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Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (42)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest.

Rights Report:

** Cloudforest - Kirsten Hubbard (a speculative thriller in which a teen overcoming a traumatic incident joins her mother at a healing center in a Latin American rain forest, only to discover a dangerous ability that will transform her life whether she wants it to or not. Egmont USA, spring 2016; the sequel, Red Rocks, tentatively scheduled for spring 2017)

** Machine and the Wild - Michelle Modesto (Debut YA genre mash-up follows Westie, the adopted daughter of a local inventor, as she pursues her family's killers through a gold-rush era California riddled with fantastical creatures, dark magic, and cannibals. Balzer+Bray, winter 2016).

** Red Moon Rising - K.A. Holt (Pitched as Firefly meets Little House on the Prairie, the novel features a feisty 13-year-old who becomes an unwitting pawn in the standoff between her struggling colony and the enclave of aliens who may be something quite different than they seem. Margaret K. McElderry books, early 2016).

** Nameless - Jennifer Jenkins (The two-book fantasy series focuses on 17-year-old Zo, who after the murder of her parents by a warring clan, volunteers to infiltrate the clan, but soon discovers they are not at all what she expected. She finds herself falling in love with an enemy soldier and accepting the friendship of a boy who saves her life. Month9Books, fall 2015).

From last week:

** First two books in science fiction series Lifer - Beck Nichols (A teenage slave aboard a spaceship finds herself in the middle of an uprising, while another teen back on Earth searches for his forgotten past in the midst of a brewing rebellion. 2014, 2015, Month9Books).

** Starflight - Melissa Landers (Read more about the deal at this link; "Pitched as "Overboard" meets "Firefly," in which an orphan indentures herself to a wealthy, arrogant young man in exchange for passage to a new world; but when an accident erases his memory, she convinces him that their roles are reversed and leads him on a series of intergalactic misadventures.").

Not up yet:

** The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable Fib - Adam Shaughnessy (Pitched as "the classic style of Roald Dahl meets Rick Riordan," MG debut in which a tale of gods and mythic creatures loose in a small New England town, and the unlikely pair of kids caught in their midst. Algonquin, fall 2015).

** Maggie - Susan Hill Long (about an orphan who is given a magic mirror and sets out to find the visions she alone sees in the glass.... described as "full of mistaken identities, lost loves, missing princesses, and a tantalizing tinge of magic." Knopf, spring 2016).

** A new series - Gena Showalter (About a “dangerous rivalry for souls and star-crossed love” that is “set in a world where real life begins after death.” Harlequin Teen.).

** The Creeps and the Night of the Frankenfrogs - Chris Schweizer (A new full-color graphic novel series that follows four unpopular middle-schoolers from Pumpkins County who seem to revel in the creepiness of their town, earning them their nickname, "The Creeps. " In book one, The Creeps investigate the disappearance of dissection-lab frogs – which subsequently turn up as resurrected, pieced-together, murderous monsters. Abrams/Amulet).

** Eleanor Herman's debut LEGACY series, an epic historical fantasy saga based on the young life of Alexander the Great, full of dark magic, political maneuvering, and high drama, to Harlequin Teen.

** Kali Wallace's SHALLOW GRAVES, about a murdered girl who finds herself resurrected and must reconcile her old, happy memories with the magical underworld of creatures to which she now belongs, a story which pulls from international folklore of monsters terrorizing children, avenging murderers, and consuming the dead, to Katherine Tegen Books.

** Sara Bennett Wealer’s RUSH, pitched in the tradition of Pitch Perfect, about the one week before college starts when everyone gets a clean slate, and the girls whose battle to become a “Sigma” might change Greek life forever, to Harlequin Teen, to be published as an e-book original in early 2015 (from here).

** Cyclone - Doreen Cronin (MG novel begins one summer vacation when two cousins take a ride on the rollercoaster in Coney Island, which transforms both of the girls' lives in different and dramatic ways. Atheneum, 2015).

** Untitled - Claire Needell (Debut novel explores the moral complexities of being an intelligent, self-aware young adult in contemporary American society, and trying to navigate love and self discovery without telling your parents why you're home so late. HarperTeen, fall 2015).

** Dead Boy - Laurel Gale (In the first of two middle-grade novels, it is Crow's misfortune to be undead, but maggots and stench are nothing compared to wanting a chance at having a real friendship with the girl next door. Debut, Crown, fall 2015).

** Liza Wiemer's debut HELLO?, about five Wisconsin small town teens whose lives intertwine when a grieving girl calls her dead grandmother's old phone number; the story is woven together by five narrators, using free verse poetry, screenplay, narration, and drawings, to Spencer Hill Press (from here)

** Cole Gibsen's SERENADE IN BLACK, in which a banshee carrying the souls of the dead to their afterlife makes a deal with the devil after her best friend's name appears on the list, to Danielle Ellison at Spencer Hill Press, in a three-book deal, for publication in Fall 2014 (from here)

Book Trailers: In the Shadows - Kiersten White & Jim Di Bartolo (teaser), Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend - Katie Finn

Interviews: Ann Brashares, Laini Taylor

Awards: If you are a teen/kid (or know one who'd be interested), you can now cast your vote for the Children's Council Book Awards. For book & author of the year in the teen categories -- Eleanor & Park, Allegiant, Clockwork Princess, Smoke, and the 5th Wave... and V. Roth, Rick Riordan among others. Winners to be announced May 12-18. The California Book Awards (YA: Stephanie Kuehn: Charm & Strange; Robin LaFevers: Dark Triumph; Tom McNeal: Far Far Away; Elizabeth Ross: Belle Epoque; Gene Luen Yang: Boxers & Saints (2 Volumes)). Waterstone's Best Book Prize (YA: Geek Girl - Holly Smale). Aurealis Awards (YA: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner & Fairytales for Wilde Girls by Allyse Near). Street Literature Book Awards (YA fiction: Way too Much Drama by Earl Sewell, Butterfly: A Novel by Sylvester Stephens).

Summer/Fall Indies Introduce New Voices Titles Revealed at Children’s Institute (MG: The Secret Hum of a Daisy, by Tracy Holczer, The Glass Sentence, by S.E. Grove, The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher, by Dana Alison Levy... YA: The Truth About Alice, by Jennifer Mathieu, Midnight Thief, by Livia Blackburne, Illusive, by Emily Lloyd-Jones, Six Feet Over It, by Jennifer Longo, Falling Into Place, by Amy Zhang, Salt & Storm, by Kendall Kulper, Lies We Tell Ourselves, by Robin Talley). Yay! Some new titles I'll be looking out for this year!

ALSC & YALSA’s Best Audio Picks of 2014. Did any of your favorites make the list?

Meridian School Board votes to remove controversial book from curriculum. (The Diary of a Part-Time Indian is being banned at an Idaho school).

For all of you interested in book sales articles, here's another: book sales rose 1% in 2013.

Cover Reveals:

Ava’s Wishes - Karen Pokras
*forgot to include this in the collage

Discussion/Other Blogger Posts:

Buzzfeed quiz time! How many Newbery Medal-Winning Children's Books Have You Read? I fail at that. I skimmed through it, but my score was somewhere around 4. Whoops.

Learning to Adapt: The Cinematic Explosion of Young Adult Books. Very thorough article; goes beyond the recent movies of the past year (e.g. City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures, etc.).

Should celebrities stop writing children's books? And paired with that article, 6 Celebrities We Want to See Follow Russell Brand's Lead and Write Children's Books. Since I'm not much of a pop culture nerd (beyond ya book related issues), I don't have any particular requests, but hey, I would probably read a book from Lorde.

Divergent Director Neil Burger is Fed Up of the Stigma Behind the Young Adult Tag. It's interesting because the quote they gave him makes it sound like he's also stereotyping YA novels (Certainly it’s based on a young adult novel but for me I wasn’t interested in making a young adult story. It appeals to young people but to me the story is an adult story and the themes are adult. Grown up, mature, nuanced and universal ideas. So that’s what I was going for and I think that’s what we’ve got.” - So YA can't have nuanced, mature ideas?).

9 Children Book Morals for Adults. Adorable. Sort of feels like it needs its own interconnected poster.

We Need More Female Friendships Like These 8 YA BFFs. Love this. When I first saw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in theater with my friends, we decided to name each other after those characters to cement our friend group. (Didn't stick, but still).

10 Profound Children's Book Quotes That Probably Changed Your Life. I love that they chose that line from Harry Potter. Probably my favorite of the series too.

Berkeley Eighth Graders Raise Over $78K on Kickstarter, Build a School Library -- because this is an inspiring story.

Why Eleanor & Park the movie is so important. Agreed, especially with Chloe Moretz having been offered the role of Cassie in 5th Wave... another Shailene Woodley in the making? So bring back diversity.

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** Kim at Time 2 Read: Book Trailers
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** Jenni at Xpresso Reads: Book Girls Don’t Cry… or Fall for All the Romance
** Lili at Lili’s Reflections: I Will Go Down with This Ship!

Movies/TV Shows:

The Maze Runner has been releasing promotional gifs. Here's the first and the second, and I like them. A lot more than stills. I'm going to have to read the books before the movie comes out...

An unconfirmed report suggests that Chloe Moretz has been offered the role of Cassie Sullivan in the upcoming The 5th Wave adaptation. April Fool's has passed, but hey maybe they will cast another crossover YA actress like they did with Shailene Woodley?

So I did not know that The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight had been optioned, but there you have it. Now Jennifer Smith has admitted to an actress having been cast for the role of Hadley Sullivan. I expect we'll find out who it is soon enough? (And I want to know who's playing cutie Oliver...)

Casting calls have begun for the BBC/HBO adaptation of J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy.

Again, not YA, but oh well: seasons 5 & 6 have been confirmed for Game of Thrones! (Hmm. I wonder whether the writers are going to have to diverge from the story line a lot or if Martin truly will finish the sixth book in the next two years...).


ARC of Plus One - Elizabeth Fama, INT, 05/02.

ARC of Sekret - Lindsay Smith, INT, 04/26.

ARC of Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira, INT, 04/27.

Blogoversary: $25 gift card to store of choosing, INT, 04/16.

$50 Amazon gift card. Ends 04/14.

Adventures in Children's Publishing giveaways: 04/13, 04/21, 05/01.

Giveaways listed at Saturday Situation by Lori of Pure Imagination and Candace of Candace's Book Blog.

Don't forget to enter YABC's giveaways for the month.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday {SF/F Reviews and Giveaways}.

The entire Legend trilogy. US only, 04/17.

Paperback of the 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare by M.G. Buehrlen. US/CA only, 04/18.

Copy of Sekret by Lindsay Smith. US/CA only, 04/10.

April YA Lit new releases. INT, ends 04/30.

Book of your choice up to $15. INT, 04/13.

Two finished copies of The Forever Song by Julia Kagawa. North America only, 04/11.

Wish Gillian a happy birthday & get to know her better. Sp. books listed. 04/14.

Girls Gone Sci Fi tour. US only, 04/14.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters. US only, 04/15.


New YA ReleasesFar From You - Tess SharpePlus One - Elizabeth FamaThe Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy - Kate HattemerToxic Heart (Mystic City #2) - Theo LawrenceRebel Belle - Rachel HawkinsDreams of Gods and Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #3) - Laini TaylorSea of Shadows (Age of Legends #1) - Kelley ArmstrongThe Here and Now - Ann BrasharesNoggin - John Corey WhaleySwim That Rock - John Rocco and Jay PrimanoBetween Two Worlds - Katherine KirkpatrickWhat We Hide - Marthe JocelynThe Interrogation of Ashala Wolf - Ambelin KwaymullinaPointe - Brandy ColbertIncinerator (Crusher #2) - Niall LeonardMayday - Jonathan FriesenBreakfast Served Anytime - Sarah CombsThe Museum of Intangible Things - Wendy WunderDirt Bikes, Drones and Other Ways to Fly - Conrad WesselhoeftWorld Outside - Eva WisemanKlaatu Terminus - Pete HautmanGreat - Sara BenincasaBurn Out - Kristi HelvigThe Lonesome Young - Lucy ConnorsAsk Me - Kimberly Pauley.

Recent Recommended Reads: You can read my review of Plus One by Elizabeth Fama (a beautifully written, romantic and thought provoking novel) and my mini review of Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong. Finally finished reading The Magicians as a part of my read-along with Ameriie -- and in the end, I quite enjoyed the novel. Once I got past my struggle with the first hundred pages, most things smoothed over and I'm curious to see what will happen next in The Magician King. I am also about 100 pages in Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor (couldn't resist! I have work to do but GAH.). Have you read any of these books lately?

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.


  1. Fantastical creatures & cannibals? Sign me up! I don't like this version for Jodi Lynn Anderson's book. The vanishing season sounds much better & the cover is prettier.

    I'm so excited that Game of Thrones is renewed, but also not surprised :D it seems to have such a large fan base.

    I scrolled through the list from Newbery Medal-Winning Children’s Books and I've read 1 book, haha. But I am familiar with some titles and from one book I've seen the movie (Desperaux) so..

    I like that they included Cinder & Iko on that list! It's far from a traditional friendship and that makes it even more fun. I would also include Nehemia & Celaena :)

    1. Me neither - I'm much more of a fan of the Vanishing Season. Too greyed out, the Moment Collector.

      Lol, huuuuuuuge fanbase. Apparently broke records and it's at that pop culture stage when people refer to it in everyday conversation. Ned Stark among others...

      So you and I are like each other :P. Needing to read more Newbery Medal-Winning Children's books! Maybe.

      Yes! Agreed. Nehemia & Celaena are a great pair. One of my favorite things about the first two Throne of Glass books. :)

  2. Ooh…I can't wait to see who they cast as cute Oliver either.

    And I have about 100 pages left of Dreams of Gods & Monsters…I'm really enjoying it! ~Pam

    1. It'll be such a fun, cute contemporary movie! I hope it goes through and we find out the actor soon.

      Wow!!! You read fast. I'm glad you're enjoying it! I still have to get back to DoG&M :O esp before the spoilers hit.


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