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BEA DAY 3 Recap & BookCon

Hello, everyone! If you haven't already read my BEA Day 1 and BEA Day 2 recaps, you can do so at those links. Friday, the 29th was in some ways more chill than the other two days and somehow more hectic because my two most anticipated titles had events going on at the same time that day. Today's video recap won't have C.J., as we got back at midnight & were so exhausted, we went to sleep, and she went to the airport the next day :).

So we were a bit late into BEA today, such that when we got there, the line to go inside had already started to move. Whoops. But, actually, it's amazing how strolling in like that can reduce stress levels. I knew we had various plans because C.J. of Sarcasm and Lemons, Summer of Blue Sky Shelf, and I had some of the same books on our lists, but getting to sleep a little bit more, actually getting lunch that day (yes, I literally did not eat lunch on either Day 1 or Day 2 - it just slipped my mind)... much better. Plus, focusing on fewer books - also much better.

C.J. went to go sit in the 10:30 signing line for SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo, and was like tenth at 9:03. Yeah, BEA is that intense. (I also didn't realize this until later). Summer and I were in the BLACK WIDOW: FOREVER RED 9:30 autographing line for Margaret Stohl along with the lovely Brooke. I passed by the Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff 9:00 signing for THE ANATOMY OF CURIOSITY, but the line was already pretty big at the very beginning, so I skipped onto the Widow signing, which was the plan (C.J. in line; Summer & I to join later). As soon as I finished with that signing, I went over to the line for Six of Crows and got the sense that people were glaring / telling me to leave / to not join C.J. So I did leave. Debated what to do.

NGL, I was a little upset. But then later, I got really embarrassed by myself. Upset? What right did I even have to be upset? This is an industry event. It was my number one most anticipated title, but I'm not entitled to anything and am I really that important in the face of other people who can also promote the title? NO. Freaking BEA and getting caught up in the book fervor - I hate that, and you know what? I'd made my choice in not going to that line immediately - I should have realized that was what would happen. The moment I realized that some of my upset was rooted in this entitlement, I just wanted to go crawl into a dark corner to get over myself.

I went to two events and kinda did just that.

The two events I went to were the BLOOD AND SALT by Kim Liggett signing and the DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE by Carrie Ryan signing. Kim Liggett seemed really friendly, and as with all signings, I was trying to prepare a generic question (can't ask any specifics if I haven't read the book yet; also awkward penguin = me), but all that went out of my head after Kim Liggett came around the table to hug me. She'd recognized me from my booktube channel! So shocking to me - I'd only started that channel in December and deleted many of my earlier videos because of my crappy webcam and I even nearly skipped the entirety of March. If people have recognized me, it's from my blog. Booktube? Woah. She also said that I had a calming voice and wanted me to... read to her? I don't remember what she said she wanted me to do though. Her reaction was one of the many things that calmed me, actually. It was gratifying. I don't spend much time promoting this blog or that channel, or on twitter, so it's just unexpected. And I got lucky with that Carrie Ryan signing - she was going so quickly that I was able to step in towards the end, when there were only like 10 people in front of me, and it still worked!

After I got those books, I found an open table by the Starbucks on the first floor, calmed myself and my earlier disappointment/embarrassment/etc., ate lunch, and read the PW Show Daily.

Things you can learn from the delightful PW Show Dailys:
A.) A fantastic discussion on book reviews. Do you think that bloggers are really sufficient to cover diverse books and bring them to the public's attention? I sincerely hope pubs don't take that attitude.
B.) James Patterson is starting his own imprint. First Jeff Kinney started his own bookstore, now Patterson & his imprint. Cool to see authors doing something different with books.

Another thing or two I learned from the PW Show Daily:

Y'all want to know which books are going to be "hyped" soon, right? Here's information from the article, "Early Favorites for Young Readers."

"As booksellers, librarians, and publishers descend on the Javits Center for the first full day of BookExpo America, there was strong early interest across all age ranges and genres, including adult books with YA crossover and vice versa..."
(Probably not every hyped title - and not just from the publishers, but across the industry it seems - but still a decent list, no?).

I actually went to go ask about Ruta Sepetys's title after reading this article. Turns out they had manuscripts available for booksellers - a little fascinating, no, how books come in so many different forms at BEA for promotion? I went around to the publishers, but I already had so many books, it was a little ridiculous. I did get THIS RAGING LIGHT, though, because C.J. and everyone else seems so excited by it & it was a YA Editor's Buzz Panel book. Eventually, to kill time, I started to read BLOOD AND SALT, which is quite good (see the video for more! + this blog later!).

Essentially I needed to catch the 2:51 train from New York Penn station to go back to my job. We're currently on a sort of deadline to run subjects at work, and so it didn't seem right to take Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off without running a single subject. And the very last thing on my schedule was the 2:30 galley drop of SIX OF CROWS, which I'd missed that morning (and work => why I'd wanted to get it in the morning). So I started to hover around the Macmillan booth, reading BLOOD AND SALT, at like... 12:40. Yeah, I had a feeling I was going to annoy the publicists, but I honestly didn't want to start a line so much as see when the line started and make sure that I was early so that I could go catch my train. Oh well. Line formed, line dispersed, line formed, line moved. And then once it was official, I got to talk to awesome people like Kel, Jen (in my book club :D), Kay, Lauren, and Danielle. Lines are sometimes the best!

As soon as I got that book, I sped over to NY Penn station. Made it with four minutes to spare. Books are important, people... but so is making your train.

#BEA15 ended then for me. I came back into the city after work for one last important thing:

OMG THAT BROADWAY IS AMAZING. If y'all are in New York, see it ASAP! If it comes to your city's theater sometime, SEE IT (especially if you're a writer). It's the story of how J.M. Barrie found his inspiration for PETER PAN. It was made into a film a while back, but the Broadway play is so much more inspiring (C.J. told me the film was quite depressing, actually - this play was not depressing; it had a little bit of everything - sad, funny, inspiring, glorious (aka: Christina in awe)).

On Saturday, May 30th, aka BookCon Day 1... well, I was at the Javits for like 20 minutes because I didn't want to brave any super long lines. I picked up my press badge, found the line for the SERPENTINE by Cindy Pon signing, and then left. I knew that Ameriie at Books Beauty Ameriie was really looking forward to that title, so I got it for her. I also read it immediately so that when she got a chance to read it, I'd be able to discuss the book with her. Highly recommended book! FIND & READ IT, PEOPLE.

What books are you most anticipating? What did you enjoy hearing about from BEA? How was your BEA experience? Let me know :).

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