Friday, July 11, 2014

Upcoming Bookish Events (NYC/NJ)

Something I realized that I want to do now that I’m in Jersey, closer to NYC and the heart of publishing, is go to more bookish related events. There’s a lot of potential here – I didn’t bother to search for any events when I was in Southern California because most of them were not near me, or I didn’t care enough to brave the traffic…. Here, though, it’s a different matter altogether: so many different bookstores and powerhouse bookstores that are constantly hosting events and authors I like to read! I also feel like I need to plan ahead so that I can set aside money (because going to NYC is kinda expensive, plus so many of the events I'd have to plan for after work, etc.).

Do you live nearby? Are you going to any of these events? Do you have any recommendations for bookish events? I’ll be going alone most likely (have broached the topic of books with my new friends + coworkers, and I don’t think any of them are interested in YA books) and would love to meet you!

  • “Summer Romance” – Sunday, August 24; 1:00-3:00 P.M. at Books of Wonder*
    • Elizabeth Eulberg: BETTER OFF FRIENDS
    • Jen Calonita: SUMMER STATE OF MIND
    • Keiran Scott: ONLY EVERYTHING
    • Jennifer E. Smith: GEOGRAPHY OF YOU AND ME
*not entirely sure I’ll go to this one, but we’ll see...
  • Launch Party for Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas – Tuesday, September 2nd; 6:00-8:00P.M. at Books of Wonder
  • Author Event for Rooms by Lauren Oliver – Tuesday, September 23rd; 6:00P.M. at the Tribeca Barnes and Noble
  • Launch Party for The Young Elites by Marie Lu – Tuesday, October 7th; 6:00-8:00P.M. at Books of Wonder
  • Launch Party for Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios – Friday, October 10th; 6:00-8:00P.M. at Books of Wonder

*I looked at the three Barnes and Noble stores in NYC + Books of Wonder + The Strand + Watchung Bookstore + something else, I think... Any other suggestions? 

Have you gone to a lot of bookish events? Do you find them to be a lot of fun? Any recommendations for events to go to or authors to see? Will I meet you at any of the above events? Would you be interested in hearing about these events if I wrote summaries?

PS - Don't forget to enter the Oblivion giveaway and read why Sasha Dawn chose to focus on graphomania!


  1. Dude, I am so envious of you right now! I would do unspeakable things to attend a Sarah J. Maas launch party, especially since I wasn't able to procure an ARC. (I got a galley from NG, but it's not the same as holding that gorgeous specimen.) Getting a signed copy would so make up for it. I need to see if she'll be around these parts anytime soon. :) I'd love to meet Heather Demetrios, too. I loved Something Real, and I can't wait to get to Exquisite Captive. Hope you have fun at all of these events.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. I completely forgot you live in New Jersey now. I just got back from NYC. We could have met. D;

  3. Oh wow!! Though I only live in CT, it's still difficult to find time to get to NY. I'd love to go to those events though. I'm so totally jealous!!! And I'm very similar to you... I don't know anyone other than my sister-in-law that enjoys books like I do. Thank goodness for her! I've always been alone in my love for books. And since authors never come to CT I have yet to go to a single book signing. Maybe someday I can get to a NY one. You guys have the BEST events there! :)

  4. Jen, let me send you a signed copy of Heir of Fire when I go! I'll buy one for you :). When you get to Exquisite Captive -- well, would you like to do a read-along?

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well, when you are next in NYC, let me know! When I reply to your email thread, I will include my number so we won't scramble over email. :) I hope you had fun in NYC!

  6. You should come to a NYC one! It will still take me a while to get to some of these NYC ones from Jersey, but it will be worth it and if you can make it from CT, we can go together :). It's a shame not to stick together when we don't know as many people who like books and reading as much as we do!

  7. Oh, I couldn't let you do that, Christina! That's very thoughtful of you, though! :) I am very interested in an EC read-along, though. Let me check my schedule to see when I can get to it -- hopefully really soon! -- and I'll check back with you to see what will work.

  8. Jen, it would be my pleasure. Think of it as an early holiday gift ... ;) and yes! an EC read-along sounds wonderful, just let me know when!


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