Monday, February 3, 2014

MBTI in Young Adult Fiction: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

One of my most popular posts from 2013 was related to my admission that I sometimes sort characters by their MBTI type (mostly if I get into a series and/or think about why I (dis)liked a certain character). With this in mind, I thought about creating a new feature sorting characters by popular series and making graphics with my categorizations. This would allow me to use two of my passions -- psychology and photography/photo manipulation -- with regard to another passion, young adult fiction. Since the Vampire Academy adaptation is coming soon (this Friday, the 7th!), I decided that I would test my feature as a way of also promoting the film (aka this is the closest that I will ever come to making fan art or quote graphics). Let me know what you think!

(Never heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? It's a personality test that sorts you according to your preference re: attitudes (introversion/extroversion), functions (intuition/sensing, thinking/feeling), and lifestyle (judging/perceiving). If you're curious about what type you are, you can look through this chart or take this test. For more information on MBTI, you can look at my previous post.)

I don't think that there are any characters who fit the ESTP, ENFP, ESFJ, or ENFJ types in the first novel for the Vampire Academy series, so I matched characters from the later books with their type and selected descriptive excerpts of the characters from when we first officially meet them. If the movie is successful and the sequels are made, I can edit this graphic to include the actors cast for these other characters.

General trend: I characterized most Guardians as S and P because their training requires them to be rooted in the present, using their five senses to be aware of their surroundings at all times, and to be flexible with regard to guarding their Moroi against any threat of Strigoi attack. Their training would also likely point them towards "T" thinking, but both Rose and Mason seem more volatile in their decision making, perhaps as a result of their youth, though I would probably mark Eddie as ISTP with Dimitri so...

*The making of these graphics: Copyright belongs to Richelle Mead, Penguin Random House, and the Vampire Academy movie with relation to these pictures and obviously, the series in question. The images were taken from either the Bloodlines series trailers (Adrian and Sydney) or stills from the upcoming movie adaptation from the Weinstein Company (February 7, 2014), except the picture for Mark Lewis, who plays the "priest" (aka who I interpreted as Father Andrew). The Vampire Academy gates come from the series website and the header comes from movie promotions. The description of the MBTI types came from the Lord of the Rings MBTI chart that Church Magazine made, and the Harry Potter MBTI chart that Emily at Simbaga tumblr made. The script fonts used were Some Weatz and Mardian while the serif font used was Optimus Princeps. These fonts do not belong to me, and I have used them for personal reasons only. As for why there are two graphics... Well, the first one seems a little hard to read in terms of the descriptions, so I made a second with easier to read text, but I actually like the first descriptions more. I ought to have found a way to reconcile the two, but this took me a lot more time than I thought it would, and I figured, oh, well, y'all can choose between them.

If this feature is popular, I'll probably do The Hunger Games next. Then Divergent, maybe Beautiful Creatures, and several others I have written down in a notebook somewhere. One thing I would like to add is a disclaimer. None of these are my characters and I'm not affiliated with the makers of the MBTI test. All of the categorizations are unofficial and subjective.

Do you agree with my predictions? If not, what would you change? Which characters fit your personality type? If you're curious about the labels for certain characters, leave a comment and I'll explain my reasoning!


  1. Vasilia Dragomir, I haven't read enough books to really know all the characters, but I don't mind her. I will come back once I'm done with book 2!

    1. Lissa is cool! Please return after you've read on and do let me know whether my categorization is even accurate :D

  2. I'm an ISTP. Makes me Dimitri, then. Not bad.

    The movie has yet to show in my area. But I'm excited. I liked the book, and so I hope the movie won't fall far behind. Here's another set of previews and teaser of the movie. Looks interesting, though.

  3. Honestly, I disagree with the INTJ being Victor. Rom reading the Bloodlines series, I think that Sydney (and Brayden, but he's pretty much the guy Sydney) is the INTJ. If you read about how she responds to emotional situations/relationships and the way she thinks, it screams INTJ to me. Being an INTJ myself, I really relate to her. Also, I'm sick of INTJs ALWAYS being classified as the villains.


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