Saturday, January 24, 2015

Preview of 2015 Books [Awesomeness Abounds!]

Are you looking for some really great 2015 young adult (or new adult) titles to pre-order with a gift-card? Or maybe you just want to mark your calendar with these upcoming releases...

Because let me tell you, they are AWESOME.

My favorites of 2015 so far -- and you should totally mark your calendar with these release dates! You can think of this as a sort of preview or recap of my favorites so far because you'll definitely be hearing about these titles from me in FULL. (Well, the Mime Order, I wrote a Reasons to Read the Bone Season post instead. But all the others are lined up, reviews scheduled to post on Tuesdays through April 7th!).

1. The Mime Order - Samantha Shannon on January 27th, 2015
  • Book 2 in the Bone Season series (7 total!). Futuristic London + clairvoyency powers + dystopia between humans, clairvoyents, and a mysterious race called the Rephaim? A story told in a very cinematic style - gritty, dark, and full of action? OH, HECK YES. I've submitted my pre-order because this was awesome!
2. Stone in the Sky - Cecil Castellucci on February 25th, 2015
  • Book 2 in the Tin Star duology. YA science fiction set in space + colonization efforts of humans and many, many races of aliens + girl trapped on a space station as the only human + survival + gold-rush-like elements + political intrigue + a huge galactic struggle.... Epic science fiction you should NOT miss.
3. The Winner's Crime - Marie Rutkoski on March 3rd, 2015
  • Book 2 in the Winner's trilogy. Set in a Greco-Roman inspired world, a forbidden romance between slave & master + LOTS of political intrigue, class and racial tension between two countries. Games, strategy. Paging Kristin Cashore fans, specifically those who liked Bitterblue: you do not want to miss this sequel - it DEFINITELY raised the stakes from book 1, The Winner's Curse.
4. The Walls Around Us - Nova Ren Suma on March 24th, 2015
  • Orange is the new Black Swan + beautiful writing + seriously check out an excerpt because WOW WOW WOW to that first chapter. Bloody ballerinas + girls juvenile detention system + mystery/suspense + a tribute to girls in all their complexity. Nova Ren Suma's books are unlike any other in YA, and her writing a dream.
5. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli on April 7th, 2015
  • Coming-out coming-of-age YA with great voice, humor and heart. Great & huge character cast + adorable romance + grinning so, so hard + wonderful character development. Paging Stephanie Perkins fans, Lauren Oliver fans, and (probably) fans of Jennifer Smith's This Is What Happy Looks Like.
6. Crimson Bound - Rosamund Hodge on May 5th, 2015
  • 17th century(?) or 1700s France meets Little Red Riding Hood meets The Maiden with No Hands. Fairy tale retelling that's inspired by its original material but is something completely its own, not bound by retelling demands. Complex characters + fascinating magical creatures + doomed but determined protagonist + romance like in Cruel Beauty + Arthurian elements + layered and unpredictable plot ===> Rosamund Hodge strikes again with pure gold.
7. Made You Up - Francesca Zappia on May 19th, 2015
  • Alex is a high school senior struggling to tell the difference between reality and delusion, and is very much determined to go to college despite her struggles. Fans of We Were Liars, Stephanie Kuehn, John Green, and The Breakfast Club: helllooo! Unreliable narrators + layered plots + rereading necessary to look at the details again + heartbreaking revelations + psychological twists + quirky/funny, smart characters + a side cast that rounds out the unique high school Alex attends. Definitely a different contemporary -- and one you will WANT to read asap :).

Kinda sorta what I said in the video, but much more abbreviated, ha. Or, if you want to try already released books, I've also talked about my top 12 young adult high fantasy recommendations here. (Yeah, Thursdays/Fridays/okay, really whenever I end up editing videos = the day I discuss on the blog lol regardless of topic.)

Do you plan on reading any of these books? Have you read any of these already? Which books are on your most anticipated of 2015 list?


  1. I enjoyed Cruel Beauty so I'll have to check out Crimson Bound. Great list here Christina!

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I hope you like Crimson Bound :)

  3. Woot, so much goodness on this list! I struggled with Tin Star to be honest, but I have high hopes for Stone in the Sky because of the action that the premise seems to promise, haha!

  4. Ha, I did struggle a bit with Tin Star too: the beginning was a bit slow paced and though I understood why, the MC was so emotionally distant for a good part of the book. But, I feel like Stone in the Sky amps up the stakes, so hopefully that meets your action expectation :)

  5. Gah, Christina, it's like you read my mind! I was literally just thinking, "I'm not sure if I'm missing awesome 2015 releases. How do I find out?" Now my plan is to read the Book 1s of your first three and stalk the mailbox for Crimson Bound, which I've been dying for since I knew it existed.

    Lovely video, by the way!


  6. :) :) There are a bunch of 2015 reads I haven't read yet though so these obvs won't be the only awesome ones out :). Mime Order is out today, so YASSS read Bone Season, Winner's Curse, and Tin Star :) and I hope you'll like Crimson Bound when it arrives. And thank you!

  7. Just finished reading Mime Order. I still love the series, but honestly, I didn't like this one as much as Bone Season. I just wasn't that interested in the mime lords and mime queens, all that gangster politics stuff. It sort of felt like we went backwards in plot.

    Winner's Crime…yes! Definitely planning on reading that one.

    I should read Tin Star, need to add it to my TBR.

    Great post! ~Pam

  8. I agree with you in that I found Bone Season - that world - to be more compelling than futuristic London, but I also thought that Shannon's imagination with the mime lords and queens and gangster politics was SO brilliant. For plot, I can't agree because I think that Paige went from being a leader at Sheol to being a leader of so much more in Mime Order.

    :) I hope you enjoy Winner's Crime & Tin Star!


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