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Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds 19

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest.

Rights report:
  • Return of the Snowflakes (spring 2016) and Children of Frost (spring 2017) by Margaret Peterson Haddix (MG duology - siblings discover a secret that forces them to choose between the parents who raised them and the human race, Simon and Schuster). 
  • The Summer of Broken Things by Margaret Peterson Haddix (YA, tells of a teen who discovers that she and her longtime friend share a connection they never knew they had, spring 2018, Simon & Schuster). 
  • Like Magic by Annie Barrows (sequel to the time-travel adventure The Magic Half; Miri and Molly have landed safely in the present, resuming their "twinned" life as if Molly was always a part of the Gill family. But when home repairs set off some surprises from their magical house, the girls are whisked back in time again – to the Civil War, where they must save two unusual soldiers. September 2014, Bloomsbury).
  • The Nora Notebooks by Claudia Mills (MG trilogy about 10-year-old Nora, a girl who likes science, and the trials and tribulations of life in the fourth grade, from friendships to class projects and bullies. Spring 2016, Knopf).
  • Ivy Sparrow by Jennifer Bell (MG debut fantasy trilogy - on Christmas Eve, Grandma Sylvie's house has been ransacked, a mysterious feather writes warnings in midair, and a policeman arrives at the door waving a toilet brush. Jumping into a briefcase to escape, Ivy and her brother find themselves in the magical world of Lundinor, a city beneath London where uncommon people trade in uncommon goods. Fall 2015, Crown).
  • I’ll Believe You When You’re Gone and an untitled YA novel by novelist Jessica Alcott, writing under a pseudonym. (Charlie, who thinks of herself as an ugly duckling, is bracing herself for another year of not fitting in at high school. Enter her charismatic English teacher, and the mutual crush that ensues, leading up to the fateful night of Charlie's 18th birthday when boundaries are crossed. Spring 2015, Crown).

^-- Believe it or not, none of them have links yet. YA books do get added more quickly than MG ones, that's for sure.

So I just figured out that I could access some rights reports on Publishers Marketplace - get the notifications via Publishers Lunch. I'm probably still mucking this up since PL said they'd posted 34 new deals on one day and I didn't see that many, but hey I'm trying and that's what counts, right? If any of you do have PM subscriptions and know of recent MG/YA/NA book deals, feel free to email me at christinareadsya AT gmail DOT com.

  • THE ACCIDENTAL SOCIALITE by Stephanie Wahlstrom (Fiction: New Adult | When small town Canada collides with the glitz and glamour of London, someone's lady parts trend on Twitter. more ...)
  • FINDING MR. DARCY by Erin Butler (Children's: Young Adult | Sixteen-year-old Liza Johnson takes fangirl to a whole new level of crazy when she decides to take dating advice from her literary hero: Jane Austen. more ...)
  • UP FOR GRABS by Heather Young-Nichols (Fiction: New Adult | When Flannery Tate left home for a college halfway across the country in Michigan, she'd only planned on getting an education. more ...)
  • PLUMB CRAZY by Molly Blaisdell (Fiction: New Adult | Small town country girl Elva Presley Hicks is about to attend her five-year class reunion with her best friends, Shay and Margarett. more ...)
  • THE ROMEO CLUB by Rebekah L. Purdy (Children's: Young Adult | What happens when you agree to help your brother "de-nerdify" so he can catch the attention of the popular Chloe Anders, and to everyone's surprise, he actually lands her? And what if more ...)
  • UNREQUITED by Emily Shaffer (Fiction: New Adult | In the town of Belle Ridge there are doctors, lawyers and teachers... but there is only one vampire. more ...)
  • HOLLY HEARTS HOLLYWOOD by Kenley R. Doonan (Children's: Young Adult | Sixteen-year-old Holly Hart wants to be a star. She moves to Los Angeles from the small town of Cedar Junction, only to hear she's too fat and ugly to be a famous more ...)
  • I HEART ROBOT by Suzanne van Rooyen (Children's: Young Adult | Sixteen-year-old Tyri Matzen isn't interested in the heiress lifestyle her adorable boyfriend has to offer. more ...)
  • GOODBYE TO YOU by Nancy Hardy (Digital: Fiction: New Adult | "Hot twenty-two year olds don't play nursemaid to sick sisters all summer long. more ...)
  • Laurie McKay's THE LAST DRAGON CHARMER series: THE VILLAIN KEEPER (Book 1), in which a prince is pulled from his realm into Asheville, NC, and discovers the local middle school is staffed with banished villains from his world.
  • Carolyn Lee Adams's RUTHLESS, in which a teen must fight for survival as a serial killer stalks her through the wilderness.
  • New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines' next four books in her Rosemary Beach series (books 6 & 7 are posted), will delve deeper into the torrid love lives of Tripp, Mase, Grant, Harlow, and the other inhabitants of Rosemary Beach, Florida, to Atria, in a four book deal.
  • Pouya Shahbazian and Sarah Fine's SCAN, pitched as MacGyver and War of the Worlds with shades of I Am Number Four, a thriller about a 16-year-old boy who turns out to be one of the last humans left on Earth, May 2014, and BURN in 2015, to Putnam Children's. Here's another article on the book. Cover reveal is below.
  • Kelly Fiore's THE PEOPLE VS. CECELIA PRICE, featuring a teenaged girl accused of murdering her brother despite the fact that the truth is a lot more complicated, pitched as Sara Zarr meets Breaking Bad, to Harper Teen.

If you're looking for closure or an explanation about the Allegiant ending, Veronica Roth has posted about her authorial intentions. It has a lot of spoilers (which are marked), but if you haven't read the book yet... maybe bookmark for later? Here's another interview with her. Even if you haven't read the book, a lot of discussions have started because of fan reactions. Book Riot: Hell Hath Fury Like Superfan Scorned and A great discussion on reader expectations and authorial explications from Dear Author and my personal favorite from blogger Gillian of Writer of Wrongs, Do Authors Owe Readers Anything?

Also... Allegiant sold 455,000 copies on its first day (globally across all formats). Holy shizwhiz. That 2 million first printing? Probably going to go by pretty quickly, hmm? And here's a Buzzfeed article on 19 things you should know about Divergent.

Social Media Boosts YA Sales (in the UK).

The top ten teen titles for YALSA 2013 were announced. Any of your favorites on the list?

Guardian children's fiction prize goes to Rebecca Stead.

Finished 'Allegiant' Already? Here's Five More YA Books To Pre-Order Now! & The 15 Most Anticipated YA Books Publishing in November. One of these is Champion by Marie Lu. Did you see the recently released book trailer?

Should I Self-Publish My Work? Really great article by agent Joanna Volpe. And while you're at it...

2013 YA Discovery Contest by Serendipity Literary Agency.

Simon & Schuster to Launch Science Fiction, Fantasy Imprint. (For readers of all ages / "YA and above.")

Swoon Reads is the X-factor of e-book publishing.

And for more publisher news: Random House Acquires Figment, Charlesbridge Signs Distribution Agreement with Random House, and Amazon Publishing reportedly retreating in NYC. Thank (or blame) Barnes & Noble.

Are you excited for Victoria Scott's Fire and Flood? Apparently the German publisher, Bertlesmann, is. A huge deal was made at auction to acquire the novel; read more and celebrate with the author here.

She transformed the lives of a generation with her magical Harry Potter books, but now the author is working on liberating a million children from care homes. Interview with J.K. Rowling, who is still my heroine.

Cover Reveals:

*No GR link so I just linked to entire series.
**repeat image, sorry**
Homecoming by Kate Hasbrouck*
*No GR link at this time.

If you'd like to follow along with cover reveals, see my Pinterest.

Discussions/Other Fun Blogger Posts:

How Amazon and Goodreads Could Lose Their Best Readers. Really good at summarizing all that's happened since the policy change on September 20.

The Future of Storytelling.

5 Series You Missed as a Kid But Should Probably Read as an Adult. I am guilty of not having read anything from Diana Wynne Jones. I am a fail, I know.

Adults Turn to Children's Books and Should more YA fiction be read in schools? And changing from reading to writing YA: Junior Varsity Is Where the Work Gets Done.

What books would Harry Potter characters read?

Dear Book Nerd (advice column at Book Riot): My Girlfriend Never Read the Book I Gave Her.

How to have an unpopular opinion about a book on the internet. Funny, it's in relation to Gone with the Wind but applies pretty well given the drama of the previous week, huh?

One Day Can Change Your Life: YA Stories Set in 24 Hours (or Less). Also funny because Just One Day is not listed there, but I suppose that determines on how you're defining your parameters.

The YA Zombie Apocalypse Crossword Puzzle: A Little Undead Fun & Three YA Series to Read While You're Waiting for Your Next Issue of Fables.

15 Adorably Bookish Pet Costumes. Did someone really dress his/her dog as Edward Cullen? Bwahahah.


Blogging and Bloggers:

Reviews, ARCs, and Authors:

The Experience (and in general):

Books, books, and more books:

That Genre:

Characters and more:

Horror & Halloween:

Random Fun:

Movies/TV Shows:

Hey, you know that Veronica Mars movie ;)? There's a new video.

'Twilight' Unveils What You Didn't See In That Steamy Tent Scene: Watch! It's a part of the Twilight Forever fan experience - a bonus video. On that note, you know actor Peter Facinelli? He got interviewed about his upcoming YA novel.

Vampire Academy set report -- how mean can vampire girls be? (Behind the scenes look at the movie with interviews).

Here's a behind the scenes photo from the movie adaptation of If I StayJoshua Leonard has also been cast to play Danny Hall, aka Mia's father.

Did you see the new and final trailer for Catching Fire?

How about the new international trailer for The Book Thief? (Publisher's Weekly also did a feature on the movie here... and did you see the ad in the New York Times?)

Or how about the new clip, "Truth," for Ender's Game?

Constantin is moving forward with the City of Ashes movie adaptation. No start date has been set, but there are several articles reporting that the company will try again with The Mortal Instruments franchise.

You a fan of The Bone SeasonIt's getting closer to becoming a movie...

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Victoria Justice will star in the upcoming rom-com "Naomi + Ely's No Kiss List." (Yes, based on the work from Levithan and Cohn.)

Rob Letterman to Direct 'Captain Underpants' for DWA.

Fans Pitch in to Publish 'Yankee Miracles' Adaptation.


The Anatomy series. (INT, ends 11/19)

Krista and Becca are giving away some of their favorite underappreciated books. (Ends 11/01).

The weekly giveaway at Children's Publishing. Ends November 1st at 6:00 p.m CST. And another, October 31st at 6:00 p.m. CST.

Giveaways listed at Saturday Situation by Lori of Pure Imagination and Candace of Candace's Book Blog.

Don't forget to enter YABC's giveaways for the month.

Congratulate Nick on having 1,000 GFC followers (November 30).

Check out the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop. Lots of giveaways and many different end dates, though most are supposed to end by October 31st.

Signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars. (INT, Ends 11/14).

Fall Kindle Fire giveaway. (INT, ends 10/31).

Bobbing for books giveaway hop. Lots of giveaways and many different end dates, though most are supposed to end by October 31st.

ARC of Horde (INT, ends 10/31). Also check out the Razorland book tour, where you can win all three books in the series (ends 11/12).

Congratulate Alice-Jane on her blogoversy. (US, ends 11/09).

ARC of Illusive (US/CA, ends 11/13).


Most Featured: Champion by Marie Lu. I think that now that the storm of Allegiant is starting to pass (kind of), most people are starting to look towards the next big YA dystopian trilogy that's about to end... And I'm excited :D. Are you?

Recently Recommended Read: I read and reviewed Anatomy of a Boyfriend. I've been cutting back on the blog and reading in general as I'm currently feeling... just blah. Listless and overwhelmed at all once, and the listlessness is not helping me getting things done. So yeah.

This week's props for links and more go to: Siiri (Little Pieces of Imagination), Asti (A Bookish Heart), Charlotte (Gypsy Reviews), and Reem (I Read and Tell).

Extra props for awesome commenting from: Mel (The Daily Prophecy), Pam (YA Escape from Reality), Bonnie (For the Love of Words), Lesley (Books and Beautiful World), Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue), Amanda (Late Nights with Good Books), Kelley (Another Novel Read), Sam (Realm of Fiction), Sunny (Blue Sky Shelf), Kara and Lyn (Great Imaginations), Small Review, Kate and Wendy (The Midnight Garden), Jasprit (The Reader's Den), Lauren (Love Is Not a Triangle), Stephanie (Bookfever), Alice-Jane (Crazy Red Pen), Jen (Book Den), Charlotte (Charlotte's Library), Anya (On Starships and Dragonwings), Terri (Starlight Book Reviews), Wattle (Whimsical Nature), Rinn (Rinn Reads), Helen (My Novel Opinion), Tressa (Tressa's Wishful Endings), Stormy (Book.Blog.Bake), Alise (Reader's Wonderland), Meg (Adrift on Vulcan), C.J. (Sarcasm and Lemons), Trish (Between My Lines), and Renu (The Page Turner). I owe y'all comments - I have been keeping tabs on who commented in the past couple of weeks and whose blogs I have yet to visit. In a week or two, y'all should get some from me. For now, thank you for your blog love! (Other bloggers I also need to visit: Katy (A Blighted One), Aylee (Recovering Potter Addict), Arial (Italic Books), Molli (Once Upon a Prologue), Heather (Flyleaf Review), Jenny (Supernatural Snark), Christine (Oh, Chrys!), and Shannelle (The Tracery of Ink) - y'all are still on my list too, I promise).

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.


  1. I think that it's getting rather tiresome of reading about the same characters for so many books in Abbi Glines' stories. I know I'm in the minority with this, but how many stories can you make brilliant when every character basically has like.. 2-3 books and they're all a part of a series. There are just some authors who don't know when to stop and I'll probably never finish all of her series because I just don't want to read this repetitive work since the plots are so very similar to each other. What? Peter Facinelli has a YA book coming out? WOW! I did not know that lol. It's funny that The Bone Season got great and stunning reviews and ratings from my friends, but the overall GR rating isn't that good O.o Though, the Amazon one is 4 stars, so.. that's good, I guess? I want to read it bad though :) OK, I'm off to watch the VA interview. Thanks for the shoutout, gorgeous!

    1. Ahh, I haven't read a single Abbi Glines book so I can't comment on what you said about her characters, but I can see how that would be frustrating. How far in her books are you? Peter Facinelli does have a YA novel coming out -- potentially he's hoping to get his Twilight fans to also be his readers? And The Bone Season is like Matched. I believe that doesn't have a very good rating, but it has million(s)? of readers. Maybe? I don't know how many copies are out. I hope you enjoy TBS though!

  2. OMG, those Bookish Pet Costumes. That Edward Cullen cat is SCARY. But there are some cute ones, too, like Gandalf, Frodo, and Galadriel :) Great find!

    1. The Edward Cullen cat costume WAS really scary. My favorite, though I'm definitely biased, is the Harry Potter costume :D.

  3. Fantastic collection of links -- as always! Surprisingly, I seem to have found many of these myself this time! We must be on the same wavelength this week.

    The only thing I've read from that list of 5 series you missed as a kid or whatever -- Howl's Moving Castle! And I read it as an adult. Seriously, you should read it someday! <3 Have you seen the movie?

    Oh my gosh, that guy who gave his GF a book and she's never read it! I would be so hurt. :( But at least that advice they offered seemed reasonable.

    1. Thanks! And maybe so - wouldn't surprise me that we both have great taste ;).

      I have not seen the movie!! I want to and my copy of the book is coming in the mail with Cruel Beauty, so hopefully I will love the book & movie as much as you do :D.

      Heh. I haven't read some books that friends have given me o.o. I suppose it's different with significant others though -- I get both PoVs :O.

  4. Great post as usual, I learn so much from visiting other blogs that you provide links to especially the ones that have blogging advice (since we are fairly new to this).

    Up For Grabs...NA book about college student selling her virginity? What? I'm going to have to read that, I just have to say. I've read so many NA books lately...still not sure how I feel about this new genre, but I've enjoyed most of them.

    And Champion...looking forward to that, but I'm really nervous, I just have a bad feeling that there is not going to be a HEA. I don't think I could take it after a certain book that shall remain nameless (that book is the new Voldemort). I hope I'm wrong about it but the book trailer also makes it seem like something awful is going to happen. Ugh! ~Pam

    1. Yay! I'm glad the blogger advice actually helps :).

      Wow. I totally don't even remember reading that as the blurb when I made this post because I feel like I would've reacted to that premise. Wow. I'm glad you're enjoying most NA though!!

      Hahahahahha the book is the new Voldemort? You've made me curious now though - do you expect HEAs? I feel like, with dystopias especially, I definitely do not and when they do offer them, they seem false. Since I'll be visiting your blog soon... after these comments... I hope to see that Champion worked out for you!

  5. Oh I know I'm going to be bookmarking a lot of these excellent links to read later on. I haven't read Allegiant yet, I started a few chapters the other day, but just didn't have time to get back to it, I'm surprised that I haven't been spoiled yet. But I'm looking forward to reading that link about which books we should be considering next to pre-order. Also after devouring Just One Day in a day, I really want to read more books set in 24 hours or less, I don't think I've come across many, or knowing me I probably have, but just don't remember. And seriously that many cover reveals since your last post? That is crazy, knowing me I'll probably end up adding all of them to my tbr based on their cover alone! Thanks for another great post Christina! :)

    1. Yeah! It was pretty hard to avoid spoilers with Allegiant. They were everywhere - blogosphere, twitter, Goodreads, etc. I don't think there are a lot of books set in 24 hours or less - gives a lot of tension, but most would then have to be thriller types. Hahaha, so many cover reveals. All the time. All the time. Thanks, Jasprit!

  6. Cool, a shout-out! I am bookmarking the things around Veronica Roth, because so far I haven't been spoiler-ed and I hope to keep it that way :D

    From the top 10: I've read Insurgent, Crewel, Kill me softly and Butter. I'm surprised.. Crewel was a great book, but the other three are just mwah in my opinion. I really want to read The false prince, Poison princess, The raven boys and Code name verity.

    How Amazon & GR could lose their best readers was interesting to see and haha, the books matched with HP characters is fun!

    1. It's surprising how many people didn't get spoiled. I would've expected so much worse, actually, but there seem to be a few bloggers like you who avoided it :).

      READ THE RAVEN BOYS AHHH READ THE RAVEN BOYS. I'm curious to see what you'll think of the characters and the writing. If you liked The Thief, you might also like The False Prince.

      I love matching characters too :D.


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