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. Oooh, the drama was full on yesterday, wasn't it? Glad I was off twitter when it happened because it was soo overwhelming. It just feels like some authors don't learn from their mistakes, you know? It was so unnecessary, and I was sad to hear some bloggers thinking about quitting because of it.

  5. There are multiple characters from HP that were hard for me to leave, but I do agree with the one she chose. I bawled like a baby during that bit. It just wasn't right. :(

    Boo on the drama. Each time it happens I have a harder time keeping quiet but there really is no point in saying anything. Everyone has it in their mind that they are right and it only gets worse. Bleh.

    Oooh lego library! So awesome :D

    Haha. I'm totally okay with you linking my recap. I mainly focus on discussions and that can be hard work as it is! I can't imagine linking to all this other stuff as well. You're crazy!!

  6. I'm liking the new professor addition on The Vampire Diaries. Should be interesting! ~Pam

  7. That lego library is so awesome! We have one lego piece that's a book that came with our Harry Potter lego set. My boys fight over it all of the time. :) Thanks again for all of the book news!

  8. Great wrap-up as usual.. always leave feeling so much more informed. :D Definitely need to get my hands on Unteachable!

  9. Woah Christina there's so much going on that I wasn't even aware of! You've totally made my day with the news of a sequel to My Life Next Door because I absolutely loved that book. Also how many pretty cover reveals have there been? I am defintiely going over to Goodreads right now to check them all out. Thank you for keeping me in the loop with everything!

  10. There are a few :). Let the Sky Fall. Sky Chasers. The one above. Those are the ones that immediately come to my sleep-deprived mind.

    Not a fan of Peter Pan :O? I've never read PP, so I can't really comment except to ask why not?

    Yeah. My plan was to go leave a bunch of comments everywhere to spread the bloggerly love. Still need to do that. Drama is still ongoing, which is just BLAH.

  11. Yes! Not a long wait for Fangirl :). I hope you enjoy it!

    Yeah. Again, nearly 6a.m. I really do need to plan out my days better, especially when it comes to compiling the bookish rounds links...

  12. Thank you, Wendy :). I try to leave some commentary just so that it's not hugely full of links, you know? And yeah, I saw that about Steph and Blythe and the indefinite breaks and it makes me feel very sad. I read your interview with Dan Krokos on the GR debacle of last year, and I'm still trying to process what could be done differently for the atmosphere. Is there a space for authors beside readers or will situations like this keep popping up?

  13. I know. I was hoping to go around and leave some comment love or general love to those bloggers. I popped up on Twitter every now and then, but everything was just so overwhelming, bleh.

  14. Right? I also like that they're going to be in college in the next season. Maybe we'll actually see the characters in classes this time around hahaha :).

  15. Oh, yeah. So many characters in HP that it was sad. It's still sad to have left that world! How many statuses on September 1st were there about the Hogwarts Express leaving without them?

    Yep. That's kind of why I am not super involved in twitter or other spaces. It's like what you said about making a post private for a bit and then moving on.

    I KNOOOW. Lego Library was the best! So realistic and detailed!

    last week, this post took over six hours. I was like, Christina, dammit, take a break. No post should ever take that long, mmmkay? o.O.

  16. Thank you for stopping by, Jennifer :). A lego piece shaped like a book? The HP lego set? Hey, I'd fight over that too!

  17. SO GOOD, BONNIE. I am at ~58%. Still loving the novel. Hope you can get your hands on it soon!

  18. There's always so much going on, and I'm not ever fully aware of things o.O. Yessss, My Life Next Door was AWESOME. I am a little wary of a sequel because I'm not sure where it'll go and poor Sam/Jase, but Huntley Fitzpatrick, I'll trust you! And so many pretty cover reveals! I didn't even get a chance to link to some others, like Unbreathable. The cover reveals that happened on Weds. will have to get linked to next week!

  19. The Burning Sky, Infinite Sky and the list goes on! Haha.

    I guess I was never really interested by the Disney movie? It never really appealed to me. But I would definitely consider reading the book :) (It is totally not because that there are some gorgeous covers of it).

  20. The lego book is from the Freeing Dobby set so there is a little lego sock inside. :) It's too awesome. I claim to buy this stuff for my kids, but you know...

  21. Love these posts so much -- I always spend a half hour clicking on links!

  22. thanks, Jen :). That's good to know, especially since I spend so long getting the links!

  23. See I wondered if there had been another author/blogger incident, as I remember seeing angry tweets on my feed. Thanks for the link. I generally tend to avoid saying anything when something like erupts, but I will check out the post.

    And Heidi Schulz's book sounds AMAZING. Thanks so much for including it! Off to add it to my list now. :)

  24. There's always something. Once a month, at least. I also tend to avoid commenting. The worst about that post is reading the comment section. I don't think people were actually engaging much in a discussion.

    :) Yay!! I hope it lives up to your expectations!


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