Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds: Cover Reveals

Since making a bookish rounds post to cover all the news that I've missed since I last posted one (June 4!) will take ages for me to compile, I've decided to go about it rather slowly. First here are all the cover reveals that I've seen thus far from June 4 to now. Undoubtedly, when I do post the bookish rounds, I will have more cover reveals that I missed since I'll be looking through publisher twitter feeds, but for now, check out the last month's cover reveals!

Skinny Dippin & Midnight Kissin’ - Melissa Collins and others
All Broke Down - Cora Carmack
Zodiac - Stan Lee, Stuart Moore, Andie Tong
Friday Never Leaving - Vikki Wakefield
Sorceress - Claudia Gray
All That Burns - Ryan Graudin
The Bargaining - Carly Anne West
Unleashed - Sophie Jordan
The Wondrous and the Wicked - Page Morgan
Taste - Cambria Hebert
Whatever Life Throws at You - Julie Cross
Loving Liberty - Belinda Boring
Dead of Night - Carlyle Labuschagne
The Lightwood Legacy - Kassandra Kush
The Shape of My Heart - Ann Aguirre
A Safe Space - E.M. Tippetts
Finding Us by Allie Everhart
Six Strings - Jen Sanya Williamson
Bronagh - L.A. Casey
Shooting Star - Arianne Richmonde
Found in Us - Layla Hagen
Prescribed - D.D. Parker
A Fighter’s Desire - L.P. Dover
Worth Forgiving - Vi Keeland
Slammed - Skyla Madi

*Forgot to include:
Watch Your Back - Tracy Bilen
I Surrender - Monica James
Third Date - Kylie Keene
Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea - Adam Roberts
The Emissary - Kristal Shaff
Locks - Sarah J. Pepper

Which of these books are you looking forward to? Will be posting the next bookish rounds soon, hopefully! (not today, but soon). Which of the covers are your favorites?

You can now see the latest book news here.


  1. Haha, wow!

    Red queen: I absolutely love this cover. It's so simple and stunning. Very effective design.
    Frozen: oh, nice! Redesigns can be good.
    The glass arrow: really.. classic fantasy design. Pretty.
    An ember in the ashes: I like it!
    Fairest: LOVE IT :D
    Shadow scale + The map to everywhere: covers with artwork are the best.
    Waistcoats & weaponry: Carriger has the best covers.
    Ignite: I really like the covers from this series for some reason..
    Fairyland series: BEST COVERS.
    City of halves: such an intriguing design.
    Frostfire: gorgeous :D
    Half wild: I like the green on black cover more than the white.
    The jewel: both designs are pretty.
    Bone gap: haha, cool.
    Monstrous: like it.
    Eyes of the woods: this is a new book for me. There is something about pretty dresses on covers that catch my eyes.

  2. I love all things BOOK COVERS!!! This is an amazing post. There are way too many gorgeous ones, there's just no way I can comment on every one! I think I'll just stare at these pictures for a while... so pretty....

  3. That's a lot of awesome covers! There's too many for me to even begin commenting about! I did find tons of books that I didn't even know were coming out! Like, I had no idea Emery Lord wrote another book!

  4. Thanks for visiting! There *were* a lot of cover reveals. Summer's still busy for publishing!

  5. :) book covers are absolutely gorgeous. I always try to post my favorites in one cluster or towards the "more featured" top, but this post, it was hard to do so because there were just so, so many awesome ones!

  6. :) There are a lot of books with covers that don't get fanfare when their covers are released, which is a shame. I learned about a lot of books too from compiling this post.

  7. The Red Queen may be my favorite cover of all of these. I agree that covers with artwork are the best -- so much better than people covers, though they can be done well (e.g. the Carriger covers, as you've pointed out). I can't look at Ignite without being reminded of Fire by Kristin Cashore, and since that is one of my favorites of all time, can't read the series without being overly picky for any such comparison. :) :) I'm glad you found some new books too!


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