Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Recap

We are all pretty busy, so I wouldn't blame you if you haven't much time to read this blog or watch my videos, and don't know what's been going on here. You remember how I set that goal of commenting on all the blogs listed in my bookish rounds posts? Yeah, that became quickly unrealistic, but I am glad to reply to all comments here and visit my commenters's blogs or videos, and I'm glad to give y'all a recap video & post of everything that's been going on here on the blog and booktube. Maybe this weekend, I'll catch up with some of my favorite blogs again...

The pictures in the video will take you directly to the videos & blog posts, but for your convenience, I've also typed everything out below the cut!

This month, at my booktube channel, I recorded videos on:
Here at the blog, I've written posts on:
  • Plus the posts mentioned above with their accompanying booktube videos!
Aside from the titles I've mentioned reviewing, I've also read:
  • Burned by Karen Marie Moning. The Fever series is something like Faerie lore + Dublin + kickass, dangerous immortals + sexy times + women forced to become their own weapons. At the heart of the series is a struggle with the Sinsar Dubh, a Dark Book, that has a lot of Unseelie dark, evil magic, and the different factions within Dublin that are trying to get this book. Also at heart: the protagonist, Mac's, ability to see (and interact with) the Fae. Burned is the seventh book in the Fever series, and the second book in the Dani O'Malley trilogy, which means that in addition to focusing on Mac, the protagonist of the Fever series, it also focuses on Dani O'Malley. The sixth Fever and first Dani book, ICED, was pretty isolating: people either tended to hate or love it... and apparently that is also happening with Burned. I love both books and after waiting two years, I'm mostly pleased to have gotten another book that raises so many questions! If you clicked the link above, you would've been taken to my review. You see like five spoiler tags. That's because of all my theories and questions and the beautifully complex plotting and characters, and I can't wait for October and the next Fever novel!
I am currently reading:
  • Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs. This is a read-along with Kristin, and I am so very glad for that because YAY to finally reading a book that I own and that is on the TBR pile. I'll report more later on the actual book. This past Monday was our goal for being 100 pages in.
I downloaded for review:
  • Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman. This is the sequel to Seraphina. Despite me saying NO MORE ARCS, I AM AHEAD ON REVIEWS, I was still like omg omg omg looooooooooook Shadow Scale is READ NOW on Netgalley. Doooo it! *sigh*
I purchased:
  • A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn. I've had my eye on this one for a while now. It has a blurb by Kristin Cashore (all the books she's blurbed I've loved, and I love her books) & a blurb by Franny Billingsley. It also got a starred review from Kirkus and was named one of their best books of 2014. Lame as this makes me sound, I tend to agree most of the times with Kirkus, so that review is an excellent sign.
  • Splintered by A.G. Howard. To get free shipping from Barnes and Noble, you have to have a cart of $25 or more, and I had a $25 gift certificate, so I added Splintered because last summer I bought Unhinged (dumbass me thought it was the first book lol) and everyone keeps talking about that series, might as well see for myself.

I know most other recaps also link to other blogger posts and discuss the blogger's personal life, but y'all should check out my bookish rounds posts if you'd like to see what other bloggers have been up to this month. Have there been any posts you liked a lot from me this month? Got any blogger or booktube feedback? What are you currently reading? What have you recently purchased and what was your latest read? I hope your Januarys have been fantastic :).


  1. Yey A Creature of Moonlight! I bought that when it first came out because I had gotten approved for the eARC and forgot to download it before it was archived *facepalm* and have yet to read it >.>. But the hardcover is super pretty on my shelf :D

  2. Do you know I should be totally doing the facepalm thing right about now, let the book shaming begin because I have not read a book by Marcus Sedgwick at all. I know, I know...I'm horrible, go on an tell me what a horrible blogger and booktuber I am. lol. I am definitely going to be fixing that this year for sure. I did, however, read an eGalley of The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand and it wrecked in all of the wonderful emotional ways that a book of this nature should. It was so beautifully written and it definitely struck a little close to home, but I was so happy that she was able to have the courage to write something as gorgeously compelling as this book given what she's been through herself. It just makes me have so much more admiration for her.

    I am excited for Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman, because I'm going to be part of a book tour for both Seraphina and one for Shadow Scale and her wonderful publicist was so nice and generous as to send me over a copy of both books, so I'll definitely be reading them next month which isn't far away. In early March the reviews and giveaway(s) will be going up for each book and I'm excited to be sharing my love of fantasy and dragons with other's. I honestly don't know why I haven't read Seraphina yet. Oi!

    And OMG! You didn't just mention Samantha Shannon, because I went on and on about her ad nauseum at the end of last year about her and The Bone Season/The Mime Order when I was part of a Read-A-Long hosted by the publicist for The Bone Season and she was kind enough to also send me an ARC of The Mime Order that I read immediately following. I need to write my reviews, I just can't even words when it comes to these two books. Well I can, but they're so fangirly and squealing that it's insane and people would look at me like I had two heads. Wow, you've had a great month! :)

    Don't forget to check back at my blog on Feb. 1st, because my monthly wrap-up will be going up there on the blog! :)

  3. We should read it together when you have the time! I love read-alongs of TBR books, and we both have the hardcovers now sitting on our shelves.... and we both know how fond you are of books with dragons :P

  4. Nah, I'm not going to say anyone's a horrible blogger or booktuber because they haven't read a book by a specific author. *shrug* :P And, yes, there are a lot of sad books coming out but the Last Time We Say Goodbye feels heartfelt and one of the better ones of all of them. That's a nice way of putting it: that the author had the courage to write the story. True, with her note. You're very kind.

    HUZZAH to the book tour for Seraphina and Shadow Scale :). I read Seraphina and have an ebook and physical of it, but I don't remember enough to go into Shadow Scale without a recap, I think, so I might skim again. I hope you'll get a chance to read both books before the tour & release :).

    Hahaha, I love the Bone Season books. I also immediately read The Mime Order when I got approved. The series is phenomenal and does awake the inner fangirl in me too :). I didn't realize there was a read-along being hosted for TBS. Interesting. Makes sense since TMO required you to remember a lot of details.

    Yey! I look forward to it :)

  5. This is such a good idea because I'm REALLY bad at watching vlog videos. So it was nice to have a recap video. I will definitely have to go back and look up some of those videos you mentioned.

    I am not a verse fan. I have tried it few times and have come to realize that it's just not for me.

    Glad to hear you liked Burned. I love the Fever series but I disliked Dani... close to loathing. I couldn't stand her character. So I have not read her books yet. I'm kinda building myself up for it. Ha.

    Okay okay. I need to hop over to your other posts and check them out. :)

  6. I've always really loved seeing other bloggers's recap posts, whether weekly or monthly, so I thought maybe now I should finally give the idea a shot too ;).

    Me too! For real, I am so not a verse fan, but Brown Girl Dreaming blows them away. Seriously, people told me try Ellen Hopkins, but I couldn't do it. BGD though...

    And ha, I also wasn't a huge Dani fan in Fever. I confess to skimming her sections when they popped up because they just were less interesting to me. But she charmed me in Iced. And if you still dislike her in Iced, you might end up liking Burned because her PoV is not there as much. :)

    I hope to get to the email thread about Sweet Venom today :)

  7. Uh. Okay. I will add it to my library list, but I'm totally blaming you if I end up chucking it across the living room. Resulting in me buying a new book for the library :P

  8. Yes! What is your reading schedule like??

  9. CR: Shadow Scale + The Heart of Betrayal. And since those are both "hefty" books...

    Want to read Creature of Moonlight in like 2 weeks? Or did you mean more in the future?

  10. Uh oh. Is this Iced/Burned?
    But for real, if you don't like Iced/Dani's PoV, you will probably like Burned hahaha. So with one or the other, you might find the series to work for you just as well!

  11. Oo those are definitely both hefty books and I wish you all the awesome with them (loved Shadow Scale!!!). Plus don't want to read two dragon books at once ;-). Yes, let's check back in in a couple of weeks and go from there :D. Life is so crazy right now that I honestly can't predict what will be happening for me in two weeks but if we don't try to commit to a date, we'll never make it happen! ;-)

  12. I can't believe all you've accomplished in the month of January, Christina! Wow. As you know I was a fan of Burned, and I didn't get all the Mac hate. I mostly ignore that kind of stuff anyhow. I'm looking forward to book 8 as well! I'm interested in your thoughts on The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand. I'm curious with how she did in the contemporary genre. Wonderful wrap up! :)

  13. I just finished Burned a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed it, but not a lot happened, actually, it felt more like a set-up book. But I'm still loving the series. It is strange that the author revised the book so much based on people hating the focus on Dani. I wonder if she's regretting that given people still aren't happy. Basically, you can't please everyone and she should have just done what she wanted to do in the first place. I read your spoiler theory about Dancer…WHAT????? I have to think about this. It's such a bizarre and unique world the author's created…loving it. I think I saw that the next book is only 250 pages or something so maybe it will actually come out on time, but really? That short???? Oh well. ~Pam

  14. It's getting to be a little much actually :(, trying to fit booktube and blogger posts and reading all into an already hectic life, so I might have to squeeze back on things after February. Yeah! In some sense I understand the disappointment to have Mac as a narrator again, but if you read 5 of her books before, why the hate now? Can't wait for book 8 and thanks for visiting my The Last Time We Say Goodbye review! :)

  15. Ah, the author compared Iced to her "set-up" book of the Fever series, aka Darkfever. I saw that in an interview. And Burned was "Bloodfever," raising the stakes. She said the next book, Feversong, is more like Fae/Dreamfever which shit goes to hell. I think a bunch of different questions were raised and lots of subplots introduced and/or expounded on, though like you I think that I still had the feeling of not a lot happening because there wasn't the same main-plot of Iced. Mmm, I would guess that she's not regretting it - it's as you said. You can't please everyone - also, I'm not sure I quite understand all the hate towards Burned and the amount of time it took. While I'm not 100% pleased with the way everything turned out, this totally felt like a classic KMM book and like the other Fever books... My theory on Dancer is bizarre hahahahah. I don't know what to make of the fact that Jada didn't recognize Dancer and that the "trinity" commonality for Dani is Dancer, and him working in science seems significant. And naaah, don't trust page counts until the book is actually printed, which I doubt it is now, since it's February and the release date is in October. Maybe by May it'll be updated to its true count.

  16. I was looking at BROWN GIRL DREAMING when I was putting the plastic cover on it for the library at school. I remember wanting to read it, but I'd kinda forgotten about it until your post. Right now I'm reading EMMA by Jane Austen and THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas. Been thinking about what I want to read after. I guess I'll have to put BGD on the list. :)

  17. Brooke you would love Brown Girl Dreaming. The beautiful verse. You were right about me judging verse novels altogether a little too harshly - Jacqueline Woodson's prose is AMAZING. A tool for any writer to look at how to express in so few words such clear cut pictures.


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