Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (12)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent YA book-related news. I'll post about articles I've read from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. For more information, visit the first CMtBR post.

Publishing Industry:

Rights Report this week:
  • Untitled by Spencer Quinn/Edgar Award-winning author Peter Abrahams (MG - When a prize stuffed marlin is stolen from Jolene's grandmother's bait-and-tackle shop on the Louisiana coast, a dog named Bowser and an 11-year-old girl named Jolene take on the case. But what looks like a straightforward break-in soon becomes as tangled as a tourist’s fishing line, Scholastic, 2015)
  • Untitled by Frank Portman (YA - King Dork's Tom Henderson must face the Killing Fields of suburban high school, solve a mystery or two, and deal with assigned reading; Delacorte, spring 2016)
  • Rhiannon by David Levithan (the companion to Every Day, Knopf, spring 2015)
  • The Fearless, by Emma Pass (futuristic thriller - 17-year-old Cass and her fight to protect her younger brother from a terrifying enemy known as The Fearless, Delacorte Press, 2015)
  • You Make Me Lovely by Jennifer Niven (YA debut - when Finch and Violet meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school – both teetering on the edge – it's the beginning of an unlikely relationship, and two teens' desperate desire to heal and to save one another, Knopf, spring 2015).
  • Love, Lucy by April Lindner (17-year-old Lucy Sommersworth, who, after falling for a street musician while backpacking in Florence, faces the realities of her freshman year of college - inspired by A Room with a View, Poppy, fall 2014)
  • Wolfie the Bunny from Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Zachariah OHora (in which a family of bunnies adopts a baby wolf to the dismay of the youngest bunny daughter, Little, Brown, spring 2015)
  • Duel/Duet by Krista Van Dolzer (Sourcebooks, winter 2015, contemporary MG - a David and Goliath story set around a middle-school class election and a musical recital)
  • Get That Room Clean! by Michael B. Kaplan (Dial, 2015, picture book in which a crafty boy discovers a way to get you, the reader, to clean his room)

Hello, I Love You
 by Katie Stout - yes, from the blogger of One Page at a Time Reviews - to Thomas Dunne Books. No GR link as of right now, but I'll come back later and add when I see it.

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman (MG novel, Wendy Lamb Books, spring 2015).

Veronica Rossi is writing an NA novel. GR link here.

Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia are writing a spin-off series called, Dangerous Creatures, and following Link and Ridley. The novella, Dangerous Dream, will be released December 17. GR links here and here.

Did you hear the news about Maggie Stiefvater's 2014 stand-alone title, companion to Shiver? It'll deal with Cole & Isabel.

Cora Carmack is also writing another novella, this time a sort-of prequel to Finding It.

Did you know that James Patterson has got a new MG series being released soon?

Rush Limbaugh is publishing "Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans" on October 29th.

Jim Carrey's first children's novel, How Roland Rollsis published on September 24.

Family ties: Roald Dahl's grandson Luke Kelly comes out with his first picture book.

Geoffrey Girard on the simultaneous publication of his YA novel Project Cain and the companion adult novel. 

US Weekly is releasing a special edition of Catching Fire.

Stephen Lunsford will narrate the fifth Banes Chronicle novella, Rise of the Hotel Dumort.

Stacey Kade is releasing a new Adult book in October and needs your help with revealing the details on the 16th. Will you sign up? (I think this is the GR link for it.)

Are you excited about The Midnight Dress by Karen Foxlee? Here's a feature on it, and here's a glowing review from Jen at YA Romantics.

Oh, look an interview with Veronica Roth! Some stuff on Allegiant too.

Random House Children's Books will now publish, for the first time, Dr. Seuss classics as e-books.

Apple hit with U.S. injunction in e-books antitrust case.

If you're in NY or will be sometime before March, please go to the exhibit,
Why Children's Books Matter, at the Public Library.

Natalie Whipple is self-publishing
her Relax, I'm a Ninja book. A touching video on marketing and rejection. The GR link for her book is here.

Alexandra Adornetto, author of the Halo trilogy, sold a series to Harlequin Teen, to be published in 2014.

Book Trailers: More Than This by Patrick Ness, Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis, Find Me by Romily Bernard, Once We Were by Kat Zhang, Hemlock.

Authors and booksellers: Join the Indies First Movement being led by author Sherman Alexie.

Oooh, an excerpt from Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor? So on that.

Harper Lee settles her copyright theft case.

Sourcebooks and Wattpad Team up for Agile Publishing Partnership for Young Adult Books.

Angel de la Luna and the 5th Glorious Mystery by M. Evelina Galang is Coffee House Press's first foray into YA lit (released this November).

An overview of the Random Penguin House merger.

Pocketbook Launches KidRead, an App Which Trades Reading Time for Game Time.

New Booktrack Chrome App Lets Writers Add a Movie-Like Soundtrack to Any Story Text and Self Publish on the Web.

New San Diego Library to Open Debt Free.

The Decatur Book Fest 2013 looked like a lot of fun! Did you get to go?

Take a look at the Kids' Indies Next List for Fall 2013. Did your favorites make it?

Cover Reveals:

(not pictured - didn't have enough space!)

I've got to say, I'm not a fan of the new UK adult HP covers from Bloomsbury. Too much... color washing? I don't know the term. I hate the large fonts too.

Were you curious about how Kazu Kibuishi drew the new HP covers?

105 Years of Anne of Green Gables covers.

Discussions/Other Fun Blogger Posts:

Has there ever been a book you’ve obsessed about finding again?

The 15 greatest kid detectives in literature.

A bookseller discusses her pet peeves.

One independent bookseller on why a customer chose her store over Amazon.

Author David Almond argues that creative schools are the beating heart of our culture

10 Books People Pretend They've Read. Alternatively, last week I owned up to my favorites across a variety of genres and age groups.

7 Timeless Coming-of-age Novels.

10 So You Think You Can Dance Routines Paired with YA Books. Wow. Epic Reads always has the best lists.

Some YA book bloggers discuss what's on their "query" wishlist.

Now I'm going to do what Asti of A Bookish Heart did and organize blogger discussions by categories (I did this in previous bookish rounds, but I left y'all to figure out why some were in paragraphs and some one-liners. This is better organized. I chose to stop writing "wants to know, discusses," etc. and hope the titles speak for themselves.)

The Experience:

Audience & TBRs

Pet Peeves & Quirks

Characters, World, Setting, Romance etc.


ARCs & Galleys:

Advice, Support, & Stats/Social Media

Hiatuses, Types of Posts, On Bloggers & Blogging (general):

Reviews & Ratings

The Book Thief:

Movies/TV Shows:

Adam has been cast for the If I Stay adaptation.

The Fault in Our Stars has its Peter Van Houten: Willem Dafoe.

Hey, Vampire Diaries fans. Look at the cast for the Originals! I didn't realize that Rebekah was leaving for New Orleans. Also, damn. Elijah looks good in a suit o.O.

Here is a good summary of 60 upcoming YA book-to-movie adaptations. Some of the books listed I honestly can't see as big movie franchises so much as small indie films that could be really poignant... but you know that's never going to happen. Here's another round-up post.

J Blakeson is in talks to direct the film version of Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave.

Did you know that Anne of the Green Gables is being adapted into a musical?

Constantin Films has postponed filming on the City of Ashes book adaptation.

16-year-old Odeya Rush will play Fiona, the best friend and love interest to Jonas in the Giver adaptation.

Wes Ramsey (CSI: Miami) will take on the role of Jesse, a laid-back staff member with a warm smile, in the next season of Pretty Little Liars.

Here's a feature from Teen Vogue on the cast of Divergent.

Promotional photo for The Carrie Diaries coming from the CW.

Keith David is set to voice the Cheshire Cat in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Coldplay released Atlas and Lionsgate set an advance ticket sale date for the Catching Fire adaptation.

Walmart has an exclusive new video from the upcoming Divergent adaptation.


The weekly giveaway at Children's Publishing. Ends September 12th at 6:00 p.m CST.

Don't forget to check out YABC's September giveaways.
Ashley at Nose Graze hosted Jessica Verdi who talked about supportive parents in YA and is giving away a copy of My Life After Now. (September 31).

In honor of Banned Books week, September 22-28, Simon and Schuster is giving away posters featuring quotes from Ellen Hopkins, Sonya Sones, and Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

Mindee Arnett is giving away two ARCs of Avalon here. (October 3).

Ever read a Jennifer Armentrout book? Well, she's giving away a bunch of them until Thursday.

ARC of The Offering, ARC of Uninvited, and signed copy of Asylum -- Kimberly Derting's Back to School giveaway. (October 3).

$20 worth of books from The Book Depository from Asti at A Bookish Heart if you comment on her guest posts for the month. Yours truly wrote one.

I'm sure there are actually a bunch of back-to-school giveaways. I'll find more next week.


Most Featured Book: Just One Year by Gayle Forman. Blog tour started + I think ARCs were distributed? Have you read this one? Are you waiting on it?

Recent Recommended Reads: You can read my review of Unteachable by Leah Raeder--one of my favorite NA titles--and my review of The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater--a sequel full of magic, written and real. 

Truthfully I don't think that I'll be reading much in the coming days. My grandfather has been in the hospital, but my relatives were hopeful about his recovery. Today I found out that his organs are failing. In a few days, he'll probably fall into a coma. I don't even know why I'm writing this post......

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.


  1. Meh I'm not a fan of the new adult HP covers either. I've seen them already in bookstores and just way too bright for my liking. I appreciate the minimalist take on it but I'm not exactly sure it represents the series well enough.

    Also never going to get over The Diviners cover change. WHAT IS THIS MESS.

    JUST ONE YEAR <3 I have preordered this already and cannot wait for October to roll in. HURRY OCTOBER, HURRY.

  2. Ah, I love these posts! I don't typically comment on them(because I'm so busy reading all the fantastic things you linked to!) But just wanted to say I really appreciate them, especially since I'm sure it's rather time-consuming!

    And yeah, with you on the new adult HP covers. Like, they *almost* work for me, and then they got and drop a gallon of colored paint on them.

  3. Publishing Industry: The Fearless sounds like something I might like, albeit a little unoriginal (a girl fighting for her family against an enemy - sounds like your every day YA, but I'm a sucker for these kinds of books! Especially the futuristic ones). And wow - Jim Carrey's coming up with a book? WANT. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be as hilarious as he is in films. And I don't care that it's for kids! I'm really a kid at heart, I swear.

    I can't wait to see the Catching Fire cover! I probably won't get it though, because I'm stingy and I don't want to waste shelf space. Heh.

    Cover Reveals: I can't help but noticed that the changed the cover for The Diviners to match the sequel. I DO NOT APPROVE. I hate the new covers so much. It looks like the monster from Pacific Rim went and peed on it, that's why it's all neon-y. But I love the cover for Dreams of Gods and Monsters, and that TITLE. Super badass. Rags and Bones, too - I love illustrated covers so much.

    I'm not a fan of the HP covers too, but I kind of like how... different, I guess, they've made it. I mean, if I saw this in the bookstore, it'd definitely catch my eyes because of the bright colors, but I can understand why some people would hate it. I still prefer the original ones!

    Discussions: Ahh, thank you for linking up to me! And holy wow, that's a lot of links. I've seen a couple, but thanks for sharing the rest! I'll be sure to check them out.

  4. Thank you so much for this post <3 I think without you I wouldn't know half of what I do on what's going on!
    Have read and seen some supremely awesome stuff thanks to you <3

  5. Still haven't read Daughter of Smoke and Bone #2 so I can't read that excerpt of excerpt from Dreams of Gods and Monsters :( BOOOO!!!! I planned on reading it in Sept/Oct, but since #3 was pushed back, I'm going to read it sometime at the beginning of next year. Or this December. I like the cover a lot:) The colours are great, Karou's face is intense and those horns? Perfect! I don't like those HP covers either O.o Oh, I love SYTYCD. Just watched season ten's finale. I'm so going to read that post when I'm done commenting:) I saw Danny's post on most original worlds and I agree, I've only yet to read nr 2 and 5 from that list, but the rest of them--spot on! Yep, Rebekah will be leaving in eppisode one of season 5 of TVD I think. I've grown to love her pretty face over the time--one of the most complex characters on the show!

  6. Eeeepppp! Thanks for the mention, Christina! :D

  7. Sarah (Escaping Through Books)September 11, 2013 at 2:46 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather, Christina! <3

    I really like how you organized all of the blogosphere posts by "topic." I'm with you about the new HP UK covers. I suppose this might have been an attempt to make them look like "grownup" books or something? I'm not a fan! For me, the original U.S. Harry Potter covers will always be my favorites because those were the ones that I grew up with and eagerly anticipated summer after summer. But the new box set released in the U.S. is really tempting me because the spines make up Hogwarts, and I kind of sort of need it for my shelf. (And I don't even really like paperback books... I'm a hardcover type of girl!)

    I thought the City of Bones movie would do much better than it did because of Cassandra Clare's massive fan base. I have a feeling we won't get City of Ashes. I'm really hoping Divergent is successful, and I think it has a better chance of it because it will probably be compared to The Hunger Games rather than to Twilight, and there's does not seem to be a negative stigma surrounding The Hunger Games like there is with Twilight.

  8. Wow, it's like you have all the information on books there ever was. Does this post take you a long time to write out? Because it sure seems like it would.

    Funny how there were so many companion novels announced this week - David Levithan, Maggie Stiefvater, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I'm not super familiar with any of the original books of course, but I still like the idea of companion books as a means of carrying on a popular series that a fan might not be ready to let go of. But only if the spinoff is original and divergent enough from the first series!

    So cool that a fellow blogger is getting published! Love it when that happens.

    I think I actually gasped when I saw the cover of Dreams of Gods and Monsters. So gorgeous.

    Now the UK Adult HP Editions... I feel like they're trying to make them pop with those vibrant colours, but I'd rather you could see in better detail what's going on with the covers because it is a bit colour-washed, as you say. They could potentially be eye-catching, but not in a good way. Now the Kazu Kabuishi covers, however - now those, J'ADORE. If only I had the money and space, I would buy those in a heartbeat. But I guess I don't really need a second set. And nothing could replace the nostalgia I feel for the originals.

    So much exciting movie adaptation news!! As much as I gripe over how much they get it wrong, I am always consistently excited to see the latest YA adaptation make it to the big (or small) screen.

    ... And I just made it to the end of your post. Christina, my thoughts are with you during this time. Don't worry about taking a blog break. If you need some peace, take it! We'll all be here when you feel right to return.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I never know what to say in situations like this, but you're in my thoughts and I'm sending you hugs.

  10. Thank you. My grandfather actually passed away a few hours after I'd finished writing the post. Your thoughts and hugs are much appreciated though <3. I hope you found the rest of the post more fun/uplifting than that downer at the end.

  11. No problem, Katie. Congratulations! As another blogger commented here, it's always nice to see when a fellow blogger is getting published.

  12. Thank you for reading, Nitzan. It's always so nice to hear back that my efforts are appreciated -- it does take a while to gather all these links! I hope that I'll continue to provide awesome stuff :). Did Crewel arrive for you yet?

  13. Charlottteeee. When is your blog coming back? I miss it.

    Oh, wow, so they're not just the UK adult covers then? I agree - the minimalist take could have looked nice, but it's not the most accurate representation and they're... kind of tacky, how bright they are.

    Eh. Very 20s now, the design. But weird colors. Less striking than the first cover. I don't understand the change.

    oooh, I forgot when JOY came out. You mean we have ~ 1 month left? Wow! I pre-ordered it too - here's to hoping JOY meets both of our expectations.

  14. Thank you! I always appreciate hearing back that the post is effective. Bookish rounds are quite time-consuming. Sometimes I think I ought to cut back on the time I spend and the links I include... but it's hard to find a balance.

    Yes. A gallon of colored paint. That is the best way to describe what's going on with them!

  15. Aww thanks Christina <33 I'm not sure :( Still no word from my host if my blog has moved to their new server but I'm giving it till Tuesday which they said they would finish by.

    I don't think so? Yeah, I much prefer the old adult covers. You can barely see some of the pictures too.

    To me it looks more middle grade now :\ I love MG but it just doesn't represent the book very well. It gives a very cartoonish feel...

    YES! I am really looking forward to seeing Willem's perspective :3

    Also, I saw your tweet about your grandfather. My deepest condolences <3

  16. YES!! It's so pretty! <3 I'll send you a picture, at the end of the month (when I do my Stacking the Shelves post)
    The annoying is is; they changed the cover now ;/ This one was unique and interesting and the new ones are... meh :(

  17. I will definitely be watching The Originals and I do love Elijah, he's one of my favorite characters. And Veronica Rossi writing a NA novel? I'll be reading that. I read the article about the postponing of City of Ashes and I have no idea what that means. Maybe they're tweaking the script and making it more true to the book? I hope so! Thanks for doing this post, there's so much great information in one place. And I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. ~Pam

  18. Oh Christina, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you have lots of friends and family to support you right now. :( Sometimes it helps to do something to keep your mind off things, though, and certainly we appreciate your doing all this while you've had so much on your mind.

    Amazing links as usual. I literally just read Heather's Midnight Dress review and am looking forward to reading the book; I hadn't heard about the Every Day sequel, so thank you for that!; I had no idea Geoffrey Girard also had a "companion" adult novel out, that seems VERY strange; I heard about KM's book deal as well, which is pretty interesting.

    Anyway, take care of yourself, Christina. Let us know if you need anything.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  19. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. There's not a lot that I could say that would make you feel better about it, but know you're in my thoughts.

    Wow, this post is massive, Christina! And it just seems to get longer every week! We all really appreciate you putting it together...and for including our links!

  20. Good. I'll be checking in on the weekend and if not, early next week. Will you have lost any scheduled posts?

    You're right. All the colors do make the covers a bit cartoonish and MG. The other one was more mature and suited for adult readers, which, honestly, Diviners seemed aimed toward, anyway. Can't picture a teen reading a 600+ page book without a lot of motivation.

    Me too! Are you following on the blog tour? I did for JOD, but haven't had time to really look at it for JOY.

    Thank you, Charlotte.

  21. Yes. The Fearless reminds me a bit of Arclight by Josie McQuien (ooh, I so misspelled her name.). Ha, we're all kids at heart, and you won't get any judgment from me! I love Carrey's films.

    Yeah. I don't know of any blogger who's super fond of the Diviners cover change. Lololol the Kaiju? I never thought about that but now you're going to have me thinking of them any time I look at that cover :P. YES. Dreams of Gods and Monsters is an AWESOME title. I love all her titles and covers. Even Lips Touch: Three Times.

    They are different, and I suppose that's what they were going for. Trying to get another crowd into the books... I don't hate them so much as don't feel at all tempted to buy them vs. the new US ones.

    It is a lot of links. Some day I will learn how to cut back... I hope you enjoyed whichever ones you visited!

  22. Yey! I did see the cover change. I like both old and new covers. The old one was quite unique and pretty, but the new also capture that futuristic and 50s vibe. I'm sorry yours won't match if you end up liking it enough to buy the sequel though!

  23. OMG. SIIRI. NO WHY WOULD YOU POSTPONE DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT? Actually I can't see you liking the sequel as much as the first. Could be wrong, but we'll see. It might be nice to curl up with the book by the fire :P. Hahah, I hope the epic reads post was fun for you to read! Rebekah... was a complex character, that's for sure. She's not one of my faves, but I can appreciate how I went from hating to liking her.

  24. No worry, I'll deal xD I'm just glad I get a chance to read it thanks to you! <3

  25. So sorry to hear about your grandfather,Christina. God Bless.
    Thanks for sharing these amazing links!

  26. Thank you, Sarah.

    Hahah, I will endeavor to keep the posts organized by topic then :). Too many otherwise. Yes, I think the large font treatment and bleached covers was meant to make them look more standard adult fare and to attract a different audience, but eh eh eh. Agreed. There's just no changing your own associations with the older covers. The new box set is indeed pretty despite its paperback ness and it too is tempting me (hey, godson, maybe I should get you a gift? But secretly keep it for myself?).

    Hmm. I thought so, but the movie also quickly got a not-so-favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I heard a bunch of stuff got changed too. I don't think CoA will end up coming out. I do think Divergent will be successful for the reason you stated and because it's so action oriented. It translates very well to the screen, I'd imagine. Plus Divergent is selling even better than THG did around the same time (I think), so it's likely to end up being a huge huge blockbuster kind of book.

  27. Thank you, Nuzaifa. Hope you enjoy the links!

  28. Thanks, Jen. And I'll be returning and replying to all the comments you left soon. I've been meaning to visit your blog too - yours was one of the seven that I'd wanted to catch up on but I failed with that. I won't fail this weekend though! And yes, the posts are getting longer and longer o.O. I hope you enjoyed the links!

  29. Thank you, Wendy. I have decided to continue being active about blogging because it will help distract me. And the more focused I am, the more I can help my mother through these difficult times.

    Ha, me too. So looking forward to Midnight Dress. Jen at YA Romantics also had a very favorable review - I believe she said fans of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea would like the book, and I know you were a huge fan of that one so hopefully it'll live up to our expectations :). Woot! Hope you enjoy Rhiannon. The companion adult book does seem strange, especially to pub both at the same time...

    Thank you for your kindness.

  30. Me too. Do you know when it's coming on? It must premiere soon... I have to find out information for that. Yep -- knowing Rossi, I figure an NA book from her has got to be good. I think the City of Ashes postponement is because City of Bones didn't do as well as expected. Maybe they'll resume if Divergent does well? We'll see. Thank you for visiting Pam - I hope you enjoyed the links! And thank you for your kind words.

  31. It does. I like keeping track of what's going on, but sometimes the bookish rounds just take way too long. I have to learn some moderation...

    I like the idea of companion novels, but I honestly don't know if a lot of them are unique enough from the original series. I don't quite understand their popularity... But hey, maybe those authors will make them work.

    It is a really gorgeous cover. I think what gets me the most is the look in Karou's eyes. She's been unmasked. And she's quite fierce.

    Me too. I honestly got them mixed up as I was making the collage because I couldn't see the details, just the colors. (Color-washed! That is the term.). And yes, if I had a good reason to buy the Kabuishi covers, I would... but my book buying ban and the lack of space and the nostalgia for the original covers... *sigh*

    Me too. With more adaptations, I think the public will come to accept YA books more than it does now. Less disdain, I'd hope.

    Thank you, Aylee. I've decided to keep at the blog, if only to stay active.

  32. Actually here's an article I just found that discusses why some YA movie adaptations aren't doing as well as expected:

  33. Sarah (Escaping Through Books)September 13, 2013 at 5:55 AM

    I literally just read that article five minutes ago!!! Our minds are in sync at the moment!

  34. I'm so sorry about your grandfather. I read in your newest post that he passed away; My condolence and *hug*

    Thanks for listing down all those posts and including mine. I always love reading discussion posts and I always seem to miss many of them.

  35. my newest post aka my embarrassing stories :)?
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Thank you for telling me; I always love hearing that these posts are well appreciated, since they take so long to compose!

  36. I really like the idea of this post! Looks like a lot of work, and many great things to check out! Thank you!


    Become Blogger of the Week

  37. Thank you, Lisa. I hope you enjoy all the links! It is a lot of work.


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