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I started my review blog towards the end of March 2011 and have 500+ posts with 7,000+ total comments as of this update. My most recent GFC follower count is at 1,252, my email/RSS subscription count is at 352, my Feedly count is at 158, and my bloglovin' count is at 550. My blog has been visited over 575,000 times, and I get anywhere from 2,000 - 3,000+ unique visitors a month depending on a variety of factors, including how often I post each week. The largest portion of my viewers come from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. I am also willing to host interviews with authors should the opportunity arise. I can be contacted at christinareadsya AT gmail DOT com.

Other social media sites and statistic information:
Tumblr: 150 followers
Pinterest: 1,236 followers
Booklikes: 506 followers
Goodreads: 162 friends; 138 followers
Twitter: 1,080 followers
Instagram: 96 followers
Google+: 23 followers;  485,000+ views.
BookTube: 167 subscribers.

Last updated 04/28/16.

Review Type:

Instead of the typical three to five paragraph reviews you'll find elsewhere, I write a list of ten things that I liked or disliked about the book. Items that are always included are the writing, cover, world-building, protagonist, romance (unless it is non-existent), and pacing. Often the characters and plot are included as well. At the end of the review, I write a one to two sentence summary of the review or how I felt about the book. On occasion, there may be a book for which this type of review is too hard to write. This is rare, but with regard to those books, my reviews look more similar to the typical paragraph-type review.

Edit: These were my old reviews. As of late, I've been either writing mini reviews or the typical paragraph-type review. I think that the other numbered style takes more out of me, and has frequently felt limiting in its structure (sometimes people would look at the overall +/- instead of actually reading what I wrote...)

Review Information:

I am currently not accepting review requests. Good luck with your work!

Nor am I accepting promotional posts. I'm sorry, but I cannot accept promotional posts when I haven't read books by the author in question. However, feel free to email me with a link to your cover reveal if it has happened recently, and I will try to include it in my next bookish rounds round-up. If you have other relevant MG/YA/NA book-related news, feel free to email that to me as well.

Because I am not accepting any review requests, I delete almost every email I receive related to promotional content from people who I don't know or who don't work at an official publishing house. I'm sorry, but I have already explained why. You may follow up with me, but that should explain to you why you haven't received an answer from me.

** I do not accept review requests for non-fiction or adult titles.
** I accept eGalleys, PDFs, physical copies, and ARCs, though I prefer non-digitized copies, if they are available.
** You can read more about my blog on the about page.


I will not sell the ARCs that I receive. However, I may give the physical ARCs away for promotional purposes on my blog. I will try my hardest to review the book a month within its release date. If you provide me with a digital copy, I will delete it after I have read it. I will also try my hardest to read the galley before it expires.

You should be aware that I sometimes write DNF reviews, which are usually negative. My reviews are almost always a balance of negative and positive aspects.

In accordance with FTC guidelines, you cannot pay me to review your novel. I do not have a timeline for how fast reviews get done. That usually depends on the book, and how excited I am to read it. I apologize for this inconvenience, but really it's for the best: that way, you can feel more assured that I will review your novel once I get to it.


Giveaway Policy:

All contest entrants must be 13 years or older. When a winner is chosen, the Rafflecopter widget will be updated, and he/she will be emailed. The winner has 72 hours to respond with his/her mailing address before another person is selected. Email addresses are used for contact purposes only. Contests are open internationally, with one entry per household under the "Free Entry" option. Multiple entries are allowed with the other options. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. I am not responsible for any shipping errors and I reserve the right to cancel any giveaway or disqualify entries for any reason.

I usually offer multiple entries for those who are willing to tweet more, to follow this blog (or my twitter) or comment on another one of my posts. My reasoning is this: if you want that title, you can work for it, and your effort might pay off. I appreciate the additional links to my blog, and I love it when someone reads my blog, another post, and realizes that there is good content here. What is not acceptable is if I've found out that you've created multiple accounts just to enter the giveaway; if you've got a special account made for tweeting about contests, etc.. To me these actions and others go against the spirit which I hope to promote. If you don't find this acceptable, I'm sure that you can find other places which do.


Commenting Policy:
(For Myself)

If you leave me a thoughtful comment (something that shows you've read the post), I'll come visit your blog sometime in the week. If you don't have a blog, I'll try and tweet @ you. If you don't have any means of reaching you, well, thank you for spending some time here! It's much appreciated. I will reply to all thoughtful comments on my blog (except those on giveaways--well, unless they've got a personal or questioning element). I will generally up-vote comments that I do not reply to as a means of showing you that I've seen and read those comments.

Edit: I am so far behind on this policy, it might as well not exist. I'm so sorry to all the readers who expect more from me. I promise you that you are in my thoughts, even if I haven't returned your efforts (as of this moment). I do, however, reply to all comments left on this blog.


Thank you for reading!

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