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Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds (58)

Christina Makes the Bookish Rounds is a feature that will let you know about recent MG/YA/NA book related news. I'll post about articles from the publishing industry, cover reveals, discussions from fellow bloggers, the latest tv/movie news, and giveaways that you're hosting. If you would like to follow along with cover reveals during the week, see my Pinterest.

Rights Report 1, 2:
  • Timber Creek Station - Ali Lewis (2011 debut YA novel titled Everybody Jam in the U.K. ... In his review for the Guardian, Mal Peet called the novel, which is set at a remote cattle station in Australia, “an engrossing, edgy, fast-paced book and an extremely promising debut.” Carolrhoda Lab, fall 2015).
  • Wireman - Sashi Kaufman (YA novel focuses on the complicated and longstanding friendship between two teenage boys, one of whom is hearing-impaired. Publication is scheduled for 2016; Carolrhoda Lab).
  • Zero Day - Jan Gangsei (In the YA debut, the daughter of a rising politician goes missing; eight years later, with her father now President of the United States, the teenager reappears. What happened to her over the past eight years, and where do her loyalties lie? Publication is scheduled for spring 2015; Carolrhoda Lab).
  • The Quiet Ones - Ellen Goodlett (YA debut: a reimagining of a Hawaiian myth. It features a narcoleptic teenager trying to reconstruct the events that occurred during one of her blackouts in order to solve her ex-girlfriend's murder. Publication is scheduled for fall 2016; Egmont USA).
  • A Clatter of Jars - Lisa Graff (A MG companion novel to A Tangle of Knots; it's scheduled for summer 2016, Philomel). 
  • Winnie on Wednesdays - Lisa Graff (MG about a girl who lives in a treehouse on Wednesdays because of a custody agreement from her parents' messy divorce; it's slated for summer 2017. Philomel).
  • 21 Kisses - Daisy Whitney (Lauren Blakely) (A New Adult novel due in spring 2015, Bloomsbury Spark).
  • An untitled crossover novella with a holiday theme - Daisy Whitney (Lauren Blakely) (coming in fall 2015. Both books will be part of the new Wrapped Up in Love series that is a spinoff of Lauren Blakely's Caught Up in Love series. Bloomsbury Spark).
  • Mistletoe and Mr. Right - Trisha Leigh (Lyla Payne) (A New Adult Christmas novella, in which a 19-year-old is thrilled to accompany her boyfriend home to Ireland for the holidays, only to find that his family disapproves of her, and the family's sexy farmhand happens to witness every mistake she makes; it will publish in December 2014, Bloomsbury Spark).
  • The Historians - Trisha Leigh (Lyla Payne) (a YA novel due in spring 2015. Bloomsbury Spark).
  • Rules for 50/50 Chances - Kate McGovern (A high school senior and ballet dancer named Rose discovers that she has a 50/50 shot at inheriting her family's genetic curse – Huntington's disease – and must decide if she wants to get the test. But when she meets a boy from a similar genetic pool, Rose begins to question her carefully plotted-out life. Publication is planned for fall 2015; Farrar, Straus and Giroux).
  • Grandma Jo's Guide to Prim & Proper Pilfering - Alison Cherry (In the MG debut, 12-year-old AJ's summer stay with her grandmother takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that Grandma's bridge club is actually a cover for a septuagenarian heist ring. In exchange for keeping her grandmother's secret, AJ gets to join the team, but must decide for herself what it means to be one of the good guys. It's slated for 2016; S&S's Aladdin Books).
  • Bull - David Elliot (a contemporary retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur in verse for teens; in the story, a bull asks readers to ally their sympathies with the Minotaur rather than Theseus. It's scheduled for fall 2016; HMH).
Nothing from last week.

Eliza West's THE CRESWELL PLOT, in the backwoods of Upstate New York, the six remaining Creswell children live under the strict rule of their father and his terrifying religious dogma...someone needs to save them, and THE BLACK RIBBON, to Disney-Hyperion for publication in April 2016.

Book Trailers: Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater, Warp - Eoin Colfer, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul - Jeff Kinney, In a Handful of Dust - Mindy McGinnis, Whatever Life Throws at You - Julie Cross

Interviews: The Geography of Me and You - Jennifer E. Smith, Meg Wolitzer on reading and writing YA novels, Salt and Storm - Kendall Kulper, Survival Colony Nine - Joshua Bellin

Awards: Military Writers Society of America award. The Bookseller is coming out with a YA prize. The 18 Finalists for the first ever Kirkus Prize were announced.

Excerpts: A Hard Day’s Night - Elizabeth Eulberg, Afterworlds - Scott Westerfeld, Schizo - Nic Sheff, Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch

James Dashner is writing a prequel to the Maze Runner called “The Fever Code.” Read more about The Fever Code here.

Carrie Ryan is also coming out with a new book: Daughter of Deep Silence.

And and and Maggie Stiefvater will be debuting as an illustrator in her new MG series written with Jackson Pearce, Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures.

Jay Asher has started his 50 States Against Bullying tour in honor of Thirteen Reasons Why.

What. James Frey is offering readers a chance to win $500,000 if they figure out where a key from his book Endgame is?

If you’re a Selection Fan, you got some exciting news last week.

Interesting new way of marketing a book. Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle features an author character; Rebecca Serle wrote a fantasy novel, Locked, under a pen name aka the author character’s name. And that novel has been building a fanbase on Wattpad. Book-within-a-book. Read more for that marketing strategy.

Several publishers have tried their hand at young adult imprints. Here’s a round-up feature on the latest of those.

YA book sales keep jumping… more and more articles are being written about it, more awareness… love it! And did you know that nearly three quarters of young people prefer print books and that when parents are buying kids books, they have a preference for print too. An exciting future for the children’s lit industry.

Hachette UK is creating a single children’s division.

A brief summary of author & industry events this week.

NAIBA 2014: Discovering Children's Books & along that line, a speech at the NAIBA: A.S. King on Community and Passing on the Gift of Hope.

Have you ever been curious about which books receive the most starred reviews from the literary magazines? And this is why I definitely want to read Brown Girl Dreaming. (I wonder if they could pull more statistics and see whether there’s a correlation between publishers & imprints and the number of starred reviews.)

Here was a plea to stop celebrating banned books week. (“While it may seem like it’s a small quibble, it’s not. The way we use and apply language is important, and when it comes to talking about the issue of censorship, the way we focus our attention matters significantly. Celebrating banned books week is a marketing opportunity in many corners of the book world, and not without reason. These books are important. They deserve to be talked about. Talking about these books matters because it’s how we talk about reading, about the sharing of ideas, and about why books and words are tools for growth. // But there’s a fine line between celebrating banned books week and marketing books because they’ve been censored. This isn’t a week about profits or how to sell these banned books.”)

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars was banned at a middle school because representatives in Riverside, CA didn’t “think the sex and talk of “mortality” and “terminal illness” was appropriate for the 11-13 age group.”

And if you’re a woman in publishing, you’re probably still getting paid less than your male counterparts. Not to mention the lack of awareness about the lack of diversity within the industry. Definitely an article to check out.

While we’re talking about the sexism in publishing, you can check out an interview with an author at The Toast about her book and a critical review she received (“At its best her prose is vivid, especially when she writes about battles and the terrible costs they exact, while at its less-than-best it seems (dare I say it?) to have been borrowed from the pages of a woman’s magazine.”).

Anne Ursu: On Poisoned Apples, the “Great YA Debate,” and the Death of the Patriarchy. I vaguely remember linking to the A.O. Scott article on YA and the infantilization of American culture a few weeks back, and now I wish I’d read that article more fully because there have been a LOT of articles discussing what he wrote.

……….. A conservative Christian is rewriting Harry Potter as if the kids were not witches.

D’aww: Emma Thompson opened a new Peter Rabbit library in Manchester.

Did you know that… there’s a book collecting contest?

Cover Reveals:

ya cover reveals
Diary of a Haunting - M. Verano
Rose Eagle - Joseph Bruchac
young adult cover reveals

Discussion/Other Blogger Posts:

The 31 Best YA Novels of 2014. The interesting thing to me about this list is how many titles are also pubbed in the US. You’d think there’d be more since it’s English either way, but I guess the market doesn’t work that way.

Why do people who love libraries love libraries? Because of the community :).

The Library Map application: a digital tool to promote physical library use and uncover hidden resources in the library landscape. AKA THINGS THAT SHOULD EXIST.

Are you a first line expert? Guess the line that matches the book in this quiz… I actually didn’t recognize a bunch but still got 11/15 aka Book Nerd aka Belle from Beauty and the Beast lol.

8 Quotes from Banned Books week.

An essay on Terry Pratchett from Neil Gaiman and Pratchett’s fuel to write.

I want to learn how to fence as the EpicReads team did. Time to read some of those YA books?

7 Forgotten YA Books That Need to Become Movies. Haven’t heard of any but Tamora Pierce, whose books I really need to read o.O.

And if you’re into YA books-turned-movies, here are 5 up and coming adaptations to watch after the Maze Runner.

Pairing YA books and cars? This is an article from EpicReads that Maggie Stiefvater should read. I’m basically like this 24/7. If I get approved for The Mime Order on Netgalley, I’ll definitely be like this soon.

Are you a video gamer? This Like, Try, Why edition might be up your alley.

Top 10 Myths about Teenagers. Agreed with a lot of these points. Which a lot of the naysayers about YA really ought to read too.

‘The Giving Tree’: Tender Story of Unconditional Love or Disturbing Tale of Selfishness? -- We had a similar debate in my kidlit class a couple years back, except we’d also gone over Shel Silverstein’s history (he’d started writing, if I’m not mistaken, for Playboy).

17 Divergent Puns That Are So Bad They’re Good. My favorite is #3, after Edward’s attack.

Interesting Unpopular PoV: from R.L. Stine, ‘I Really Do Not Understand Why People Like Dystopian Novels.’

On Oprah’s list of 30 books everyone will be talking about this fall is… Rooms by Lauren Oliver. Others I’ve never heard of but they certainly sound good.

Lessons book dystopias can learn from real-life dystopias. (“Most dystopian fiction has their heroic rebels and revolutionaries battling robots, or brainless clones, or elite fighting forces made up of the privileged. But a lot of wars consist of their respective sides poorest, most powerless, and most downtrodden populations being forced to kill each other. A lot of heroes will be fighting people as miserable and unwilling as they are.”)

Parents, teenagers, and the books in between. Nice essay from a teen.

More interactive features from EpicReads: How well do you know YA Maps?

** Rachel at Parajunkee: Free blogging tools that you should be using
** Ashley at Nose Graze: It Turns Out, the iTunes Security Creators Aren’t Very Secure
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Books, Books, Books:
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Tropes & Trends/ Specific Topics:
** Debby at Snuggly Oranges: Banterfluff
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** Ceilidhann at Bibliodaze: You Drive Me Crazy: The Worst Word Tropes in Literature

Movies/TV Shows:

Penguin Random House has signed a two year “first-look” deal with Universal about bringing some of their books to screen. Good deal for the publisher -- but I wonder if they’ll compensate the authors for the loss of that potential auction for movie rights?

Stephanie Meyer and Kristen Stewart via Lionsgate are pushing for a five new mini-movie competition revolving around Twilight characters as an opportunity for rising female directors. Read more about the announcement sure to please Twi-hards.

Jennifer Lawrence as the Mockingjay on a magazine cover. Have you listened to Lorde’s single on the soundtrack yet? And more stills from the movie.

Rose Salazar is joining the Scorch Trials cast as Brenda. Not surprising that TST casting announcements are being made when TMR has made over $148 million globally. Aiden Gillen (aka Little Finger in Game of Thrones) has also joined the Scorch Trials cast as Janson.

Asa Butterfield may be cast as the lead in the Miss Peregrine movie. What do you think? Good fit?

The Fault in Our Stars writers are now working on the Rosie Project.

Invisibility, written by David Levithan and Andrea Cremer, now has a screenwriter.

Tony Revolori will play Dumbo in the 5th Wave movie.

A TV series based on the YA Book, A Girl Called Fearless, is in development.

Patrick Carman’s kid book “Floors” sold to Disney.

Maria Bello, Sophie Nelisse and Isabelle Nelisse are starring in Wait Till Helen Comes.


ARCs of Trial by Fire, Adrenaline Crush, and Mortal Danger, INT, ends 10/04.

ARC of Under the Lights & Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler, US only, ends 10/05.

The Blue Telekinesis prize pack of the Darkest Minds series, US only, ends 10/08.

Adventures in Children's Publishing giveaways: 10/04, 10/07.

Giveaways listed at Saturday Situation by Lori of Pure Imagination and Candace of Candace's Book Blog.

Don't forget to enter YABC's giveaways for the month.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday {SF/F Reviews and Giveaways}.

Half a Chance, 10/04, US/CA only.

Gift cards and tote bags, INT + US/CA, ends 10/10.

Copy of Made for You by Melissa Marr, US only, ends 10/12.

ARC of Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay, US only, ends 10/14.

5 copies of the Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, US only, ends 10/04.

A Finished copy of The Winner’s Curse, Mortal Danger, and The Vault of Dreamers, US only, ends 10/04.


New Releases: Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer, Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley, Sacrifice (Elemental #5) by Brigid Kemmerer, Winterspell by Claire LeGrand, Famous Last Words by Katie Alender, Unmarked (Legion #2) by Kami Garcia, Love is the Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson, The Queen of Zombie Hearts (White Rabbit Chronicles #3) by Gena Showalter, Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond, Perfectly Good White Boy by Carrie Mesrobian, Schizo by Nic Sheff, Party Games by R.L. Stine, My Brother's Keeper by Tom and Tony Bradman, Witchrise (Tudor Witch Trilogy #3) by Victoria Lamb, The Paris Mysteries (Confessions #3) by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, Complete Nothing (True Love #2) by Kieran Scott, Invisible (Twixt #2) by Dawn Metcalf, Wicked Path (Daath Chronicles #2) by Eliza Tilton, Beauty of the Broken by Tawni Walters, The Only Thing to Fear by Caroline Tung Richmond,Dead Zone (Blackout #2) by Robison Wells, Fire Fall (Dark Star #3) by Bethany Frenette.

Recent Recommended Reads: Nguhh. I WILL write reviews soon. I have a round-up of three reviews to write ++ an encouragement for y’all to read the Raven Cycle. But anywho, as of right now, I’m reading and LOVING Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg.

Which articles did you like best? Did I miss any news? Did you host a cover reveal or discussion that I should have posted about? A giveaway? Leave the links, and I'll either edit this post or post about 'em next week.


  1. The quiet ones: Hawaiian god? Sounds good!

    The winner's crime has a pretty cover and I like that the 'i' is the sword, but it still bugs me that the placing from the title is different than The winner's curse.
    Blue Lily, Lily Blue; not sure what is going on with that new font o.O
    I definitely need to read something from Tamora Pierce soon too.
    MOCKINGJAY. I'm also curious about Insurgent. Divergent wasn't so bad.
    Haha, those Divergent jokes, #3 is hilarious.

  2. I know, right? I'm curious what this Hawaiian myth is. Also, yeah, Winner's Crime is now matching the paperback of Winner's Curse, which is a bit easier to read, but sad that it's another cover change. I don't like the fonts for the UK Raven Cycle covers either. I hope both Mockingjay & Insurgent work out for us as adaptations ;).

  3. I added a lot of books to my Goodreads from this post! lol I'm especially excited for THE FEVER CODE and FAMOUS IN LOVE sounds really interesting, especially with that marketing plan. Also, BULL.

    I'm excited to see both THE D.U.F.F. and WAIT TILL HELEN COMES are being made into movies. I've been wanting to read THE D.U.F.F. for a while now and maybe this will motivate me. WTHC is a childhood favorite. Mary Downing Hahn is amazing.

    I read the Girl on Girl Hate post since I find that an important topic and am now determined to write some awesome female relationships in this year's NaNo. I don't think I have bad female relationships in my other stories, but for this one I'm going to make a conscious effort to include positive female relations.

  4. HAHA YES my goal is complete if I can manage to make people add lots and lots of books to their GR TBR :D

    I really enjoyed the DUFF and am also really looking forward to seeing it on the screen. It has a lot of potential, I think, to start good conversation... and also be a really entertaining movie :). I haven't read Wait Till Helen Comes and hadn't heard much about it until the movie buzz... one of your favorites? oooo

    Yeah, girl on girl hate in books is an immediate turn-off for me, and yet it's amazing how often it continues to appear. I think that's an awesome goal to have for NaNo! Can't wait to read what you come up with, if you end up sharing it with me :).

  5. I will warn you that WTHC is definitely middle grade since I know you don't always enjoy that genre. It's been a long time since I've read it, but it's pretty short so maybe I'll give it a reread before going to see the movie.


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