Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Seeking Read-along Buddies

Are you looking to tackle your TBR in 2016? So am I! And I really, really need to read a lot of books. By the end of July, I will probably be moving again. I will be starting graduate school in September, and having less than six months before all of that, I need to read the books that I've bought or obtained in the past two years-- at least to make the move easier on me when the time comes. Once I read these books, I can pass them onto friends, send them home, etc. The one thing I don't want to do is just let them sit there because I'm too much of a book hoarder or optimist to let them go, and then have to decide what to do at the last minute. So, I've turned to read-alongs. Read-alongs are awesome because a.) extended discussions of books b.) they keep you on track for tackling your TBR and c.) reader relationships! d.) duh, actually reading. Without further ado, let me know if you have any of these books and would like to read them with me at any of the dates I'll mention.

*Already read with Josephine at Word Revel
*This is the only nonfiction title that I've featured.
Normally not open to nonfiction read-alongs but would love to discuss this
*This isn't my book; I forgot to take it out of the picture

Some of these I may end up finishing on my own anyway - I was about 60 pages into Shadowshaper and 100 pages into More Happy Than Not, and they were good--just haven't gotten back to them yet. Doesn't mean, though, that a read-along would be unwelcome. Some I've kept for sentimental reasons (the ARCs...), but I would like to read and pass onto someone else or buy a different copy, etc. Here's a tentative schedule so far.

February 22 - ~ , A Creature of Moonlight with Anya (we should choose an end date).
Sometime in March, read-along with C.J. (we should pick the schedule, C.J., and what book(s) we're actually going to read.). Also in March, reading The Demon King with Lyn.

I can't start until late February because I have interviews for most of February, and I'll be preparing for them before then! But I can read more than one book a week or we could spread out the readings each week (50-100 pages a week, etc.). If you're interested and want to read a book with me:

February 29 - March 6; March 7 - March 13; March 14 - March 20; March 21 - March 27; March 28 - April 3; April 4 - April 10 (I will be gone sometime in those two weeks, ~ April 2 - 5, but I can catch up); April 11 - April 17; April 18 - April 24; April 25 - May 1 (I will be gone ~April 28 - 30 but again I will catch up).... Pick one of these weeks or multiple weeks, pick how you'd like to read (all within one week or spread out over days/weeks), pick a book or multiple books. I'd love to read a book with you! Please! Otherwise, perhaps you could share your way of tackling your TBR?

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